How To Magic Your Way To More Joy Than Ever Before!

Sometimes the road of life can be hard to navigate. The pressures of adulthood can put our own happiness on the back burner. Sometimes life moves so fast and gets so busy, that we forget to check in with our own inner compass and guidance. Before we know it, we find ourselves feeling lost, miserable and off-track from the life we want to live.

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If you are feeling lost or caught up in a routine that feels out of step with your true calling, one of the best ways to get back on track is to connect with your inner child.

Our inner child is the aspect of our spirit that remains forever young. It is the part of us that is imaginative, playful, lighthearted and wide-eyed. It loves to laugh, have fun, and be free! It is the part of ourselves that still believes in fairies and lucky signs. Our inner child loves wild new adventures and feels unbridled enthusiasm about life.

This is also the part of us that holds our personal inner compass and knows the clearest path to our true calling. In this space, we know that life is magical and that anything is possible!

Our inner child remains untouched by the hardships of life and doesn’t look at all the reasons why a dream can’t happen. Instead, it knows that dreams come true because the magic and the goodness of the Universe will help them come true!

Our inner child is the part within us that feels completely worthy of our biggest dreams coming true.

This is why it is so important to cultivate our connection to our inner child. My favorite part of being a witch is the sense of playful, childlike wonder I feel by choosing to view the world through a magical lens. By choosing to believe in the magic and mystery of the Universe, I naturally allow my inner child to remain awake within me.

When my connection to my inner child is strong, life is playful, lighthearted, and full of wonder. I am able to feel her guidance, which is always pointing me in the direction that leads to the most joy.

One of the best ways to connect with our inner child, and receive his or her guidance, is by practicing the following inner child magic activity!


Inner Child Art Magic

Things you need:

1.Colorful crayons, paint, or markers. Gather 5-10 different colors.

2. 5-10 pieces of paper

Steps to follow:

1. Find a quiet space on the floor or at a table. Layout your art materials in front of you. This activity could get very messy, so you may want to have a protective covering beneath your materials.

2. Relax your mind. Take a few deep calming breaths. Let yourself take this time just for you. Let all concerns and worries go. This is your time to connect with your inner spirit.

3. Talk to your inner child for a moment. Tell them that you are now going to allow him or her to take a much bigger role in your life. Start to laugh within, as you feel the joy, enthusiasm and lightheartedness of your inner child coming up within you to play!

4. Now ask for his or her direction and guidance.

5. Take your crayons or paint, and allow your inner child to draw free and wildly on the paper! Remove all of your own judgment in this space, and give your inner child free rein. Let them get messy! Take as much time and use as many sheets of paper as your inner child requires. Let yourself go completely as your inner child takes over!

6. Once you are done, step away from your art space for a little while. Take a walk outside, or grab a bit of food.

7. After ten minutes or so, return to your art space. Take a look at what your inner child created. Ask yourself, “what is my inner child saying to me through this image?

8. Write down any thoughts, sensations or images that come to mind. Trust your first instincts. Do not judge anything that comes to your mind. Write down everything the art is making you feel and might be saying to you.

9. Keep this special art somewhere sacred to you, and periodically look at it. Sometimes the message reveals itself bit by bit over the course of a few weeks.

Continue to allow your connection to your inner child to grow everyday. In time, your life will become more and more joyous and your path more and more clear!

With so much love,

Sirena Moon