This week’s Sun-Saturn square may cause frustration, but this can also be a stabilizing and grounding aspect, helping to galvanize ideas and find practical solutions. Meanwhile, the earthy Taurus New Moon is a great moment for healthy new beginnings.

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Take another look at your finances. Are you wasting money on something you really don’t need? It’s a good time to get your budget sorted out, but don’t scrimp on hobbies or group activities – you need an outlet for fun, too.




A New Moon in your sign gives you the go-ahead for a completely new look. Whether you’re having a makeover or simply gaining new confidence mentally or emotionally, it’s a brilliant time to step out into the world.




Take a leap of imagination when it comes to spiritual matters. You’ve been struggling with inner growth because you’re trying to use logic to analyze everything you see, feel or experience. It won’t. Be prepared to trust.




This New Moon brings you the opportunity to find new friendships, or to form fresh alliances with a group of like-minded souls. Get out and try some new hobbies or leisure pursuits, or join a community group and make a difference.




Fresh ambition gives you more impetus in your everyday working life. What seemed unachievable now seems much closer, and you’re motivated to do your very best. If work isn’t bringing life satisfaction, look elsewhere for a job that will.




Get your adventure on, Virgo. This New Moon encourages you to travel and seek out new sights, new people and new experiences. Even if you’re not going anywhere special, you can still find unfamiliar things to explore in your own neighborhood.




You’re much more resourceful than you know or give yourself credit for. Take an inventory of your skills, talents and abilities, and figure out how to make more use of a gift you have but aren’t using to its full extent.




This New Moon occurs in your relationship zone – perfect for dating, or for reviving and refreshing a relationship that may be struggling. Find new ways to bring the magic back into your lives – where there’s a will, there’s a way.




This New Moon puts a spring in your step and encourages sports and outdoor pursuits that get your heart racing. Your health should be your top priority this week, so it’s a good time to make dietary and lifestyle changes, too.




The New Moon is about finding your joy, Capricorn. No matter how busy you are and how many responsibilities you have, you must build time into your schedule to just relax and have some fun. If you don’t, you risk burnout very soon.




Family issues should become easier to handle this week as the New Moon’s energies give everyone a grounding in common sense and shared purpose. Try not to hold onto a grudge. Forgive and forget is the fastest way back to family unity.



Don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to go back to school this week – the New Moon encourages you to find and take on a new intellectual challenge. It’s an excellent week for self-expression through art, writing, music or drama.