General Cards

The Devil and the Sun

You are entering February with all of the negative emotions of the daily grind. However, after you receive the positive energy that the cards have to offer, you will be able to feel a lot brighter and optimistic for the month going forward.

Card 1

Knight of Swords

There is conflict in the past that is still weighing heavily on your heart and soul. You are finding yourself in the “should” frame of mind as to what you should have done, said or felt.

This week is reminding you to express your truth and face conflict head on in order to release any blockers. Speak your truth, get it out there, and you will be transmuting any negative energy. You are still lovable and appreciated even if you have something negative to get off of your chest. If you do not have anyone to confide in, then write it down, burn it and then flush the ashes down the toilet.

Card 2

2 of Swords

There is a partnership that feels very fun and exciting for you. There is an easy expression of love and joy within this partnership. However, you are constantly their conflict resolution. You are their mediator and always need to find harmony and balance. This week you are being asked to question if it is worth it to constantly be the bridge between two people or if you can face the confrontation head on. This will set the standard going forward in this relationship.

Card 3

10 of Swords

This week, expect some stress, headaches and tension. You are being asking to get your mind right, get out of the default of negativity based on your thought patterning. Catch yourself in the default and then change it or cancel it out by expressing gratitude for what the Universe is offering you. You have absolute control when it comes to changing your frame of mind over a situation. Afterward, you can move forward into the Sun energy that will allow you to embrace your positive energy.