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beltane powerIf you are ready for some high-vibe mystical energy, then tap into the power of May 1st. Long regarded as a magical time. Much like Halloween, May 1st is an ancient holiday called Beltane. A sacred fire-festival, it is a time that marks the victory of the Sun, the awakening of the land and the blooming of life-force and creative energy.

Once again the veil between the world thins, creating “No Time”. Unlike the solemn energy of parting, remembrance and death that shrouds Halloween… May 1st grants us venture into the invisible realms to honor the unfolding of life, the power of rebirth and gathering energy of creative expression.

Moving through the cycles of the seasons we begin to generate power and potential that begs to be seen in the world. Let the wellspring of artistic potential bubble to the surface. Move into your graceful flow, like the awakening trees, and flowers. You are fertile with the majesty of nature.

The World Has Awakened

The tides of abundance and the vitality of Mother Earth awaken. Our bodies, minds and spirits are yawning, stretching and finding rhythm again. Feel yourself bursting into technicolored rays of light. You are quickening into flow and action… Finally bursting your head through the rich, fertile place of inner-work brought on by the colder months.

Don your fairy crown and dance in all your gossamer glory… Your fairy nature is glowing. Now you can trust your vibes. The whispers of your spirit grow louder, and your need for self-expression grows exponentially. If you are feeling stagnant and depleted then step out into the green grass, and slip into the embrace of a blossoming tree. There the spirits of nature will infuse you with mystical exuberance.

As nature unfolds in all her fecundity, slip into your own sensual nature. Spend time in rest and relaxation. Indulge your senses with a massage, some aromatherapy, or a wonderful soak in floral water.

beltane flowers

Perform a Rejuvenation Ritual to Enliven the Senses and Arouse the Spirit

Gather together a few essential oils: ylang ylang, jasmine, rose or vanilla. Dilute in a bit of sweet almond oil. This delicious blend of oils will entice your senses, and raise your vibration. You can nourish your skin, and anoint your chakras.

Begin by basking in the clarifying rays of the sun. Stretch on a beautiful cloth. And ready yourself for some much deserved self-love.

Start with the root chakra just at the base of the spin. Your point of connection to Mother Earth, and your sense of security. Anoint this sacred center, moving your fingers clockwise.

Affirm: I am rooted in the fertile earth.

Move upward to the sacral chakra just below the naval. Here your sensual nature, and feelings of delight wait to be awakened. Anoint this sacred center, moving your fingers clockwise.

Affirm: I awaken my sensual nature.

Continue upward toward the solar plexus between the naval and the breastbone. Your place of personal power, confidence and self-worth. Anoint this sacred center, moving your fingers clockwise.

Affirm: I express myself abundantly.

Continue to your heart center. Your place of love, joy, compassion and zest for life. Anoint this sacred center, moving your fingers clockwise.

Affirm: I am filled with self-love and compassion.

Move upward to your throat chakra where your spiritual truth, expression and communication unfold. Anoint this sacred center, moving your fingers clockwise.

Affirm: I am living my truth.

Follow upward to the center of the forehead, your third eye. Your mystical window of imagination, intuition and inner wisdom. Anoint this sacred center, moving your fingers clockwise.

Affirm: I explore my inner visions.

Finish at the crown of the head. The source of spiritual connection and clarity. Anoint this sacred center moving your fingers clockwise, massaging gently.

Affirm: I am connected to the wonders of the invisible world.

Close the ceremony by massaging soles of the feet, palms, pulse points, and the base of the neck where it meets the spine. Massaging gently in a clockwise motion.

Affirm: I am alive with magic.

beltane ritual

Nature is Sacred Art and Sacred Space

The trees, the flowers, and the animals are all part of this intoxicating celebration of life. Everywhere you look an affirmation of divine artistry can be found. Feast on this energy. Let your spirit be bright. Go into the world filled with wonder. See with fresh eyes. Magic is weaving her inspired web. Add you’re own beads of intentions to those opulent strands.

What inspires your spirit? What creative endeavors have you longed to explore? Where do you feel most alive?

Simple Rituals to Weave More Magic

If you find yourself in need of a little extra magic connect with the essence of flowers. Bring a fresh cut bouquet into your home to fill with inspiring colors. Or arrange a few potted plants in your home. House plants are beautiful purifiers of energy and atmosphere. Hold wild flower seeds in your hand. Placing deep within them your prayers and intentions. Offer them to the land by scattering them to the winds. As the flowers grow, so to will your prayers.

Magic is expansive, and limited only to your ability to dream. Honor the Spirit of life on May first by letting your creative expression be a devotional to Mother Earth, the Sun, and the Universal Spirit.

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