No matter what your sign is, we will all be feeling the influence of the Leo moon for several days each month; when the moon is transitioning through Leo, regardless of how you typically think, you will have a more intense desire to let others know your feelings. You are likelier to tell people that you love them or express your appreciation. It might also be a time when there is a strong urge to be romantic and passionate in your life.

Since Leos adore attention and adoration, a moon in Leo can leave you feeling a tad bit insecure than usual, which can cause a dramatic flare-up if your needs are not met. If you are the sensitive type, you will feel more vulnerable during this transit. You will be asking people close to you for reassurance.

Leo is a sign of creativity and bold ideas. It is a sign of expression. You are likelier to pursue an artistic outlet such as dancing or acting. You might also be drawn to a business endeavour of some kind. It is also a time to get out and socialize so that you can be the centre of attention and perform for others. All the world’s a stage when the moon is in Leo!

Full Moon in Leo

Full moon in Leo brings balance to the energies of the planets. This transit is a reminder that it is all right to feel what is in your heart. Express your feelings and raw emotions. Full moons are a time of culmination, so it is an incredible time to look at the seeds you planted during the past new moon and see if they have come to fruition.

If you were born with the Moon in Leo

Many people already know all about their sun sign, which represents the person we exhibit to the world. If the Sun is considered the outer personality, then the moon is the inner personality which is all about emotions and everything; we need to feel comfortable and secure. It is crucial to know your Moon sign because it is a reflection of your emotional well-being. It is the energy you hold on to most of your life. It also provides insight into your Moon sign compatibility, which is crucial in romantic relationships.

Leo is a fire sign and comparable to the mid-summer Sun. It provides light and warm energies to everything it shines down upon. Leo has follow-through. It is true at work, in friendships, and especially in matters of the heart. A Leo who is in love is a loyal and dedicated partner and will have no inhibitions allowing their significant other and the world to know how they feel. But as they give to others, Leos expect the same loyalty and admiration in return.

Moon in Leo individuals are total kids at heart. This sign is well known for its playfulness and childlike nature, making them an absolute joy to be around. Among all the signs, they are one of the most optimistic and look at the bright side no matter how glum things are.

But never mistake the pride of Leo as self-centeredness. Leos are the most generous signs in the zodiac. They will gladly give you the shirt off their back if you ask them. They are accommodating, making them awesome people to turn to for advice in a time of need.