Card 1

4 of Pentacles

This is a week to focus on your finances. 

Time to empower yourself through your financial means and gain back your financial independence. Make sure that you are paying attention to things that empower you! Only spend attention, time, energy and money on the things that financially empower you. By educating yourself, you show the Universe that you are willing to work hard to achieve financial success. 

Card 2

2 of Pentacles

This is a hard energy to work with this week. It is time to look around at what gives you power, what does not make you feel good. If it makes you feel good, if it brings you joy, it is the Universe asking you to go in that direction. If you have an intuitive nudge about what will make you happy, make sure that you do it! Don’t worry about money or doing it alone, the Universe is here to support your happiness.

Card 3

The Devil

This is the week to look at your shadow self. Look at the people who irritate you in order to acknowledge and release the dark aspects that are subconsciously running your life. Look to your shadow self in order to transform your life. If you are aware of your weaknesses, no one can use it against you. This is WORK and it will not be easy, it will ask you to strip yourself raw and put your pride away in order to heal and better yourself. Remember that there is nothing, good or bad, that others have that you do not yourself possess.