Claim Your Spot On Kari Samuel’s Angel Activation Call

This coming Thursday, our favorite intuitive Numerologist, Kari Samuels, invites you to join her for a historic global event. During the Angel Activation Call, Kari will be calling upon the mightiest Angel of them all, Archangel Michael, to help you effortlessly transmute your fear into love and raise your abundance vibration. It’s a rare opportunity to meet your Angels whilst tuning in to the collective energy of tens of thousands of people from around the globe, and you won’t want to miss it! 

Your April 2020 Numerology Forecast: It’s Time To Become The CEO of Your Dreams!

April is just around the corner, are you ready? Drawing on the empowering frequency of #8, this month is calling for you to step into the role as CEO of your dreams. So, if you wanna reap the rewards this is the time to put in the work. Don’t worry, Nat has a tip or two up her sleeve. Click the button below to join Nat for her April Numerology challenge and make this month your most successful yet. On your marks, get set, GO.

This Tarot Reading Will Encourage You To Take Some Time For Yourself

It’s time to take a deep breath and relax. Everything may feel overwhelming and unpredictable right now but that doesn’t mean you need to carry this energy with you. This week is all reconnecting with your center, so leave all those outside distractions at the door and look within. This is an opportunity to reacquaint yourself with the important person in your life: YOU. So, take the time to listen and be kind, you may even learn something new about yourself. What else is on the cards for you this week? Pick Tarot message #1, #2 or #3 then click below. 

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Discover How To Awaken The Dormant Powers Within You!

Most people, regardless of age, race or gender, have fantasized about having superpowers of some kind. This is the reason books and movies about superheroes, wizards, mutants, and people with psychic powers are so popular—and embraced by both children and adults alike. World-renowned “Human Potential” pioneer and bestselling author Dr. Jean Houston has discovered that we all have  5 “Quantum Powers” dormant inside us. Are you ready to unlock your innate gifts? Click the button below to attend Jean’s upcoming free online event and find out how.

Your Spirit Guides Are Offering You A Tremendous Opportunity To Rise Up! Will You Accept?

Feeling heavy? Well, don’t worry your Spirit Guides are here to help you lighten this load. At the moment, the weight of the world may feel crushing but just know that you possess a fierce ability to thrive. Don’t allow the wave of panic to wash you away, now is the time to spread your wings and soar above it. Your spiritual support team will be with you every step of the way. Need a little extra guidance? Pick Spirit Guide message #1, #2 or #3 and then click below.

The Warning You Need To Hear Before Embracing The Lighter Frivolity This Week Brings

Are you holding out for a turn in the tides? Well, you’re in luck. Venus’ saunter into the communicative waters of Gemini lightens the mood. So, feel free to let your hair down and embrace the flirtatious vibe for a bit. Go on, you deserve it. Just don’t let your emotions tip you overboard, try to stay cool and collected (if you can manage it). What other cosmic developments are in the works in the week? Click below to receive your weekly horoscope.

12 Restorative Ways To Revitalize Yourself During This Self-Isolation Period

Given the current state of the world, it appears that ‘self-isolation’ is now the new normal. While this lifestyle adjustment may feel like an overwhelming reality to confront, it’s important to remember that a positive mindset is everything. Instead of allowing yourself to think that the walls are caving in, consider this period as an opportunity to revitalize and heal. To help you through this time, discover the 12 positive ways to make the most of this isolation period.


Your Angels Are Waiting To Guide You Through Uncertainty: Here Are The Signs You May Be Missing...

We are living in uncertain times, but come April, love, hope, and abundance arrives. The struggle, fear, and uncertainty we are battling right now as a collective is unprecedented. To help as many people as possible navigate the uncertainty ahead, we’ll be dedicating the entire month of April to Angels, your incredible winged warriors of light. Your Angels are waiting to guide you through uncertainty, so if you’ve been missing their subtle cues and nudges before now, come April that’s all about to change. Click the link below to meet your 4 Archangels and decode their powerfully inspiring messages.

5 Ways To Spring Into Your Personal Power With the Aries New Moon (March 24, 2020)

Coming mere days after the equinox, the Aries New Moon graces our skies on March 24. Charged with firepower, it’s time to expect the unexpected since this supercharged lunation is bound to launch you into a new vibration. So, are you ready to fly? You simply will not want to miss this. To help you prepare for take-off, here are 5 powerful ways to rise up with the Aries New Moon.

How Grounding Yourself Will Help You Find Your Feet Again

The world may be spinning out of control at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t regain your footing. Don’t let the stress of everything send you flying off the handle, it’s time to take a deep breath and ground yourself. Just envision that you are surrounded by your own protective bubble and you will find that calm will prevail through the chaos. How will you find stability this week? Let’s ask the cards. Pick Tarot reading #1, #2 or #3 and then click below..

10 Ways To Combat Anxiety & Fear In These Distressing Times

You don’t have to be especially empathic to feel the surge of collective panic rippling around the globe right now. From the social repercussions of self-isolation to the economic effects of restricted movement, it’s no question that these troubling times are particularly overwhelming & anxiety-inducing. That’s why you need a good set of tools to manage this. To help you ride this storm, we’ve put together a list of 10 tips and techniques to tackle the inevitable fear and stay stress-free.

Could The Color Numerology of the Coronavirus Reveal The Real Risk To The World?

What’s in a name? With all the hype about Coronavirus, here’s a look at the Color Numerology of the actual name it has been given. It’s time to take a step back and see what startling discoveries will be made if we view this global pandemic from a higher perspective. What will we uncover? Let’s see what Color Numerology says about this pandemic.

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This 30-Second Quiz Will Reveal What Is Sabotaging Your Success

What’s sabotaging your success? It’s a strange thing to think about, I know. But modern mind science is proving with ever-increasing certainty that more than anything else, it’s your childhood that shapes your career and financial success in adulthood. The question is: at this moment, is your childhood helping or sabotaging your success? Take this quick 30-second quiz to discover the answer.


Your Weekly Horoscope Reveals Whether You’re About To Play It Safe or Rebel!

Have you heard the news? Saturn is shacking up with Aquarius until March 2023. So, what’s the big deal? Well, let’s just say when these two get together it’s bound to be a riot. With the mix of Saturn’s restrictive energy with Aquarius’ desire for wicked innovation, this unconventional pairing is a powerful catalyst for change. So, this is your chance to rebel against the norm and rewrite your own rules. But, if that’s not enough, Tuesday’s New Moon in Aries will give you the fuel you need to soar. Are you ready? Click the button below to see what other cosmic developments are at play this week.


Woman in white Dress Dancing in Field

3 Wonderfully Witchy Rituals to Welcome in the Spring Equinox (Ostara) on March 20th, 2020

Spring (or Vernal) Equinox, also known as Ostara, is one of only two days in the entire year when day and night – light and dark – are of equal length across the globe. The Equinox is marked by the Sun’s first foray into Aries, the fiery first sign of the Zodiac and the start of the new astrological year. So, what does this mean for you? Well, the Equinox offers you a chance to step through it’s potent portal to transformation! Are you ready to be reborn? Use these 3 witchy rituals to capture a little Equinox magic for yourself! 

Why Taking Time For You Is The Key To Protecting Your Magic

A true magician doesn’t reveal all their secrets, so keep a little magic up your sleeve! Don’t lay all your cards on the table just yet. It’s okay to take your time. There’s no need to put on a show, just live your truth. Do YOU! What’s in the cards for you? Pick Tarot reading #1, #2 or #3 then click the button below.

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This Powerful Ebook Will Equip You With The Tools To Transform Your Life!

What if the world’s foremost dream-building expert compiled all her most life-transforming spiritual success secrets into a single ebook, that you could download and start reading today? Well, you’re in luck! Bestselling author Mary Morrissey wants to share her book ‘Stronger Than Circumstances” with you, for free! Inside you’ll discover the key to living a happier life, and much more! But, that’s not all. Along with this powerful ebook you’ll also receive exclusive access to Mary’s masterclass, where she’ll reveal the 3 essential keys to identifying your true dreams. So, what are you waiting for you? Click the button below to take advantage of this opportunity!


This Encouraging Angel Message Will Prove That It’s Okay To Move At Your Own Pace

Do you feel like you’re getting nowhere fast? Well, this is a sign to relax! Your Angels want you to know that you are exactly where you need to be, so don’t stress! Everything will eventually fall into place. If you only look at where everyone else is headed, you’ll be lost! So, pay attention to what your heart is telling you. You will know when the time is right! Invite your Angels to guide you to message #1, #2 or #3.


4 Ways To Embrace The Fire This Aries Season

Hey Aries, it’s your time to shine this week! On March 20st, the Sun will set sail into the fiery, warrior-esque sign we know as Aries! With so many fierce energies at play, things are bound to heat up! Do you think you can handle it? It’s time to paint the town red! Still feeling a little shy? Don’t worry, we got your back! Discover the 4 ways to unleash that fiery goddess within, this Aries season!


With A New Beginning On The Cards, Will You Fold Or Play To Win?

Happy astrological new year! With both the Spring Equinox and start of Aries season on our cosmic horizon, this week is jam-packed with excitement! This week is about making a fresh start, so instead of thinking about where you are now, ask yourself where are you going? Now is the time to take back on the reins on your destiny and seize the day! Don’t let any opportunities slip through your fingers this week, take charge! To discover what else awaits you this week, click the button below.

Craft This Home Blessing Charm To Fill Your Space With Positive Vibes!

Home sweet home! Is there any place you’d rather be? Like your own private oasis, your home is a place where you can escape all that outside noise and be at peace! Whether you enjoy kicking up your feet after a long day or getting cozy on the couch, this safe space allows you to recharge your batteries and become the best version of you! But, that’s only if the vibe is right! So, could your home use a little energy uplift? Discover how to craft your own home blessing charm to ensure your humble abode is overflowing with positive vibes!


March 9th Full Supermoon: 5 Ways to Channel Virgo's Mutable Vibes Without Turning Into An Emotional Wreck!

The skies are busy this week and it all starts with the Virgo Supermoon today. This is no ordinary lunation, so buckle up! The amplified match-up between La Luna and this highly-mutable sign is bound to stir up a tidal wave of transformation, are you ready? Here are 5 ways to embrace this Supermoon without tipping over the edge!

Weekly Tarot Reading: Do You Need To Rewrite Your Destiny?

If only you had the power to write your own story. Well (spoiler alert!) you do! You are the author of your own destiny, so don’t let certain characters or situations dictate your narrative. This is your chance to turn the page and say goodbye to anything that keeps you stuck on chapter one. There’s so much more to your story, so go out there and tell it! Need a little extra guidance? Pick Tarot #1, #2 or #3 and then click below…

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This Transformational 19-Minute Audio Track Will Erase Your Subconscious Money Blocks!

What’s standing in the way of your abundance? Without even realizing it, your subconscious is swirling with a number of money blocks! Each one shifting the decisions you make around money. “I’m not smart enough”, “My friends will treat me differently”, “I don’t want to fail”, “I’m scared about success”. Sound familiar? If yes, now is the time to DELETE those negative money blocks for good! Don’t worry, it’s easier to do than you think! Discover how this 19-minute audio track will erase those abundance blocking patterns that stop you from reaching that next level! Click the button below to listen now.

How To Unlock Your Hidden Superpowers With Natalie Olsen

As one of our most beloved numerologists, Natalie Olsen, has been delighting us with her numerology forecasts for years. So, are you ready to meet the woman behind the numbers? Tune into this special episode of the podcast to hear Nat talk about all things numerology and even discover the secret to unearthing your own superpowers! Click the button below to listen now.


3 Questions You Need Ask Yourself TODAY To Prepare For Mercury Direct!

And exhale! Yep, that’s right, pesky Mercury is FINALLY turning direct! Although this time around, Pisces helped to mute the mayhem, Mercury Retrograde always takes its toll. But here’s the thing: it delivers incredible gifts too! Here are 3 questions you need to ask yourself right now to receive the miracles Mercury is trying to give you!


Why This Week’s Supermoon Is Your Invitation To Launch Into Something NEW!

Need a little boost? Well, you’re in luck! The Virgo Supermoon is here to start your week off with a bang! So, tighten your laces because you’re about to hit the ground running. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed. With a steady stream of practical energy rippling through the collective, this supercharged lunation will give you the fuel to keep going all week long! What other cosmic developments are in the works for you this week? Click the button below to find out…

Here's Why Pi Day (March 14th) is Numerology's Favorite Day!

Pi is life! No, seriously! Just think about it for a minute. We know that letters and numbers are intimately connected. So if we assign letters to the digits contained in π, at some point along its infinite string, everything in existence would be described. Pretty cool, right? Well, don’t worry, you’re not the only one to think so! On March 14th, you wear your nerdy cap with pride, as we celebrate Pi day! On this day your possibilities are infinite (just like the sequence!) How will you honor this day?


Were you one of the 45,000 people who registered for Kari’s Decoding Your Destiny Masterclass last week? If you were, you’ll know that she revealed incredible secrets about the link between your Life Path Number, past lives and your destiny. If not, don’t worry, you haven’t totally missed out. You see, Kari had more secrets to reveal on the call, but with so many people present, she couldn’t do the personalized deep dives she had anticipated. So, she has been working tirelessly with the team for the past few days to develop a free personalized Life Path Illumination Reading just for you! Ready to unveil exactly why life has been so challenging for you so far? It’s all revealed here…

3/3 Power Day! Why Tomorrow May Be The Start of A Brand New You!

Get ready to fire those engines! A 3/3 Power day is just around the bend. Tomorrow is the 3rd day of the 3rd month of 2020. How exciting! The #3 is charged with a stream of expressive energy, so if you’re looking for a sign to flex your creative muscles, then this is it! This potent digit is offering you an invitation to live in the moment, so give yourself permission to let go! Say adios to your same old, same old and spread your wings. What else will this power day have instore for you?

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This Powerful 19-Minute Audio Track Will Completely Erase Your Abundance Blocks!

You’re BLOCKED. Seriously. Right now, your brain is STOPPING YOU from increasing your wealth. You have dozens of subconscious money blocks, each shifting the decisions you make around money. “I’m not smart enough”, “My friends will treat me differently”, “I don’t want to fail”, “I’m scared about success”. Do these limiting beliefs sound familiar? The only way to move forward is to delete these negative blocks completely! The good news is, it’s easy! Discover how this 19-minute audio track will erase the abundance blocking patterns in your subconscious for good! Click the button below to listen now.

Your March 2020 Crystal Forecast: An Unmissable Invitation To Stand In Your Divine Light!

Out with the old and in with the new. Now is the time to dust off the shelf and make way for something new! With the Supermoon on the horizon (more on that next week), this is your chance to draw on your manifesting prowess and sow the seeds of change! March is offering you the chance to embrace your divine light, so don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers! It’s time to align with complete and utter bliss! Choose Crystal message #1, #2 or #3, then click below…


Discover The True Secret To Nurturing Your Garden of Abundance!

Have you tended to your garden lately? Well, this is the time to get your hands dirty and plant your seeds for the future! Don’t let negativity spoil your flourishing crop! There’s always a silver lining buried under the surface, so dig a little deeper!  What will you grow this week? Click the button below to choose Tarot reading #1, #2 or #3!


Feeling Stuck? Here’s The Key To Illuminating Your Path To Freedom!

Can you feel it? There’s a powerful energy of release swirling through the air! March is the time to wave away that cloud of confusion and journey down the path to clarity! You may feel like you’re caught at a crossroad but that’s only because doubt is fogging up your vision. So, leave your fears by the door, they’ll only weigh you down. The road to freedom awaits! Take a moment to breathe before you choose Spirit Message #1, #2 or #3, then click below…

The 11 Types of Woman & The Proof That They Are All Uniquely Awesome!

Who runs the world…GIRLS! March 8th marks International Women’s Day. So, to all the mothers, daughters, sisters and soul sisters out there we salute you! This is your time to stand in your power. But, hold up… this day isn’t just for the ladies, it’s a day for men to embrace and show their support for gender equality. So, let’s stand in solidarity as we celebrate the fierce females in our lives. For a special message to empower you and help you understand why you truly are awesome, click the button below… 

With Mercury’s Move Into Aquarius, Will You Stay Cool & Composed or Fly Off The Handle?

We have some bad news for you. Mercury is still in retrograde! With this pesky planet’s move into Aquarius, things may get a little more cray cray. But, don’t let that throw you off! If you fight against the current you can brave the storm, so don’t give up. Besides, there is a bright side… When Venus makes a saucy dip into Taurus you’ll be feeling fun and fresh in no time. What other cosmic developments are in the works for you this week? Find out below…


This Thursday at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern, Kari Samuels is hosting a 2-hour healing event designed to take you on a revealing journey into your unique numerology chart. Get ready to reveal the hidden messages encoded in your birthdate and release the karmic patterns blocking you from abundance. Plus, you’ll get personalized guided numerology readings based on your  Life Path Number. Plus Kari will conduct real numerology readings with a few randomly-selected viewers.

Invest Time In Your Spiritual Life NOW To Reap The Manifesting Magic Later!

March is almost here! Are you ready to discover what lies around the corner? Drawing on the vibration of #7, March opens the window to spiritual awakening! Right now, the veil between the physical and spiritual world is thinner than ever… so don’t be afraid to call on your guides! So, if you’re feeling stuck, now is the time to reach out to the Divine! This month is all about harnessing your sacred connection between you and your spiritual life to ensure that you’re crafting the future you want. How will you invest into your spiritual practice? Watch this month’s Numerology Forecast to discover your challenge for March!

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Tired of Struggling? Discover How This Special Gift Could Transform Your Life!

Do you ever feel like you’re working harder than ever… but still not receiving the results you were hoping for? Well, maybe you’re going about it all wrong. Perhaps it’s time to align yourself with your own higher state of flow! To help kickstart your transformative journey, Wealth Revolution has prepared a special gift just for you! Their New Life & Abundance Kit is designed to remove your blockages and reconnect you with your true vibration! Are you ready for this journey? Click the button below to receive your gift!

You Have The Power To Overcome Anything! Here’s The Proof

You have the power! No, seriously! There is a great strength beneath your surface, all you need to do is uncover it! So if you’re starting to feel like the ceiling is caving this is your chance to harness your inner badass and breakthrough! It’s okay to fight for what you want. Don’t be afraid to show your claws! Remember you are strong and you can conquer anything! How will the cards guide you this week? Pick Tarot card #1, #2 or #3 then click below.

The Real Reason You’re Not Ready To Start Your Next Chapter

Are you ready for your next step? Well, it’s time to turn the page! It’s only onwards and upwards from here… so don’t look back! Besides, how will you move on if you can’t move forward? Don’t let fear stop from closing the door on your past! There is a world of adventure awaiting you, so just take a leap of faith! Don’t worry, your Angels will be beside each step of the way! Choose Angel Message #1, #2 or #3 then click below…

6 Powerful Ways To Overcome Trauma & Set Yourself Free

Traumatic events can leave deep emotional scars that feel like they will never heal. While everyone responds differently, it is almost impossible not to be significantly impacted by these events in some way. Even if you feel as if you have dealt with this trauma mentally and emotionally, your body may still be storing it in the cellular memory. This is where the Color Mirrors Trauma Team will come to the rescue. Discover the 6 powerful remedies that will set you free from the grasp of your trauma.

The Epic Cosmic Events That Will Breathe New Life Into Your Dreams

The dreaminess of last week’s New Moon is beginning to fade, but don’t despair! When the Sun and Mercury join together early in the week, the doorway to your imagination will swing open! Will you step through? This is the perfect opportunity to bring your dreams to life! After all, you are the creator of your own destiny! What other cosmic developments are on the horizon? Read this week’s astro horoscope to find out…


It’s Back! 5 Game-Changing Reasons Mercury Retrograde Ain’t So Bad (& Your Ultimate Survival Guide)

Who’s calling at this hour? Oh no, it’s Mercury Retrograde! Yep, this formidable fiend rears its disruptive head TODAY so you better watch yourself! But wait, just because a Tsunami is on the horizon doesn’t mean you can’t pull up your umbrella and stay dry! There’s no need to cower – maybe Mercury Retrograde’s downpour is just the thing you need to wash away your new year funk? It’s time to embrace a little chaos! Here’s everything you need to know to conquer this Mercury Retrograde like a boss!

3 Illuminating Ways This Dream-Filled Pisces New Moon Will Help You Manifest Big Time!

Hey dreamer! The Pisces New Moon arrives on February 23rd, bringing with it a whole lot of sleepy vibes and reverie. This is a gentle lunation: mystical, whimsical and otherworldly. This makes a pleasant change, don’t you think?! After months of going on and on (and on and on) about Capricornia, and the mighty weight this Zodiac sign brings to bear, Pisces enters the room. With its boundless, dreamlike vibes, Pisces is here to show how to break through from your boundaries and discover that anything is possible! Are you ready to break free? Discover the 3 ways to capture Pisces’ dream-filled essence to manifest big!

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Take This Test To Unlock The Unique Magical Abilities Hidden Within You!

Have you ever wished you could drastically alter your reality with a single wave of a wand? That the pursuit of your life’s goals was a little less tumultuous and a little more magical?  Well, this may be what you’ve been waiting to hear: You don’t have to claw your way to abundance! You possess the natural gifts, unique to you, that can lead you to every bit of the prosperity, love, and fulfillment you so deeply desire. Take this magical skills test to uncover your own unique abilities…

This Tarot Reading Will Inspire You To Take The First Step To Manifest Your Goals

Have you been feeling that intuitive nudge lately? Well, don’t just sleep on it! It’s time to take action. Your desires may seem unreachable but that’s because you’re thinking about the finish line! Don’t let the overwhelming thought of the journey stop you from starting – all you need to do is take the first step! You never know what opportunities will open up for you if you don’t put yourself out there! What else is in the cards for you this week? Pick Tarot card #1, #2 or #3 then click below for your weekly Tarot Reading.

Angel Number 2222 Hand Touching Light

How Will The Grounding Energy of #2 Give You The Wake-Up Call You Need To Get Yourself Together?

Do you keep seeing #2? Well, it’s no coincidence but a deeply divine sign to pay attention! On 2/22 (this coming Saturday), the full potential of this number is activated, sending a flux of grounding energy into the collective. So, if you’ve been feeling a little unbalanced lately then get ready! It’s time for a wake-up call! But don’t worry, this powerful digit is here to help you buckle down and put it together! Discover how…

Happy Pisces Season! 10 Ways This Water Sign’s Dreamy Influence Will Help You Sail To A New Horizon

On Wednesday, the Sun begins its journey into soothing waters of mysterious Pisces. Sending a wave of expansive energy in your direction. This is the perfect time to turn the tides! This water-sign contains all of what came before, and it needs to – it’s a place of integration, processing and of release. So, are you getting to let go? Discover how Pisces will influence your month ahead…

Take It Easy! Will Pisces' Soothing Vibes Help You Create A Little Magic This Week?

Take to the sea! This week’s soothing cruise through Pisces’ waters is offering you the chance to exhale and leave your worries behind you! So kick back your feet and let your imagination take the wheel! Can’t you just feel the magic in the air? Now is the perfect time to weave your wand and create the life of your dreams. It’s about time, don’t you think? How will your cosmic influences help you navigate the week ahead?


Oh my, Venus! The planet of love has now made her voyage into fiery Aries. Can you feel the heat pulsing through the Cosmos? With this spicy partnership, you better brace yourself because things are definitely about to steam up and just in time for Valentine’s Day too! There’s no time to simmer down now. Here are 5 things you need to know about Venus in Aries that will reignite your passion!

Your February 2020 Astro-Numero Forecast: 3 Essential Steps To Reconnect With Your Purpose!

As February is the 2nd month of a 4 Universal year. This is the time to attune yourself to your heart’s vibration! So, stop worrying about the things that no longer serve you and focus on what’s important! If you feel like you’ve strayed from your purpose, fear not! The upcoming Mercury Retrograde will get you back on track. *Screech* wait what?! Yes, that’s right! This retrograde will offer you the opportunity to slow down and put things into perspective, just trust us on this one. To help you make the most of this month, discover these 3 steps for reconnecting with your purpose! 

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These Romantic Tools Will Help You Create The Relationship of Your Dreams

Whether you are single or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day isn’t always a bed of roses. But, the great news is there is something you can proactively do to help create the type of joyful and fulfilling relationship you’ve always wanted to have! Kelli Fox has created some powerful tools that can help you improve your love life, regardless of your relationship status! Are you ready to create the type of romance you’ve always dreamed about? Discover how…

Will A Little Self-Sacrifice Now Lead To Even Greater Rewards In The Future?

Looking for advice or a little leg-up? Well, there’s someone waiting for you in the wings. But, before you peek, you may want to ready yourself, because nothing comes free. The truth is, a little self-sacrifice now could lead to an even greater reward down the line, so get ready! What else do the cards have in store for you this week? Pick Tarot card #1, #2 or #3, then click below.

3 Undeniable Signs That Your Spirit Animal Is Trying To Connect With You (+ Guided Meditation)

We all know that Native American culture is intimately linked with the natural and spiritual worlds. They believe that our guides reveal themselves to us in many different forms, one being a ‘spirit animal’. So, if an animal continuously appears for you then this is definitely a sign to pay attention. Your spirit animal will not only empower you to lead a more purposeful life, but will reveal a lot about who you are! So, have you discovered your spirit animal? If not, use this stimulating guided meditation to establish a strong connection with your most powerful ally. 

How To Avoid February’s Chaotic Tidal Wave of Mercury Retrograde

The Full Moon in Leo may have you feeling all warm and fuzzy, but don’t get too comfortable! Resident trouble-maker, Mercury is just itching to turn retrograde, so watch out. Don’t panic though, there’s still time to prepare. Right now is the perfect time to plant some solid foundations to ensure that Mercury’s chaotic tidal wave doesn’t wash you away! So, bring your A-game, all bets are off next week! Discover how to plan for your week ahead…


3 Reasons This Leo Full Moon is Your Ticket To Manifesting Miracles (Feb 9th)

A powerful Leo Full Moon comes just once a year. These rare moments in the calendar are always a gift, because Leo holds a very special place in the zodiac. The sign of the lion is infused with heat, fire, and passion, and it sends fierce confident vibes rippling through the collective. So, stop overthinking, and get out there! Bask in the light of this ferocious Full Moon. Roar like a lion (in whatever way your inner lion or lioness can!) Be YOU. This is your route to getting what you want this Full Moon! Click below to find out why…

Daily Grind Getting You Down? Discover How Reframing Your Mindset Will Restore Harmony!

January is officially over! This means that the glimmery glow of the new year has faded and it’s time to settle back into a routine! But, don’t let that get you down! After all, mindset is everything. So, now is the time to pull the pin on negativity and embrace a little optimism! Go on, just flip the switch on your headspace and go forth and conquer!  Need a little extra guidance? Choose Tarot card #1, #2 or #3.

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woman asking how to manifest change

This Short 15-Min Video Will Reveal The True Secret To Manifestation

You’ve been lied to. If you’ve spent hundreds of dollars on “Law of Attraction” seminars, books or DVDs, and have yet to manifest a single penny into existence, there’s a reason. Notable experts have already agreed that simply “learning” is the worst thing you can do if you want to deliberately and effortlessly change your life. In fact, by doing so, you’re closing the door what you want! Watch this short video to discover what may be blocking you from receiving abundance…

February Crystal Forecast: Uncover The Tools You Will Need To Navigate This Highly-Emotional Month!

Listen to your heart! Swirling with the energy of the lovers, February is shaping up to be a highly-emotional month, indeed. So this is the time to focus on what you truly desire. No matter if it’s a new relationship or a new career, this is your chance to attune yourself with the message inside your heart! But, be careful, soon Mercury Retrograde will rear its pesky head! Brace yourself for a chaotic tailspin. Place your hands over your heart and ask yourself what your soul most needs at this moment. Invite your intuition to guide you to Crystal message #1, #2, or #3, then click below…

Be Bold! What Awaits You As You Step Out Into The Unknown?

A new opportunity is on the horizon…but wait, what’s that standing in your way? The great unknown! Like a roadblock, a fear of the unknown is standing in between you and your destination, but don’t fret! Your intuition is a torch that will light the way, so have faith! So, now is the time to call on your Spirit Guides and take that step forward…what are you waiting for?  

Ground yourself as you connect with message #1, #2 or #3…

How Will The Fiery Full Moon In Leo Empower You To Take Action And Seize The Day?

Is it hot in here or is that the fiery energy of the Leo Full Moon? This week’s lunation definitely has a lot in store for you, so buckle up! This is no time to sit idly by, now is your chance to take action and seize each and every opportunity that is thrown your way. What other cosmic developments are in the works for you this week? Find out now…


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Discover How This Numerical Key Will Open The Floodgates To Your Wonderous Bounty! (+FREE Giveaway)

Are you ready? February is going to be an incredibly powerful month! Charged with the potent energy of #2, this period is inviting you to break down the gates to receive your gifts. As February is a 6 Universal month inside a 4 Universal year, there is a strong feeling of support that’s swirling through the air. This is the time to harness this energy to build a solid foundation for your dreams to bloom! Don’t forget that you are the guardian of your own garden, so make sure you’re taking the time to nurture your growth. Tune into this month’s Numerology Forecast to discover how to tend to your dreams (plus you’ll hear about your chance to win a one-on-one session with Nat!).

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How To Unlock The Romantic Secrets Encoded In Your Life Path

As it turns out, your Life Path number has everything to do with your love life… From the qualities that capture your heart, to the exact timing of when the stars align, and to who you are when in love. The most precise way to decode how your romantic life intertwines with your Life Path is through a Tarot Card reading. Discover what the cards will reveal about your romantic destiny…

This Tarot Reading Will Help You Discover That You Are Free To Carve Your Path!

You have the power! It’s time to recognize that only you have the ability to light the road ahead… so stop focusing on where others are headed and listen to your inner compass! The Universe has a plan for you, so there’s no need to follow in someone else’s footsteps! What’s in store for you this week? Pick #1, #2 or #3 then click the button below for your free Tarot Reading from Vannessa!

Find Out How Venus' Dreamy Sail Into Pisces Will Have You Riding The Waves of Sweet Romance!

Buckle up, you’re in for a wild ride! The event of a Mars-Neptune square may have you feeling a bit wobbly, but don’t let a shaky start to the week get you down! As soon as that Mars-Neptune square lifts, the mist will clear and things will be back to normal! The rest of the week is smooth-sailing, and with Venus’ sweet voyage into Pisces, you’ll be cruising on a wave of romance in no time! What other exciting developments will the cosmic air stir up? Get your weekly horoscope from Kelli Fox to find out.

imbolc brigit

5 Ways To Celebrate Imbolc That Will Help You Invoke The Divine Energy of Goddess Brigid

Are you in the mood for a fresh beginning? Well, this is your chance! February 1st marks the arrival of Imbolc — a potent power day in the Celtic Calendar. So, say goodbye to your January blues because Imbolic is here to open up the shutters and welcome in the light! But wait, that’s not all! Imbolc is also the feast day of the Celtic Goddess Brigid, a bringer of new life that will light the way out of the dark! Discover how these 5 steps will help you invoke the fiery magic of Brigid

Angel Number 2222 Hand Touching Light

Have You Heard The Astonishing Truth Behind Angel Number 2222?

2/2/2020 is soon upon us! Do you know how to align with the potent energy of #2? In numerology, this digit holds an incredibly potent vibrational frequency of intuition and insight. As one of the most psychically aware numbers, it often appears as a portal to divine messages and guidance from above so now is the time to tune in! This powerful number is inviting you to take inspired action that will shape your desires into being. Will you accept? Discover how to unlock the immense energy of 2222…


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How To Align With The Abundant Energy of 2020!

With the holiday season done and dusted, now is the time to harness the fresh vibes of 2020. There is an air of abundance swirling through the collective, can you feel it? This is your chance to invest your time and energy wisely to reap the rewards, both financially and romantically! But, be careful. It’s important to ground yourself in optimism and positivity to ensure your shadow side is kept at bay. Just remember that you have the power to manifest whatever it is you want this year, so don’t give up! What’s in the cards for you this week? Pick Tarot card #1, #2 or #3. 

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Discover How Your Astrology Will Influence The Year Ahead

If 2019 was intense and challenging for you, you’re not alone. It was a year that pushed us all to the limit, dredging up old emotions and patterns all so they could be processed and let go! But there’s something you should know about yourself before getting too far into 2020. What you may not realize is that the intensity of the past year was by design. It may be difficult to believe that there’s any sense or rationale behind the things that don’t go as planned, but the real question is… is the cloud of chaos behind you? Or are you about to waltz into the eye of the storm? Drawing on your own astrological influences, this short video will help you navigate the year ahead. What will you uncover?

How To Prepare For Your World To Be Turned Upside Down During This Massive Astro Week!

This is a big week in astrology. Like, a massive week. The biggest week in the heavens in a long while and it really does have the potential to be the most dramatic week of 2020. Discover the planetary alignments which will influence your week and get your personal horoscope here…

This Uplifting Angel Message Will Give You The Courage To Start Your Next Chapter

A new beginning awaits! Are you ready to turn the page? As we now settle into this new decade, it’s time to leave any unnecessary baggage in the past and leap forward! Now is your chance to cast your desires to the wind and allow your intentions to guide you. This next chapter is still unwritten, so this is your chance to write your own happy-ever-after!  Don’t worry, your Angels will be beside you every step of the way! Pick Angel message #1, #2 or #3

10 Eye-Opening Signs You Have Encountered A “Walk-In” Soul Exchange

New Year! New Decade! New You?! This week, your Angels are helping you make an important change. What great timing with all of these epic transformative vibes in the air! So, take a moment and take a deep breath. Put your hand over your heart, and ask your Angels to guide to you message #1, #2 or #3. Then click below to get your first Angel Message of the decade!

These 4 Magical Tips Will Turn Your New Year Intentions Into Reality!

2020 is here! So, what better time to create the life of your dreams than right now?! Even if you’re unsure of what is it you want, right now is the perfect time to reflect on your path and ask yourself which direction you’d like to go. Are you ready to align with the rich potential of the new year and set your intentions for the next 12 months? Feeling overwhelmed by your possibilities? Not to worry, these 4 magickal tips will equip you with the support you need to make your dreams a reality!

Couple on Dramatic White Boat on Blue Water

Will You Reignite Your Love Life When Venus Makes Her Voyage Into Compassionate Pisces?

Bon voyage! On January 13th, Venus will sweetly sail into the compassionate waters of Pisces. As Pisces holds the final place in the Zodiac, this cozy alignment represents the closing of cycles. But, don’t despair, this doesn’t mean your relationship is headed for rocky terrain! Instead, this is an opportunity to reignite the spark and refresh your romance… just don’t let that Piscean over-sensitive energy get the best of you. 


2020’s magnificent energies are exactly right for you to manifest anything you want, beyond what you’ve ever been able to achieve before… And you won’t see anything like it again for another decade. So, the decisions you make TODAY will dramatically influence not only your year ahead, but your life for the next 9 years. That’s why we just spent the last month preparing something for you. The special New Year’s gift we promised you is ready at the button below.

Four Essential Steps To Making 2020 Your Most Epic Year Yet!

2020 is your year! It’s going to be epic. This brand new decade ushers in a time of rapid transformation. What you create now will set the foundation for the years to come. Everything you went through last year was in preparation for this moment. Now, the world is yours to claim. In her first Astro-Numero forecast of the year, Kari Samuels shares with you how to align with these new energies for inevitable change.

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Want To Know The Secret To Bouncing Back BIG In 2020?

Well, here it is! Get your ticket watch this incredible film starring Sonia Ricotti, Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Marci Shimoff and so many more transformational experts! It will shock you and inspire you, and you’ll walk away with a new lease on life! You’ll discover how to bounce back and be happy right now (even if your life isn’t perfect)!

How To Use Your New Year Glow To Tackle The Decade Head On!

This week, your Tarot Reading is extra special. Every single card came out of the deck face. This is a super rare occurrence and good news for all! No matter what card you pick this week, your message comes with an added dose of abundant energy. You’re going into this week with an open heart, wide eyes and sharp intuition. It’s time to manifest the decade of your dreams. Find out what that means for you here…

Why Friday’s Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Will Be A Total Game-Changer!

The first lunation of the decade is not your average Full Moon. This partial lunar eclipse at 20º of the Moon’s very own sign, Cancer, could open the floodgates of abundance. Plus a HUGE opposition coming from not only the Sun, but a cluster of powerful planets promises to make sure this Full Moon is one for the history books. No.. that is not an exaggeration, star seekers. This Astrology is for real. Check it out…

Your First Angel Message of The Decade Reveals Change Coming Your Way!

New Year! New Decade! New You?! This week, your Angels are helping you make an important change. What great timing with all of these epic transformative vibes in the air! So, take a moment and take a deep breath. Put your hand over your heart, and ask your Angels to guide to you message #1, #2 or #3. Then click below to get your first Angel Message of the decade!


The #1 Change You HAVE TO Make If You Want to Create Your Dreams In 2020!

In just 2 days, we welcome 2020, an incredible “4” Universal Year. Are you ready to use its potent power to create the life of your dreams? After all, the 4 is all about building a solid foundation for your future and getting serious about taking action. But, there’s one thing you must do this month to make your dreams come true…

The Message You Need To Hear To Let Go Of Holiday Baggage & Launch Into 2020

Have the holidays taken their toll? We hear you loud and clear. But don’t let the last few weeks ruin your glorious entry into the new decade! Now’s the time to leave the drama in 2019. Ain’t nobody got time for that in 2020! It’s not always easy to figure out what (or who) is zapping your energy and dulling your shine though, is it?! Good thing Vannessa’s here with her last Tarot Reading of the year to give you clarity…

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[Free MOVIE] Unsinkable: The Secret to Bouncing Back

Here’s your VIP free ticket to the new inspirational feature film being released online titled “Unsinkable: The Secret to Bouncing Back”. Many of the top bounce back experts, teachers, scientists and leaders have come together to share their life-changing messages to show you exactly HOW to bounce back quickly from difficult times, turn your life around fast and achieve your wildest dreams!

How To Start The New Decade To Reap Its Manifesting Power

“Don’t be so hard on yourself!” “Things are looking up!” “The grass isn’t always greener…” Yeah, yeah, yeah. Clichés, right? Well, this month, your Spirit Guides are telling you to listen to these corny one-liners that you’ve probably said a million times. But which message do you need to hear most? Find out now…

Will The New Year Be Happy For Your Zodiac Sign? **Crosses Fingers**

It’s an optimistic and cheery start to 2020 for most of us! A joyful conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter highlights a can-do approach to life and fits well with new year ambitions and goals. But, will you be one of the few that blows this incredible opportunity or will you seize it and fearlessly move forward, forging the path to the ‘new you’? Here’s the answer…

alarm clock displaying 4:44

The Meaning of The #4 Will Make You Realize Why 2020 Will Be Your Best Year Yet!

Sometimes the #4 gets a bad rap for being one of numerology’s most boring numbers. And, while it’s true that the 4 has a sensible side, boring it certainly is not! In fact, without the 4, none of the other numbers can really work their magic! This underestimated digit is responsible for laying the groundwork and paving the way for everything to come….


OMG It’s The Last New Moon Of The Decade! 5 Reasons You Cannot Afford To Miss This Solar Eclipse!

Are you ready?! The final New Moon of the entire decade is almost upon us… and it’s no ordinary New Moon. Well, what did you expect…!? As the Sun and Moon collide, this can only mean one thing – an eclipse is on the cards. But, there’s no need to worry! Rippling with Capricorn’s determined energy, this Solar Eclipse is serving up the ultimate opportunity for release and rebirth! Just what you need to launch confidently into the new decade. Here’s why this lunation will be the most important one of the century!

2 Young Female Friends in Sparkly Party Dresses

Christmas Stress Starting to Hit? Here are 5 Ways to Safeguard your Sparkle

Isn’t Christmas great? Snowflakes gently falling outside as simmering pans of mulled wine sit on the stove, the aromatic haze of cinnamon and cloves drifting through the air… yeah right! More like a frenzy of last-minute present buying and unwanted stress! But, it doesn’t have to be like this! We have a few tips up our sleeves to help you with that holiday scramble. Discover these 5 stress-busting hacks to help you get through the holidays in one piece!

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Use This Holiday Deal To Embark On A Journey Of Exploration Through Hypnosis

Have you ever wanted to dip your toe into the world of hypnosis? Well, this might be your chance. As this is the season of giving, Dr Steve Jones is offering you the chance to sweep up any of his life-changing hypnosis recordings for only $1. So, what are you waiting for? You can kickstart your journey to deep self-exploration right now!

Letting Go Of Your Emotional Energy Will Help You Adopt A Fresh Perspective

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! So, this is your chance to step out from under that cloud of negativity and embrace the light! This is a time to be merry, so surround yourself with love. You deserve to be happy, but are you holding onto something that is stifling your joy? This season is offering you the opportunity to clear a pathway to a refreshed state-of-mind… will you accept? Select Tarot card #1, #2 or #3 to discover what’s in the cards for you this week. 

Your Personal Year Cycle Number Will Help You Attract Everything You Desire In 2020

The final chapter of this decade is about to close. Are you prepared? Being a 4 Universal Year, 2020 is a powerful time for change. As the 4 represents structure and foundation, now is the perfect opportunity to move away from whatever is no longer serving you and rebuild. Only you possess the power to create your destined reality! With so many factors at play, you may need a little extra guidance though. Drawing on your personal numerology, here’s how your Personal Year Number will influence the year ahead! 

These 5 Tips Will Reveal Whether You’ve Got What It Takes To Be A Witch

Are you drawn to the wonderful world of wizardry?! Whether you’re led by curiosity or your inner intuition, there is much to uncover on this magical path. The road ahead may seem long and frightening… but, don’t let this thought scare you! There are countless ways to hone your witchy ways and forge your own magical path. So, if you’re a budding witch, take note! Here are 5 tips to enrich your enchanting journey!


3 Ways To Celebrate The Winter Solstice That Will Completely Revitalize Your Soul!

The longest night of the year is upon us! This period of deep darkness is a turning point. As the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice is an ultimate time of rebirth, offering you the perfect opportunity to replenish your soul and release whatever is holding you back. So, instead of hiding away, it’s time to honor the dark as this is your chance to welcome a new beginning! Use these 3 magical celebration ideas to feel renewed!   

Weekly Tarot Reading: Will Embracing A Little Festive Spirit Help You Welcome A Fresh Start?

2020 is just within reach, so now is the perfect time to surrender whatever is weighing heavily on your soul! This period is calling for you to remember how truly blessed you are, so don’t dwell on the negatives. This is your chance to bury the hatchet and allow something new to grow. Choose Tarot reading #1, #2 or #3 to discover how to make the most of the festive season.

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Could This Astrological Reading Prove That Your Destiny Was Written In The Stars?

The Universe forged a unique journey for you. A secret quest that was mapped out by the position of the stars and planets at that fateful moment. This all sounds quite mystical and magical, but the reality is the celestial bodies are in constant motion. On the date of your birth, they aligned in a specific pattern. That unique planetary formation tells a story about who you are and what you came here to do. Discover what cosmic plans the Universe has for you…

Venus in Aquarius: How Will A Little Unconventionality Shake Up Your Love Life?!

Buckle up, you’re in for a wild ride! On Friday (12/20), Venus will sail sweetly through Aquarius, sending an influx of loving energy rippling through the cosmos. All bets are off, as this transit encourages you to loosen up and make your own rules. You could choose to follow the beaten track… but where is the fun in that? All is fair in love and war, so don’t be afraid to walk down a path that’s a little more provocative. Discover how this free-spirited transit will shake things up for you. You ready?

Are You Guided By Archangel Metatron? Here Are 9 Compelling Signs That You Are…

Archangel Metatron or ‘The Angel Of Life’ is a powerful angel who teaches you how to harness your spiritual power for good. As Archangel Metatron was once human, his experience on earth gives him the ability to connect with your struggles and share his enlightened wisdom with you. His divine spirit is so immense that you subconsciously accept his guidance without even realizing it… have you felt his presence? Discover the 9 signs that Metatron is guiding you, right now! 

This 3-Step Manifestation Spell Will Activate Your Hidden Superpowers!

The ability to manifest may seem like a power that is only bestowed onto the chosen few… but you’re more magical than you know! A fierce manifesting power lies within you, just waiting to be activated! So, get ready to step into your rightful role as a creator of the life you deserve. Only you possess the ability to turn your dreams into reality. So, what are you waiting for? Use this 3-step manifestation technique to forge your own pathway to destiny.


5 Ways This Gemini Full Moon Will Turn Your Restlessness Into Focused Action!

Full Moons always bring with them a level of heightened energy but with curious Gemini in the mix, Thursday’s lunation will be one for the books. If you’re not used to the double dose of productive desire brought by the sign of the twins, this Full Moon may feel a little intense at first. But give it time and you’ll quickly find your feet, get grounded and use the power of the air sign to truly get inspired into action.

December 2019 Astro-Numero Forecast: 3 Steps To Finish 2019 Off Strong!

Welcome to the last month of this decade! What a spectacular way to end the year! 2019 has been a year of growth, many intense spiritual lessons, and some twists and turns. If you haven’t had the chance to make big waves this year, don’t worry. The last 12 months have been all about laying the groundwork for what’s to come in the next year and decade! Join Kari for this month’s Astro-Numero forecast and uncover the 3 steps to finish this decade off right!

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This Surprisingly Accurate Quiz Reveals Who You'll Be In 2020 & Beyond

The new decade is nearly here! What will 2020 have in store for you? What will you attract? What will you manifest? The answers you’ll receive in this amazingly accurate FREE Quiz might surprise you! Take this quiz now to learn what’s waiting for YOU in this next decade.

Thoughtful Girl Portrait in Black & White

Chiron Stations Direct! It’s Time To Reclaim Your Position As The Hero In Your Own Life!

December is here, which means you’re on the home stretch! This month is the 12th month of a 3 Universal Year. The vibration of the 15 (12+3=15) is calling you to realize that your possibilities are endless! Now is the perfect time to step out from the shadows and embrace the spotlight. All your hard work and creative ideas are finally coming to fruition, so don’t give up yet! Here’s the way forward. Place your hand over your heart as you align with the crystals, select message #1, #2 or #3, then click below…

Mercury in Sagittarius Will Instantly Make You More Fun & Adventurous

Today, our favorite planet of communication, Mercury, boldly steps into the most free-flying sign on the mandala, Sagittarius. Adventure is the name of the game under this alignment. Over the next few weeks, it’s your time to seize opportunities, get social and create the stories you’ll be telling for a lifetime. 

What's the Meaning of Angel Number 12?

Why Angel Number 1212 Will Connect You With Your True Purpose

This Thursday’s 12/12 Numerology Power Day will ignite your desire to uncover your most authentic self. You’re being urged into personal inquiry, as well as inspired action. And just in time for the new decade too. Now’s the time to go within, discover who you are (and who you’re not!) so you can take the steps towards launching into the new decade already knowing which direction you want to go!


Why December’s “6” Energy Will Help You Bloom In 2020!

In Numerology, nothing is random! So, it’s no coincidence that this month harnesses the powerful vibrations of the #6. This digit is calling you to reflect on everything you’ve learned this year to ensure your dreams manifest into reality in 2020! So, if you’ve been stuck in an end-of-year funk, it’s time to activate the 6 in your life! December is all about being in service to your joy. This is the perfect time to nurture your soul and watch as your creation powers start to bloom! Don’t wait until next year to manifest what you want, start right now! Will you join Nat for your final Numerology challenge of 2019? 

Jupiter In Capricorn! 21 Ways to Harness This MASSIVE Planetary Transit To Explode Your Potential! (Dec 2, 2019 – Dec 19, 2020)

This is a huge deal, people. Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, is switching signs! After 13 long months cruising through free-spirited Sagittarius, it’s time for the Lord of Luck to say his goodbyes and set sail into neighboring Capricorn. Now, as we sit on the cusp of this massive planetary transit, you can expect a massive shift in your life, growth, and expansion. So what exactly should you expect when larger-than-life Jupiter enters the Capricornian realms? Here are 21 ways to harness this transit to maximize your fierce potential!

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Take This 30-Second Quiz To Release The Sabotaging Patterns That Are Blocking Your Success

It’s a strange thing to think about, I know. But modern mind science is proving with ever-increasing certainty that your childhood shapes your career path as an adult. Your past is rooted inside your subconscious, blocking you from aligning with a stream of abundance flowing past you. But don’t worry, you can break the cycle. Take this quick 30-second quiz to discover how to release the blocks that are sabotaging your success!

Your December 2019 Crystal Forecast: Are You Ready To Step Out From The Shadows & Stand In The Spotlight?

December is here, which means you’re on the home stretch! This month is the 12th month of a 3 Universal Year. The vibration of the 15 (12+3=15) is calling you to realize that your possibilities are endless! Now is the perfect time to step out from the shadows and embrace the spotlight. All your hard work and creative ideas are finally coming to fruition, so don’t give up yet! Here’s the way forward. Place your hand over your heart as you align with the crystals, select message #1, #2 or #3, then click below…

Your December Spirit Guide Reading: What Obstacles Are Blocking Your Dreams?

This month is offering you the perfect opportunity to stop and evaluate your position in life. Now is the time to make the changes that will push you closer to your dreams next year. Your spiritual guides are calling you to release yourself from the grip of fear and take a leap forward! Are you ready? Ground yourself and allow your intuition to be your guide as you select from message #1, #2 or #3…

Use This 10-Step Spell To Magically Reveal Your Most Confident Self

Have you ever faced a situation that feels impossible to get through? Like no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to crawl through to the other side? Well, don’t worry! We have a magical solution tucked under our sleeves. This magick spell taps into a deeper energetic vibration to uncover where your blocks are subconsciously planted and awaken your most confident self. Use this 10-step magick spell to clear your path to a miraculous transformation!


black friday release ritual

How To Rein In Black Friday's Notoriously Frenzied Energy To Release Your Biggest Abundance Blocks

Black Friday! Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay! It may be known as the day shoppers hit the streets (or the internet highways) seeking bargains galore, but what is the true meaning of Black Friday? Sitting between Samhain and Yule, Black Friday occurs at the darkest time of the year. Don’t let that deceive you, though… this period is brimming with untapped potential! Right now, the year is ripe for your transformation, so release whatever is holding you back and take a leap! Don’t wait until next year to manifest what you desire!

Neptune Stations Direct! Here’s How To Harness the “Planet of Dreams” For A Spiritual Manifesting Practice

Neptune, the Planet of Dreams, has been retrograde for the past 6 months! But, alas, on November 27, this slow-moving planet stations direct! As you’ve been gazing through Neptune’s dreamy lens for almost a month, now is the time to sharpen your intuition and insight to align with your dreams! Your dreams are more than figments of your imagination, they are tools to manifest your deepest desires… so use them! Discover how to connect with your dreams to supercharge your waking life!

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Your Romantic Destiny Revealed

It’s written in the cards. It’s woven in the destiny of your unique life path. You are meant to experience a love connection of such overwhelming depth and intensity that it will heal every sting, heartbreak, and disappointment of relationships past. The question is: Will this rare and electric soul-tie be with someone from your past? Will it be your current partner? Or is it yet to unfold?

3 Glorious Ways The Sagittarius New Moon Will Help You Expand Your Potential

Oooh, can you feel the sense of expansion in the air? After a long and murky (but actually pretty transformative) Scorpio season, the energy of fire-sign Sagittarius has taken over. On November 26, the Sun and Moon collide as the New Moon rises at 4º of Sagittarius. The Moon’s energy will feel oh-so optimistic! It seeks knowledge and understanding, it needs variety and change. So… are you getting enough of these things? Ask yourself this question, and if the answer is “no” (or even “not sure”) then check out the 3 ways this New Moon will help you expand your potential!

Your Weekly Tarot Reading: Someone’s Gossipy Habits Are Holding You Back

The season is magical and bright, but hold on tight! Somebody close to you may be determined to sabotage your growth with their gossipy tendencies. Don’t drop to their level! This is one trigger that’s meant to teach you a valuable lesson! How will the cards guide you this week? Select #1, #2 or #3, then click below for your personalized Tarot Reading.

These 7 Keys To Lucid Dreaming Will Unlock A Whole New World!

Step inside your dream-scape, there’s a new whole world for you to uncover! The practice of lucid dreaming offers you the opportunity to explore a realm outside the waking world. The tools you need to navigate the depths of your consciousness are within you, so now is the time to uncover them! You never know what truths are awaiting you on this astral plane, or what fun could be had! Discover 7 keys to unlocking the passageway to your Dream World with lucid dreaming…


3 Things You Must Ask Yourself Before Mercury Stations Direct on Nov 20th

The trickster planet has been back-spinning through deep and mystical Scorpio since October 31st (now it makes sense why life has been nothing but a bag full of tricks since Halloween)! Mercury is the planetary ruler of communication, travel, technology and connectivity. Because so much of our lives these days depend on these things, the effects of this retrograde are often disruptive. No matter how tough or how easy the last three weeks have been for you, there’s a simple way to make the whole thing worthwhile. We have three things that you need to ask yourself before the maker of mischief moves direct…

Your Weekly Horoscope for the Week of Nov 18th

Mercury’s pesky retrograde reign is coming to an end, Mars shifts into sultry Scorpio, and the Sun transitions into Sagittarius. How will you make the most of these new shifting energies to launch forward and sail through the final weeks of 2019 with ease and grace? Join Kelli Fox as she reveals your weekly horoscope for the week ahead – personalized to every zodiac sign. 

trinka five abundance spell

Need A Bill Paid Fast? Try This 5-Step Gypsy Inspired “Trinka Five” Abundance Spell

Need quick cash to pay a bill or cover some other unexpected cost? We’ve got you covered! “Trinka Five, Trinka Five. Ancient Spirits come alive. Money flow, money grow, Spirits of the Trinka Five.” There are many variations of the Trinka Five spell. Some versions are handed down from generation to generation, but the chant itself remains the same. Most people agree that the ‘Trinka Five’ spell originated with Romani Gypsy folk. But all agree that with a little magical know-how, it really does work. Try it for yourself! Click below to find out how..

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What Does Your Moon Sign Reveal?

Were you born on a Full Moon? Maybe a Waning Gibbous? According to our friend Jeremy (one of the creators of Trusted Tarot, the highest-rated Tarot website in the world), the secret to manifesting your perfect reality starts with aligning your life to your own personal lunar vibration. Just like Numerology, your Moon Sign is personalized to your date of birth. It is quick and easy to calculate and reveals even more than your Star Sign. This free Moon Sign Reading is insanely accurate at predicting your potential for abundance, love, and prosperity. See for yourself. All you need to do is enter your first name and birthday…

Your Chakra Healing Forecast: Confidence & Communication

Remember, we all carry our own issues and struggles through life. Understanding this about others makes it easy to slow down and not be reactive in our relationships. This week’s Chakra Healing Forecast theme is SERVICE. So, we are going to focus on the 2nd chakra, which is all about confidence and communication. Click below for 3 words to help rebalance your 2nd chakra, plus a beautiful meditation from Julie Geigle.

Which of These 44 Akashic Messengers Has Something To Tell You This Week!

There are 44 Akashic Records Messengers who are here to support humanity. This week’s oracle is a gateway of direct access to these sacred messengers. They are here to awaken within you deep reflection and healing, and unlock the connection between you and the Akashic Realm. Each card speaks directly to your soul as you contemplate the imagery and the written messages. Click below for your weekly Akashic Healing Message…


When the clock strikes midnight this upcoming New Year’s Eve, everything will change. Just like the unavoidable “4” Universal energy that will make it’s famed debut on January 1st, 2020 (2+0+2+0=4), there’s a powerful and inescapable numerological rhythm inside of you. If you’re not able to quickly sync-up with the new energetic flow of the Universe, it will feel like hitting the reset button right before finally tapping into the flow of prosperity available to you. Your Prosperity Planner will help you effortlessly navigate the final days of 2019 and plan for the prosperity you deserve in 2020! Today is your last chance to get it at 50% off along with an awesome collection of bonuses.

5 Ways Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Taurus Will Awaken Your Abundance!

Tomorrow, just one day after our favorite manifesting day of the entire year, the glorious Full Moon rises at 19º of abundant, fixed earth sign Taurus, extending the potency of this numerologically charged portal! Taurus brings a slow, steady and magnetic power to this lunation. Taurus grounds life into being. Gives it form. Matter. Substance. It’s why this sign is known as the most abundant of all. There are 5 things you need to know to harness the magnetic energy of this Taurus Full Moon and manifest like crazy! Click below to get your Full Moon Forecast…

Your November 2019 Astro-Numero Forecast

According to Kari Samuels, November will be a life-changing month! A “5” Universal Month (11+2019=1+1+2+0+1+9=14, 1+4=5), the energies pulsing through the next couple weeks demand transformation! Throw in Scorpio’s emotional intensity currently swirling in the air, Mercury Retrograde (also in the dark and secretive sign) AND 11:11… and oh-em-gee. Now is a time to reconnect with your heart and mind for some surprising revelations. In her November Astro-Numero Forecast, Kari explains how to beautifully navigate this month’s high-octane energy! You’ll want to pay close attention…

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Discover The #1 Way To Make the Most of Today’s 11/11 Gateway

Simply observing the 11/11 portal is not enough. Sure, you may see 11:11 show up all the time, but how do you actually connect with this powerful code? The answer, as you’ll see in just a moment, is to go deep within and align this numerical synchronicity with your highest potential for manifestation. How? Melanie Beckler, spiritual channel and author has helped millions do this through her guided mp3 sessions. Her powerful 11:11 Gateway Activations will help you effortlessly align with this energy so you have a real spiritual experience this 11/11. 

Weekly Tarot Reading: Your Confidence Is Calling!

Have you been feeling a little not enough lately? Are you dimming your light to stay safe and hidden? Are you repelling the rewards that are rightfully yours? This week, Vannessa has a very important and very powerful message for you. On this most auspicious of days, NOW is the time to step out of the shadows and claim what you deserve. See what the cards have to say. Ground yourself, take a deep breath, pick Tarot message #1, #2 or #3 then click below…

3 Irresistible Magick Rituals To Cast Away Your Winter Blues!

Winter is coming for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and everyone is feeling the wistfulness that the cool weather brings. All that inward-turning energy means more time spent at home. So, whether you are witchcraft-curious or an accomplished spellcaster, the coming months are an open invitation to delve deeper into your witchy ways. Embrace the coziness and curl up by the candlelight… these 3 magick rituals will help you cast away your winter blues…

Do These 5 Signs Mean You’re Speaking Light Language?

Have you been feeling compelled to express an unusual language that doesn’t seem to make any sense whatsoever? Do you wait for everyone to leave the house before you make your bizarre noises which sometimes result in you breaking into song? Well, this language has a name! Light Language is a multidimensional language that is understood by all on a soul level. It is a channeled dynamic frequency of sound, color and light. It adjusts to the resonance of your immediate vibrational requirements promoting clearing, balancing and activation of true wellness…


Your Free Personalized 2020 Prosperity Reading

We are just ONE WEEK away from the rare and deeply psychic 11/11 portal.  Now is the time to let go, a time to connect with the true you, a time to unearth your hidden treasures and bring them into the light, and a time to awaken your natural connection to the abundant Universe… before we enter a new decade and everything changes. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been busy behind the scenes preparing a completely personalized 2020 Prosperity Reading for you based on a little-known number hidden deep in the core of your numerology chart. Get yours now below.

Weekly Tarot Reading: Discover How Your Past Is Shaping Your Future

It’s time for a little rewind. There is power in your past, so never forget what has gotten you here. Isn’t it empowering to know how far you’ve come? Your journey isn’t over though… the path ahead awaits! This is your opportunity to thrive, so focus your energy on your goals on the horizon as you prepare to finish out the year! Need a little extra motivation? Pick Tarot message #1, #2 or #3 then click below…

Meaning of #5: Harness The Freedom & Power of This Highly Adventurous Number!

Are you ready to unlock the highly adventurous vibes of #5? In Numerology, the number 5 is charged with an excitable and adaptable energy. Often described as the “adventurer”, this digit thrives on transformation, freedom and variety. Filled with regenerative potential, channeling this number’s potential will offer you the chance to soar above and beyond expectations! Ready for some adventure in your life?

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Take This 30-Second Quick To Discover How To Release Your Manifesting Blocks

Have you ever wondered why there’s always such a massive gap between knowing how to do something and ACTUALLY doing it? We’re sure you’ll agree this is especially true for the Law of Attraction and manifesting. The reality is, you have the intuitive wisdom and power to set soul-aligned intentions, stay in a positive mental space and make your dream a reality. So why is it just as easy to fall short of your destiny? It’s simple. You’re harboring a manifesting block, and it’s holding you back from the brilliance you’re meant to achieve in this life! Take this quick quiz to expose your personal manifesting blocks… 

November Crystal Reading: Why This Final Phase of 2019 Is Calling You To Kick It Up A Notch!

There is a new energy in the air, can you feel it? As the 11th month of a 3 Universal year, November is charged with the transformative potential of the #14! The year is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you should slow down. In fact, your transformation is only just beginning. It’s time to put plans into place to finish 2019 with a bang! But be careful… with Mercury Retrograde’s pesky presence lurking around, this is no time for miscommunication! Make sure the Universe can hear your message loud and clear! Ground yourself as you let your intuition guide you to receive Crystal message #1,#2 or #3…

November Spirit Guide Reading: Will Your Reclaim Your Power?

Right now, you are on the cusp of change… will you take the leap? This is a time of powerful transformation – your chance at a new beginning. Now is your moment to awaken the dormant power within you and declare that you are here. You are the commander of this ship…. so, are you ready to set sail to the new you? Don’t be afraid to ask for some help from your spirit guides! Select message #1, #2 or #3 then click below…

Should I Stay or Go? Discover The Sacred Steps That Will Guide You Towards The Answer

Love is blind, as the saying goes. So, when issues continue to sprout like weeds in love’s garden, they can be impossible to ignore. Not all relationships are smooth-sailing, but when the seeds of doubt are planted, it’s time to ask yourself – should I stay or should I go? Every relationship has its own meaning and purpose, so look deep within and assess whether this path is helping you evolve or stagnate. The answer is rooted inside your soul…


5 Powerful Ways To Amplify The Psychic Manifesting Potential of 11/11!

Are you prepared for the most powerful manifesting day of the year? Everything that has happened so far this year has been in preparation for something much, much greater. The period from October 31-December 31st is already considered a potent portal of transformation, when the veil between Earth and Spirit Worlds is thinner… but in just two short weeks, the year’s most powerful portal, 11/11, will open! A direct channel of psychic manifesting potential is headed straight for you. Here are 5 ways to brace yourself for what this portal has in store for you…

Take A Risk! Join Nat’s November Numerology Challenge To Burst Through Your Comfort Zone!

There’s no better time than now to sow the seeds for transformation. November is a 5 Universal month, which is the number for change. The energy of the #5 is calling you to expand yourself and soar to new heights. Yes, change is scary BUT if you don’t step up to the plate you’ll miss your chance to strike! The Universe knows you’re ready, so don’t wait until it’s too late! Join Nat Olson’s November Numerology challenge to smash through your comfort zone!

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This Quick Magick Test Will Awaken Your Unique Gifts

Ever wish you could drastically alter your reality with a single wave of a wand? That the pursuit of your life’s goals was a little less tumultuous and a little more magical?  Well, maybe this is just the thing you need to hear: you don’t have to claw your way to abundance! Right now, you possess unique and natural gifts that will guide you to every bit of prosperity, love, and fulfillment that you so deeply desire! Discover how to harness your own personal magic and craft the life of your dreams… you just have to understand the signs!

4 Magickal Ways To Harness Samhain’s Potency For Your Ultimate Transformation

Think Halloween is all about costumes and spooks? Well, think again. To our Celtic and European ancestors, October 31st is one of the most special days of the year, Samhain. Marking the end of the Celtic year, on this dark day, the veil between the Earth world and Spirit world is at its thinnest, making divination, magick and ancestral connection possible. So, will you take this opportunity to tap into the mystical potency of this festival, or will you let it slip through your fingers? Here are 4 ways to make the most of Samhain’s powerful energy…

Weekly Tarot Reading: How To Manifest The Abundant Fruits Of Your Labor!

Vannessa is back!! And her message for you this week is loud and clear. Now is the time to sow the seeds of your future abundance. It’s your mission to make strides this week. Whether it be through learning or deep self-discovery, the Universe is calling you to make it happen! Are you up to the task? Your cards will reveal all… pick tarot reading #1, #2 or #3, then click below to reveal your Tarot Reading.

Beautiful Woman with Bow and Arrow and Fox

Why This Lust-Filled Venus in Sagittarius Transit Will Make You Seize What You Really Want In Love!

Venus’ voyage into Sagittarius is sure to bring a wave of exciting romantic energy. Will you dip a toe into this stream of sensuality? Come on, the water is nice and steamy! As Sagittarius is a fire sign, the air is swirling with intense lust-fueled energy, so channel it wisely! This spontaneous planetary alignment is calling for you to embrace your adventurous spirit and exotic flair! Go on, take a walk on the wild side… you never know what you’ll discover…

Woman in Hat on Stormy Beach at Sunset

Think Mercury in Retrograde Is Here To Screw Things Up? Discover How To Use This Disruption To Your Advantage

Caution, Mercury Retrograde is approaching! It’s fitting that on the spookiest night of the year, Mercury would be up to his pesky tricks! But what if this is no coincidence? Perhaps this mischievous planetary transit wants you to pay attention. What if Mercury is offering you the rare chance to shake things up a bit and launch yourself into a new direction, just in time for 11/11? Hmmm…

Witches Rejoice, It’s Almost Halloween! Craft Your Own Magick Good Luck Spell To Embrace This Fierce Mystical Energy

Double, double, toil and trouble. Halloween brings forth a flux of mysterious and mystical energy. In fact, there’s no better day to harness your inner witch than Halloween night! Now is the time to capture this essence and manifest your deepest desires! Don’t be afraid… create a little magickal brew and and cast this simple Halloween Good Luck Spell to prosper through the Void.


3 Ways To Avoid The Sting of This Scorpio New Moon

As the Sun shifts into the mysterious depths of Scorpio, the Moon stirs to join them. At 4º of watery, shadow-walker Scorpio, the New Moon will rise on October 27/28… depending on your location. Swirling with intensity, this powerful lunation offers you the perfect opportunity to leave the past behind you and transform! Now is the time to sow the sacred seeds of intent and allow your desires to bloom! You cannot let this chance slip away! Discover how to embrace a little cosmic chaos…

Craft this protection spell to defend your child while they're at school

This Simple Magick Protection Spell Will Help Protect Your Child Wherever They Go!

For kids, school offers them their first glimpse of independence and freedom… but it’s a whole different story for parents! While, as a parent, you may possess your own superpowers, you simply cannot be there to protect your child wherever they go! It’s physically impossible… but, what about magically? Harness your parental powers and craft this magick protection charm to keep your child from harm’s way!

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Learn The Secret Language of The Universe & Manifest Your Dream Reality

Ever think to yourself that the universe has a peculiar sense of humor? And that higher forces are constantly trying to grab your attention by any means necessary? It may show up in the form of repetitive experiences like seeing a specific animal, object, or number pattern. Or deja vu? If only you were equipped with the tools to decode the secret language of the Universe. Well, there’s a way to align yourself with this greater power… you just have to understand the signs!

15 Reasons Scorpios Are Fierce As Hell

On October 23, the scales will officially tip into Scorpio Season! This means it’s time to say goodbye to the soft and gentle vibes of Libra season and embrace the fierce intensity of this water sign! Scorpios tend to get a bad rap, so it’s time to clear the air! After all, couldn’t we all benefit from a little spice and spontaneity? Will you embrace the wilder side to life this Scorpio season? Go on, discover why Scorpios ooze with such fierce energy… and share this post with all your Scorpio friends!

Out of Sync? 10 Ways To Raise Your Vibration & Reattune Your Personal Power Station!

Feeling a bit meh? Well, maybe your vibration is out of sync! Your own frequency holds a magnetic power to attract or repel certain situations and opportunities… so are you attuned to your energy waves? If not, your vibe can leave you feeling a little more cold than red-hot. But, don’t worry, you hold the power to change your station! Discover the 10 empowering ways to raise your vibration!

angel message no worries!

This Personalized Angel Message Will Help You Realize That You Are Right On Track!

Don’t stop now, you’re on the right track! There’s no need to look ahead because right now, you are exactly where you need to be! So, don’t let a few curveballs throw you off course completely, you have the power to push through! Your Angels are here to light the way! Select message #1, #2 or #3, then click below for some extra guidance…


Meaning of Number 4: Why The Most Practical Number Will Reveal Your Delightfully Sensible Side

October is a 4 Universal month (10/2019 = 1+2+0+1+9 = 13, 1+3=4), which means the air is swirling with fiercely practical energy. Numerologists recognize 4 as the number of stability, so now is the time to lay the groundwork to support change on the horizon! Come on and step in line, the number 4 is sure to bring a whole new structure to your life this month, but it’s far from boring! Discover how to attune with the practical magic of the #4.

align with your sun sign

This Simple Magick Spell Will Help You Harness The Power of Your Sun Sign To Shine Your Brightest!

As the Sun is the center of the Universe, it’s only natural that this fiery astrological force has a deeply influential power. In fact, the Sun’s position at the moment of your birth holds the key to unlocking your true potential! With this solar energy at your disposal, can you afford to let this power slip through your fingers? Personalized to your Sun Sign, this simple magick spell will help you shine your brightest!

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Discover How Overcoming Your Biggest Barrier To Abundance Will Help You Embrace Financial Freedom

Do you ever feel like you keep hitting a ceiling with your wealth? And, no matter what you try, you can’t break through? World-renowned author, Mary Morrissey, explains that the reason you are struggling to achieve financial freedom is that there is something rooted in your subconscious that is blocking you. Using this empowering e-book, you will discover how to clear away the unconscious barriers stopping you from accessing abundance…

This Touching Tale Will Inspire You To Revisit Your Past & Heal Old Wounds

Sometimes, the only way out is through! Of course, dredging up your past can be incredibly painful, but repressing your trauma or uncomfortable experiences will only allow them to fester into deeper wounds. Don’t give them the power to grow! It’s time to confront your past and release yourself from the energies that no longer serve you. This beautiful personal story will empower you to revisit your old wounds and reclaim your personal power…

angel message focus on the present

Your Personalized Angel Message Will Help You Realize The Answers You Seek Are Grounded In The Present!

The answer you seek is right in front of you! Feeling like you should have reached your destination by now? Well, hold on a second. Take a deep breath and ground yourself in the present. It’s time to stop stressing about what’s next and focus on right now! Your Divine spirit team is here to guide you each step of the way, so trust that everything will fall into place! Call on your spiritual support, select Angel message #1, #2 or #3 then click below…

First Impressions Are Everything: Here’s What Your Astrological Rising Sign Says About You

Chances are you already know which sign in the Zodiac you belong to, but what about your rising sign? This uniquely personalized sign is more influential than you think, impacting how you present yourself to others. Since first impressions are everything, your rising sign will ensure that your impact on others is ever-lasting. Discover the unique characteristics and traits of your astrological rising sign…