Card 1

King of Pentacles

This week, you need to focus attention on a male Earth Sign; Capricorn Taurus, Virgo. They are your meal ticket; they have something to offer you. They are not the easiest person to speak to because they are so focused on their money and ambitions. When you go to them for help, expect interest rates. It is a wise investment to ask them for advice; spiritual, financial or general personal advice. The King of Pentacles will bring you back to the center, keep you focused on the right now so that you can create plans for the future. Listen and use their advice wisely, especially this week. The King of Pentacles is your advisor this week, do not dismiss it. 

Card 2

The Hanged Man

This week you will be called to make some sort of sacrifice. However, you don’t mind putting yourself on the line for others. This self-sacrifice is for the greater good. It may not feel like it at the time, but it is a small act of service that will create a massive change in your future that you will see within the next week to next month. 

Card 3

9 of Cups

You are doing great this week! You are embracing family, emotional happiness, domestic duties, and labours of love. This is the time that you are starting to realize how blessed and fortunate you are. You can finally just relax, exhale and start to enjoy yourself. Do something with this energy by celebrating and honouring your happiness. This will signal to the Universe that you want more happiness; which is your birthright.