Life is a journey! I know you know this truth. There are twists, turns, cycles and so many avenues of adventure.

Last year I took a long trip to Europe. I went from London to Paris to Amsterdam and back to London. Visiting different cities, meeting new people and traveling as a whole always awakens something within me. During this trip, I learned so much!

My favorite part is when I get back on that airplane, journal in hand and detailing all my adventures. I always remind myself that when we fly it’s the only time we’re not on the planet!

I lived in London for a semester… my first co-op experience in the Fashion industry. It was also my first time traveling alone. Since then I have found myself on so many airplanes, in so many different cities. I always knew travel was part of my lifeline. What I didn’t realize was how different a city looks when you return to a new stage in your life!


In some way returning to London was like a pilgrimage back to my former self. To see how much I’ve grown, how much bigger my world has become, how much braver my heart is and how much more mystery there is left to experience in life.

Have you ever felt that way?

This seems to be a theme this year. Cycling back to a former time to heal the wounds, to mend the holes and reclaim the power that is lost through experience. This is a shamanic experience. An exploration of all your worlds, across space and time.

When you return to an old wound or trauma and extract the wisdom from it… you heal and integrate a part of yourself. This is an act of reclaiming power!

What adventures have you been on, lately?

Tell me your stories. How you are healing? How are you going bigger, deeper and wider with your place + power? What are you still struggling with?