Card 1

The Magician

When you think about magic, there is a lot of work behind the scenes. Be like a magician this week by preparing behind the scenes in order to show your skills to others. Focus, practice and create the abundance in your life as if by magic. Keep it protected and hidden, just like a magician never reveals their tricks, and just show people how wonderful you are without showing them the steps and preparation that came before you were able to create what you have.

Card 2

3 of Cups

This week is a celebration and a time to get back into the social aspect of your life. March is all about being alone and isolated, but we are starting to feel April’s energy that is asking us to explore, socialize and have fun with others. There is something in your emotional energy that has been harboring over the winter months and now you need to express it. If you have to put the emotion of anger or sadness behind what you are saying, then have no fear and openly express your truth this week.

Card 3

4 of Swords

Rest is also work. Your body and spirit is working while you rest, so make it a priority and make it part of your to-do list this week. Use self care this week and not just by being lazy, but by honoring your independence and alone time. Turn off your phone, turn off the outside chatter, get alone and go inward so that you can fully rest your spirit. Watch your anxiety melt away when you start to embrace rest as part of your chore list.