Hello Dear Souls,

We’re using Denise Linn’s Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards for this reading.

Connect with your heart, and ask yourself which message is right for you for the month of April: #1, #2 or #3. Of course you can be drawn to more than one, and you can fast forward to your chosen message.

Message #1 — 01:45

Message #2 — 05:03

Message #3 — 07:18

Message #1PinPin

Miracles & Security

If you were drawn to Message #1, you received 2 cards! The first one is Miracles, and the second one is Security. This tells us that miracles are going to show up in your ability to survive and thrive. If you’ve been worried about your job, money, or ability to make a living in this new economy, these cards are telling you that everything is going to be okay. You are more resourceful than you realize. The double rainbow on the Miracles card indicates that there’s outside miracles (like being able to support yourself when you thought you couldn’t) and inside miracles, such as the growth that comes from change. Notice the blessings all around you and focus on the abundance you have.

Message #2Pin

Taking Risks

If you were drawn to Message #2, the card that comes up is Taking Risks. Yes, even now, it is safe for you to take a risk. What have you been scared to do in your life? What small risks could you take now? Perhaps the “risk” is really about expressing what’s true for you, or asking for help if you need it. If you’ve been someone who’s been afraid to ask for help, taking the risk of asking will be a tremendous opportunity for growth. While the world is constricting with fear, how can you open your wings and soar?

Message #3Pin


If you were drawn to Message #3, the card that comes up is Stillness. This card is inviting you to stop and go within. Connect with nature, turn off the news, take a break from social media and connect with your heart. Connect with your body. Get really quiet, and notice the life force moving through you. Take comfort in that. You will feel more renewed and less stressed. You need this right now!




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