If you are reading this article, chances are you are drawn to the mysterious world of real-life witchcraft. Perhaps you’ve experienced some extra-sensory spiritual moments already.

You might be led by simple curiosity, or quite possibly your intuition is leading you towards a way of life that is beyond the ordinary. Whatever has brought you to the world of witchcraft, knowing where to begin can be a daunting task.

In this blessed age of free speech and the internet, there is an abundance (nay, an overload) of information and opinions on modern witchcraft. There seems to be countless traditions, styles, and ways to go about it!

Some witchcraft traditions are religions, like Wicca.

Some are simply spiritual practices that you can combine with whatever your religious beliefs are, (like we do with meditation).

Some are occult practices (which is less scary than it sounds!).

In all cases, witchcraft has one golden rule: “An ye do no harm, do what ye will.” It means that as long as you act out of love for the highest good of all, there are no rules!

The fact is, there are as many ways to be a witch as there are witches. This is good news because it means freedom!

Over time, your spiritual practice will become a reflection of your unique history and personality. It will feed your soul, and it will be a reflection of it.

The best advice I have for a budding witch is to first and foremost follow your instincts and then find a trustworthy community to support you. So, if you want to unleash your inner witch! Here are a few more things to help you along the magical path…

1. Books

With the most recent explosion of interest in witchery, there is no lack of books on the subject. Read, read and read some more! Consider this shortlist a primer, covering the basics and one of the classics.

The Spiral Dance” by Starhawk – a goddess based Pagan classic.

Lewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials” by Diana Rajchel and Llewellyn – a sweet little set of books covering the eight Pagan holidays.

The Elemental Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols” by Adele Nozedar – great for looking up anything and everything, from the use of garlic to the meaning of yellow.

budding witch studying magick

2. Stores

Become a regular at your local metaphysical store. Even if you don’t buy something every time, it can be relaxing and illuminating just to browse through all the magical bits and bobs. It’s a good way to get to know the different tools and methods of the craft.

3. Classes

There’s nothing like being in a room full of good intentions and magical energy as you learn. Find an “IRL” class in your area through a metaphysical store. Many teachers with an online presence also offer digital courses. The best way to find a course is to delve into a subject that interests you, and then find a teacher you really connect with.

4. Social Media

When it comes to the vast internet, here’s where you’ll find that teacher! Search, explore, and subscribe until someone’s content makes you really excited. It’s a swamped field out there, but don’t give up. That only means that the gems really shine out among the ruff!

5. Community

Information and experience are key, but nothing will accelerate your practice like a supportive community. Full disclosure, I’m an instructor at one of the most amazing online resources for budding witches — so this will be a shameless plug!
I say shameless, because I know how much our students gain from being a part of The Spellcasting Club (www.spellcastingclub.com). It’s an internet school for the practical craft of magic, packed with diverse and amazing content for every level. One of our biggest resources is the chat group, where we support and lift each other up from a place of love and light.

Maybe I’ll see you there!

Raven Hinojosa

About Simple Mystic Miracles

Simple Mystic Miracles is a school of Magickal Practice started by Rose Ariadne in 2006. Since that time several additional wise, caring, and compassionate Magickal Teachers have come aboard to help Rose with our growing number of Magickal students. You can get started with our fun and Free “Magick Ability Test” to better understand your connection with Magick. You can get started with the 10-question test HERE

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