Claim Your Free Spot On The Activating Abundance Teleclass

To celebrate this soulful September, you’re invited to join us for a magical collective event for manifesting your soul’s desires. Next Thursday, September 12th at 5pm Pacific, Kari Samuels, will be hosting an insanely powerful Activating Abundance teleclass where she will guide you through her deep energy clearing technique for aligning with your deepest desires, resetting your karmic imprint and activating soul-level abundance.

September Forecast: The 3 Steps To Reconnecting With The Rhythm of Your Heart

September is here in all its spectacular glory! Now is the perfect time to fill your cup to the brim with invigorating double 3 energy! Practical Virgo is calling you to tune in to your soul’s station and liberate yourself from the things that no longer serve you. It’s time to weed your spiritual garden and deeply cleanse your mind, body and soul. September is all about reconnecting with your roots and reharmonizing your divine self with the rhythm of your heart. These 3 actionable steps will help you do it…

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Discover The Hidden Truths Within The So-Called Law Of Attraction

Everyone talks about the Law of Attraction… but, how do you manifest positive results when your mind is “broken”? Hypnosis helps you to reprogram your thoughts, so you can begin automatically manifesting — and achieving more success, happiness and abundance in your life. Discover how this powerful program will reset your mindset…

Why The #9 Will Alter The Course Of Your Life This Month

Today’s powerful 9/9 number code comes as a welcome reminder that September is a pivotal month. As the ninth month of the year, everything about it oozes ‘closure’. But something’s different this year, 2019 is a 3 Universal Year and September is a 3 Universal Month. So while the #9 always brings release and renewal, with the #3 backing it up, your ability to create your new beginning is exponentially compounded!

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Time To Get Real! This Personalized Tarot Message Reveals What’s Holding You Back

The Universe is testing you… will you step up to the challenge? Trust the intuitive nudge that is pushing you to expand yourself with a fresh start. Embrace the deep-rooted empowering energy within your soul and overcome the barriers that block you from your destined path. Take a deep breath and ground yourself. Choose message #1,#2 or #3, then click the button below.

how to break free from your hex

These 2 Hex-Breaking Spells Will Instantly Liberate You From Your Bad Luck Loop

Is a string of bad luck leaving you feeling cursed? Well, there may be hexes lurking within your subconscious. Misfortune attracts misfortune, inviting negative cycles to repeat time and time again. But, don’t despair, you possess the power to break through those ominous clouds and reclaim your light! Uncover these 2 simple spells that will help you show your hex the exit…



Afraid To Ask For What You Really Want? Join Nat’s 30-Day Self-expression Challenge

Wow! What a month September will be! As a 3 Universal Month (9+2+0+1+9=21; 2+1=) in a 3 Universal Year (2+0+1+9=12; 1+2=3), your creative success, good luck, and good fortune will know no bounds. There is ONE thing you need to do, though, to take full advantage of this powerful 33 energy. Watch your September Numerology Forecast from Nat and learn more about her special 30-day challenge!

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Spirit Guide Reading: Awaken Your Soul’s Gifts Hidden Beneath The Surface!

Are you ready to receive? Your Spirit Guides are calling you to unwrap the innate gifts hidden inside your soul. Take a moment to center yourself and reconnect with your destined path!  Send your intentions out to the Universe and prepare yourself for what you’ll receive in return. Kickstart your powerful spiritual journey by choosing message #1, #2 or #3.

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How To Clear The Subconscious Patterns Blocking You From Your True Potential

Is negativity placing a heavy burden on your soul? Well, this is a sign that you need to heal. Over time, subconscious patterns trap themselves inside your body, creating blockages that prevent you from embracing your divine light. Liberate your spirit and clear your passage to a higher consciousness to unlock your true potential. Join internationally acclaimed healer, Jennifer McLean, as she takes you on a transformative healing experience…

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Tarot Reading: Time To Turn The Page & Start A New Chapter In Love!

Turn the page on old romantic blocks! Now’s the time to surrender your heart from old wounds and allow love’s flower to blossom. This week, your cards want to help you make peace with heartbreak and commence a fresh chapter. Embrace an empowering new beginning to reinvigorate your beautiful spirit by choosing card #1, #2 or #3.

Crystal Forecast: How To Sow The Seeds of Manifestation

Anything is possible this month! With the magical numerological and astrological energies zipping around the Cosmos this month, it’s the perfect time to sow the seeds of manifestation. Ready to plant your desires in your heart and allow the fruits of your labor to grow? This is how you can embrace the support from your crystals and invite your soul to guide you. Pick message #1, #2 or #3 for your personalized crystal message.

This Simple Spell Will Help You Manifest Your Dream Home

Everyone deserves their own royal palace to reign supreme! A place to call home. Somewhere to recharge and feel totally at peace with the world. But, a home is not just a place you find, it’s something you create through manifestation. Luckily, your dream house already exists… inside your mind! Hold this image in place and use this simple manifestation spell to lasso your dreams into reality.


What Mars in Virgo Means For You: The Warrior Planet May Cause A Battle Within...

Yesterday (8/18), warrior planet, Mars, entered adaptable Virgo, ushering in an energy that will urge you to look within. With its perfectionist tendencies, this mutable sign can cause you to be overly self-critical and with Mars in the mix, serious self-judgment is definitely on the cards. But from all that self-reflection, a fearless and focused new you may just emerge, if you let it!

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Are You A Natural Born Witch? Here’s How To Awaken Your Magick Within...

Did you know that everyone has a little magic inside? It’s true! You were born with innate powers and they’re just waiting to be unleashed. But awakening your magick spark isn’t always as simple as wanting it. This witch’s personal journey to witchy enlightenment will inspire you to discover your own personal magick path…

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38 Facts To Dramatically Improve Your Sexual Health

Did you know that the female of our species has the same amount of erectile tissue below the belt as a man? We always hear about men’s “performance” issues, but sexual health expert Susan Bratton explains that if your guy’s wood is getting wiggly, you’re actually having the same blood flow issues he is. You just can’t tell because it’s not as visible. Discover this and more sexy secrets in Susan’s new eBook…

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Let Your Heart Decide! Your Emotions Will Run High This Week...

It’s going to be an emotional week to say the least. Even if you don’t express your emotions freely and willingly, with your Angels practically forcing you to connect with your sensitive side, you won’t really have a choice! Close your eyes, connect with your Angels and pick message #1, #2 or #3 to get your personalized message…

Discover Your Most Memorable Personality Traits

We’ve teamed up with world-renowned astrologer, Kelli Fox, to create a free astrology reading 100% personalized to you. We analyzed the position of every single planet and its ruling sign at the precise moment you were born to generate a uniquely personalized and easy-to-read map of the stars that unlocks your past, present & future with freakish accuracy.

12 Unquestionable Reasons You Can't Survive Without A Virgo In Your Life!

With your exquisite eye for detail and your laser-beam knack of seeing straight to the heart of any problem… oh Virgo, how we adore you! Because the Sun is shining in favor of your Zodiac sign this month, we thought it was time to spread a little love. So, here are 12 reasons none of us can survive without you and your epic Virgo traits in our lives!

The 5 Waves of The Indigos

Discover The 5 Waves of The Indigo Generation & What They Reveal About Your Soul's Origin

After the atomic bomb at the end of World War 2, the Indigo race started arriving in larger numbers on the planet. They had one goal: to help a planet in grave peril. Since then, 5 generations have arrived on Earth, incarnated in the souls of a special, chosen few. Here, we give you an insight into each one and help you discover if you belong to one of the Indigo generations…