Card 1

2 of Swords

Over the holidays, you recognized that a relationship had to come to an end. But you held on. Now that you are coming into a new year, you are questioning whether you want to start a whole new year with this relationship. Define the relationship, or walk away. Find someone who is obsessed with you, who is not going to give you mixed signals. You deserve better than not knowing where a relationship is going.

Card 2

2 of Pentacles

You gave too much over the holidays; you did not put up any emotional, financial or spiritual boundaries. A Queen of Cups is benefitting the most from you not putting up boundaries. She is manipulating you into feeling like you have to give, that is where a lot of your stress and burnout is coming from. Take a look at your relationship with the Queen of Cups and keep in mind what you are sacrificing in order to make sure their feelings aren’t hurt.

Card 3

Queen of Swords

This female air sign is your ally in 2020. Ring in the new year with this person, give them the recognition they deserve, they have been there through a lot with you and are a great friend. Their thoughts have manifested into a positive outcome in your life. They are starting to form resentments about your relationship together so make sure you show them thanks and gratitude before the resentment forms.