Card 1

5 of Swords

Indigo Oracle Card: Self-Care

This week you are realizing that you have been deceiving yourself because of a negative perspective. You have a dark cloud hanging over your head but the catch is that you put it there! Your attitude is what is attracting negative people towards you. They don’t mean to deceive you, they are just drawn to what you are emitting. 

Your advice from the Angel Oracle deck is self care. You are feeling negative because you have not connected with yourself enough. It is easier to say that you are negative because of others, but that is not practicing self care. Self care can sometimes be as simple as energetically removing yourself from the ones that don’t make you feel good about life, or situations in general. Changing your inner script is your self-care task this week.

Card 2

The Hierophant

Indigo Oracle Card: Pray

There is a spiritual lesson that is trying hard to come into your life this week. You have been denying the signs from the Universe that are asking you to dive deeper into your spirituality. This week you will have no choice but to go into the rabbit hole, start researching and listening to the Universe. Listen to the people close to you and your inner spirit when it points you in the direction that you need to go in. 

Your advice from the Angel Oracle deck is to pray. Give away your burdens to a higher authority to release yourself from the limitations that you have imposed on yourself. Keep in mind that you are constantly praying, but it does not have to be in the way that you were taught. Sometimes prayer is as simple as wishing for a positive outcome in any situation. Or expecting a negative outcome in a situation–either way your inner dialogue is your prayer to your Higher Self. Use this week to recognize that inner dialogue as a form of prayer and do what you feel is right to change it. 

Card 3

3 of Cups

Indigo: Divine Timing

This is a week to celebrate your connections and communicate with more like-minded people. Whether that is through online platforms, or within a 6-foot distance. Communicate and connect with people.

The Angel Oracle Card for this week is Divine Timing. If you find that you are struggling to connect to others, because of fear or anxiety, recognize that patience is needed. Everything happens at the exact time that it needs to happen in order for the Universe to recalibrate and give you maximum happiness and joy. Trust the process and don’t allow the pressure of Aries Season to make you feel impatient about connecting with others and enjoying yourself.