Pisces Season Dates:

February 19 – March 20

Whenever the Sun enters a new sign, we all feel the energetic frequency of that sign, regardless of personal astrology. February 19 marks the very end of the current solar sojourn through Aquarius, sign of radical uniqueness and paradigm-busting boldness, and then we head into the softer, more soothing waters of mysterious Pisces.

What does Pisces Season Feel Like?

If you have any Pisces pals, you’ll recognize their dreamy glaze, their wild imaginations, and their sponge-like emotional bodies.

Pisces is the last sign on the wheel of the zodiac. It’s expansive, boundless and all-encompassing. It contains all of what came before, and it needs to – it’s a place of integration, processing and of release. How can you let go and move on, unless you know what you’re letting go of? (Well you can try, but you’ll likely end up repeating the same old patterns)

So Pisces has a lot to carry.

And it doesn’t make like easy for itself! As the most empathic of all the signs, it’s an energy that can rapidly lose itself in distant worlds, whether they’re other people’s thoughts, feelings and experiences; or the realms of the imagination, the sub or the superconscious. But what’s really at play here is connection. Pisces is acutely interconnected. To it all. Which has its benefits, as well as its pitfalls. So for the next 30 days, whilst our Solar ruler is traversing this vast and infinite corner of the skies, let’s make sure we’re tapping into the best bits. Here’s how:

1. Pisces Season Will Activate your Intuition

Pisces is widely recognized as the most intuitive of the astrological signs so whenever this zodiac sign is activated in the skies, our personal intuition gets a boost. There’s no better way tap into it, than through daily meditation practice (start with just 5 minutes a day – it’ll make a huge difference!). But there is a myriad of other intuition-enhancing methods too! Click here for just a few…

But many of us have actually shut down our psychic potential over many years (if not many lifetimes) of feeling it was unsafe or untrustworthy. So how do you go about opening it back up? For a deeper activation, try this free Akashic records clearing, to quickly bust through your intuition blocks.

2. Pisces Season Will Connect you to your Spirit Guides

Under a Pisces Sun, the differences between the living embodied folk you live and breathe with, and the beings of the Spirit realm become less clear (and less important too) making it easier to connect to those beyond the veil.

Use the next 30 days to really communicate with the Spirits – with those who see more and have a wider perspective than you do. Maybe you’re drawn to working with your ancestors, with angels or even God or Goddess energies?

The simplest way to begin is to sit in quiet meditation for a few moments and ask for whichever of your Spirit allies who has the guidance you need, to move forward and make themselves clear to you. If nothing happens at first, carry on with your day but stay alert for any messages coming through the veil.

Here are some more free resources to open up your channels of connection:

3. Pisces Season Will Enhance Your Creativity

Known to be more creative than many of the other signs, Pisces energy is imaginative, free-flowing and without limitations. So find ways to allow this powerful creative force move through you!

4. Pisces Season Will Help you to Let Go

Coming right at the end of the Zodiac, the sign of the fishes carries powerful lessons in letting go. But it also struggles with surrender – the Pisces peeps reading this will likely feel the depths of difficulty when it comes to letting anything go, whether it’s a habit, behavior pattern, relationship, or even the objects in their lives! But that’s what makes this solar season so powerful – when it’s hard to do something but you truly commit to it, the rewards are greater. Which makes it a time to really feel into what you do still have space for, and what you don’t and let those things go.

5. Pisces Season Will Allow you to Forgive

Before the Sun moves into Aries and the brand new solar year begins on March 20, (when the equinox is celebrated) it’s vital to release yourself of the karmic ties you’ve been holding onto. Without doing this, you’ll carry with you the weight of past relationships into the new cycle. The tool for this is forgiveness, and it’s an act of self-love, rather than something which is for anybody else.

Consciously forgiving anybody who has harmed you this year will create the freedom to start again. Click here to find out how.

6. Pisces Season Brings you Water Medicine

As the last water sign in the Zodiac (the others are Cancer and Scorpio), Pisces energy activates this cool and immersive element. Anything you can do to bring more of this element into your life will bring benefits, as water actually holds so much more than it’s physical properties. Try including some of these simple things in your life over the next 30 days:

  • Trips to the ocean, lakes or rivers
  • Listen to recordings of water
  • Drink plenty of fresh water daily
  • Take baths and showers with gratitude to the spirit of water
  • Donate time or money to a water charity
  • Water your houseplants
  • Create a lunar water at the Full Moon

And for even more earth wisdom about the essential properties of water, follow this link.

7. Pisces Season Will Enhance your Sleep

Ruled by Neptune, the planet associated with sleep, this solar season can make some people crave pillow time like nothing else! Sure, we can’t all indulge our escapist sides and sleep in all the time, but actually scheduling in a few early nights a week (no screens allowed!) will help make the most of the restful month that this Zodiac sign is trying to encourage. Indulge your dreaming-self with some extra-luxurious sheets and blankets, plus diffusing essential oils such as lavender, frankincense or ylang-ylang.

8. Pisces Season Powers-Up your Dreams

…And whilst you’re sleeping, the Piscean magic doesn’t end!

Dreams aren’t just for processing. The dreamscape is, in fact, a fertile ground for insights and understanding, and Pisces season is the optimum time to enter in – the frequency of this sign opens us up to the mysterious languages of mythology and symbolism that ripple through our dreams.
Set an intention each night before you go to sleep. It could be a question you’d like answered, some clarity on a situation, or simply to receive a healing. Keep a dream journal by your bed so you can scribble down what you saw, heard and lived whilst you were sleeping, and let the messages unfold…

9. Pisces Season Will Help your Set Boundaries

With empathy on overdrive, there’s no better time than Pisces season to look at your personal boundaries.

You may feel like you want to come to the help of everyone who asks; you may find it excruciating to close the door to someone in need, but unless you’re strong and centered enough first, this ends up looking a lot like self-sacrifice, and you’re actually hurting yourself.

Your personal boundaries don’t need to be static – one day you could be overflowing with love to give, but the next need to retreat and replenish. So the key to actually working with this Piscean energy is to lean into your own energy field, and ask yourself what you need first. Then offer only what you have available to give.

10. Pisces Season Loves your Feet!

As the astrological ruler of the feet, this Zodiac sign will bring your attention down to the ground. It’s proabably safe to say your feet could probably do with a little love – our feet work SO hard for us, yet how often do you truly give yours the care and affection they deserve? It’s through our paws that we connect to the earth, grounding, sharing negative ions, reducing inflammation and also receiving precious information from Mother Earth.

Shower a little love on your feet over the next 30 days:

  • Walk barefoot on the earth
  • Book in a foot massage (or get your friend to give you one)
  • Treat yourself to a pedicure (home or spa)
  • Go through your sock drawer and throw out any old, worn or holey socks (you’re worth more!
  • Replace them with new ones made from natural cotton, bamboo, silk or wool (unnatural fibres aren’t great for your paws!)

Now it’s your turn.

Are you feeling the flow of Piscean energy enter your life? What are you ready to let go of, surrender and forgive, before the Sun swings back around into Aries again?

Share with us in the comments below! And… happy Pisces season!


About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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