This week offers a bunch of cosmic surprises for you, starting with a delicious, warm and energetic Full Moon in sunny Leo, shining a light on both your sense of individuality and your sense of tribe. This is followed by a move of Mars from scattered Sagittarius into stable Capricorn, and ends with the ever-dreaded Mercury Retrograde, this time in forgetful, dreamy Pisces. So, what we may set out to do at the beginning of the week, guns a-blazin’, may not exactly end up in exactly the way we thought. With Mars in control-freak Capricorn, we may need to loosen our group a lil’ and allow the imaginative and intuitive Mercury vibes to light the rest of the way ahead. So, honey, do plant some firm foundations, so that when the flood comes, you aren’t swept away by the current! Bring your A-Game, ‘cos you’re gonna need it!

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Aries, now’s your opportunity to put nose to grindstone and show them what you’re made of. You can achieve a lot. Tap into your creative side.




The Full Moon highlights things you just gotta let go of, Taurus. Things in your career look rosy, and you’re in the spotlight for all your hard work.




Mercury Retrograde is just an opportunity for you to learn to listen. Like, really listen. You’re going to come out the other side all woke and stuff, Gemini.




Focus on your relationships, because you may be too controlling, or perhaps bae is the one calling the shots. Deal with it instead of burying your head in the sand.




Some of you may leave a relationship that isn’t allowing you to glow, Leo. Be clear in your decisions, because chances are good that you may change your mind in a few weeks.




Listen with your heart, and not your head. Right now, your head is a mess. Language is a barrier to understanding, so find other ways to communicate. Like a hug.




It’s time to choose, Libra. What’s more important to you? Your friends or your lover? And, how are you balancing love’s give and take? Find balance.




Your ambition knows no bounds as you apply yourself to build an empire for yourself, Scorpio. You’ve got about two months of this energy to make magic.




This Full Moon is a welcome celestial event for you, Sagittarius! It’ll show you just how much you’ve grown, how much you have achieved, and just how much you’ve learned.




Those personal projects? Dig them out, Capricorn, because the Mercury Retrograde is your cosmic helping hand, especially when you work with stuff from the past.




Your heart, Aquarius. Listen to her. You won’t go wrong if you tap into the feels, but if you try to use logic, you’re going to get your knickers in a twist.




Mercury Retrograde is going to be hella confusing. Don’t make any major decisions until three weeks from now, when the mist clears. This especially applies to relationships.