2020 Numerology is a Universal year 4 (2 + 2 = 4). Symbolically, the number 4 is like a square or the walls of a house. This is why the collective focus for 2020 is on intricately building a secure foundation for the future. It will manifest as a heightened awareness of our actions and their results. You will be attracted to fine-tuning methods and the following details. Universal year 4 resonates with the energy of Uranus which is the planet of the future and is yellow over deep-green in the Color Mirrors system. Therefore there will be a focus on today as it will impact the future.

The influence of Uranus is change and disruption of the old order. It indicates that it is time to clear everything that no longer serves you.

It is time to let go of old beliefs, structures, people and places that are not in alignment with your truth. This is the planet of the future and is about clearing everything that will not fit into the golden age of Aquarius.

The Universal 4 year in Numerology encourages us to focus on our organization skills and approaches to work. It also gives you the strength you need to pursue your desires. It motivates you to rise to the challenges you face as well as to defeat the obstacles ahead of you.

Bottle number 20 in the Color Mirrors system is called Awakening and is magenta over copper. The awakening is the soul awakening to its true self and understanding the essential truth that there is no separation. These colors say that we never left home in the first place. As we realize that the Creator is in everything we begin to understand that where we are in this moment is where heaven is. We are the Creator in a physical form and the copper connected to the magenta is where we begin to understand that we are bodies as souls – of heaven and of earth. This vibration will obviously be amplified two-fold in 2020.

Nostradamus predicted five major events for 2020. The first is that a great earthquake will hit the American continent sometime in the year 2020. The second, another major economic crisis; bankruptcy, recession and dark times for the global economy. The third, an abrupt rise in sea level and finally a catastrophic, massive, storm which will turn into devastating hurricanes. Finally, the forth is a major global conflict that can be interrupted as a possible new, world war.

Could this be the influence of the vibration of Uranus bringing about new order on our planet?

I believe that we create our own reality, so despite Nostradamus’s bleak predictions it really is up to you to attract the version of reality which serves the growth of your soul. Whatever happens, 2020 promises remarkable opportunities for you to shift gear and move forward with the courage of your conviction.

If you commit yourself fully, you can open doors to new levels of success, happiness and financial flow in your life.

But how does our Personal Year Cycle also influence what we can attract in 2020?

In Numerology, we travel in nine-year cycles. During these phases, there are times in which we would be better to delay action, make changes, explore personal development, learn new skills, travel or be creative.

Our Personal Year Cycle Number guides us when the best times are to embark on these various projects. The year cycles are calculated with this simple formula.

Add your birthday number with your birth month number and then the current year number. (Not your birth year) Remember to reduce all numbers down to a single digit.

For example, if you were born on 16th October 1972 the sum would look like this:

16th reduces to 7 (1+6)

October is the 10th month

10th reduces to a 1 (1+0)

2020 reduces to 2+0+2+0 = 4

So then just add up the 7+1+4= 12

1+2= 3

This means you will be in a Year Cycle 3 in 2020

How easy was that?

So what are the vibrational influences of the Year Cycle Numbers?

Let’s take a look at how this will also impact what you can expect from 2020…


1 – The Sun & Uranus (Fresh, New Beginnings)

This influence will manifest as letting go of old ways of being. Certain people, places, or beliefs that you have outgrown will be released to help you embark on brand new projects and ventures. You may be looking at changing jobs, relationships or homes.

The Sun brings in positive new, joyous energy which will enable you to take action on your plans. It may be a financially rewarding time and beneficial for selling assets such as a house, so long as your intentions are free of greed.

The power of this cycle enables you to crush old habits and adopt a new, more positive lifestyle. It is essential to believe in yourself and get your physical body moving to stimulate this next phase of your journey.


2 – The Moon & Uranus (Spiritual Growth & New Partnerships)

This year is all about spiritual development. Inner work in the form of reflection, mindfulness and meditation is highly beneficial during this period. It is likely that your sensitivity is heightened more than usual as your emotions are stimulated under the influence of The Moon. Protect yourself from the energy stealers and take the time to investigate your own needs for 2020.

Your intuition is also amplified this year. You may feel more willing to trust your innate guidance system, so take this time to reconnect so you can activate clear spiritual discernment. The number 2 is all about partnerships and sharing so you may enter into one or more new relationships. You may also lose significant relationships at home or work under the influence of change-bringing Uranus.

3 – Jupiter & Uranus (Social & Creative Expansion)

This can be a very sociable year created by expansive imagination, great company and creative expression. Learning new skills, personal development and stimulating your memory will take centre stage in 2020 so say yes and turn up to courses and workshops that feel right. Your powers of observation will be intensified and a new thirst for knowledge will quite stretch your mind under this transition.

Remember to focus on the positive qualities of others and avoid becoming too critical as this will inspire them. Jupiter will help you to reap the rewards of your creative endeavours so get involved in projects that bring you a sense of purpose and joy. Uranus will help you to take action when seeking enlightenment through travel or education and this will enhance your self-confidence and esteem.

4 – Uranus and Uranus (Consolidate, Build & Regenerate)

The double influence of Uranus this year helps you to consolidate plans and build the solid foundations of your life. There is a spot-light on your material structures such as your home, family and finances. 2020 is a great year for establishing a business and getting your affairs organised, but you may also be called to release unwanted influences.

Expect the unexpected with Uranus energy so pay attention to new contracts or when buying and selling and ensure financial plans do not go over budget. 4 is on the physical plane so your body may also come under scrutiny during this cycle. To regenerate for the year ahead, make sure you step up your exercise regime and get your 8 hours of sleep at night.



5 – Mercury & Uranus (Freedom, Opportunities & Change)

2020 will inspire you towards greater freedom and change. The versatile and communicative influence of Mercury will guide you to meet new people and travel to foreign destinations. You may be motivated to move house or expand your business. It is the ideal opportunity to let go of anything that feels restrictive and collaborate on creative group activities which develop your talents.

During your year cycle 5, there is a focus on spiritual and emotional factors. Expressing yourself with greater freedom will be essential and will activate a wave of social activity.

6 – Venus & Uranus (Relationships, Creativity & Home)

Balance and happiness are achieved by being creative at home in 2020. Creating an abode of bliss will help to open your soul and offers peace and harmony in your life. It is time to nurture your own needs first. If the outside world beckons you away from your sanctuary, you need to develop the ability to say no to remain balanced especially as Uranus will be banging on your door wanting to activate change and disruption of the old order.

New creative projects are likely to succeed and you may need to release any false people as they will cause heightened anxiety levels. You may want to consider taking an exercise class that will balance your body and mind.

7 – Neptune & Uranus (Contemplation & Spiritual Exploration)

It is beneficial to void making any major changes this year. 2020 is a time to evaluate your life and learn through personal experience. If you are not on purpose in your life, this may present itself as a sacrifice. This will always help to get you back on track to your true life purpose. 2020 is a time for sharing your wisdom but not right for expanding your offerings as contemplation is more beneficial right now.

Neptune helps you to deepen your spirituality by exploring the deeper meaning behind life. This reconnection to self will highlight the most beneficial path for you to follow.

8 – Saturn & Uranus (Prosperity, Change & Independence)

2020 is lining itself up to be a golden year for you! Saturn patience is now paying dividends as you begin to harvest the rewards of your hard work. A variety of positive opportunities arise as you let go of old patterns, people and places and realign with your independence.

Finances can improve tenfold as you start living your purpose. Follow your own path to happiness, even if that creates power struggles within your relationships. Soon they will also benefit from your success.

9 – Mars & Uranus (Relocation & Humanitarian Guidance)

Uranus and fiery Mars clear the way for further change in 2020 but these may not manifest until November or December time or the following year. All of this red activity, energy and mobility can involve a relocation, a new vocation or releasing outdated relationships. You may take on a responsible, humanitarian aspect to your personality so you may notice more requests for advice, guidance or teaching.

Your personal year 9 offers you deeper forgiveness and tolerance of other people. It is a period of reflection so rejoice in the fact that you have achieved many goals and keep your eyes on the future.

Please leave a few comments to let me know which personal year cycle you are moving into during 2020 and how you will navigate those disruptive influences…