Have you ever had such a string of bad luck that you figure you must be hexed? Or maybe you’ve had beef with a real life rival. And wouldn’t it be just like them to follow it up with a hex? Then there’s the possibility of carrying hexes from one life into the next. It’s enough to give you a headache — sometimes literally.

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I have good news for you on all counts. While it’s not always possible to perfectly manage what kind of energy comes at you, you do have considerable control over what actually gets to you. What’s more, you have TOTAL control over turning that hex around and coming into alignment with love.

A hex is a curse, delivered by magical means. It can show up as physical ailments, attacks from a variety of unfriendly individuals, or just plain bad luck. Then again, so can skipping breakfast, or emitting your own grumpy vibes.

As a rule of thumb, when things aren’t going well, a hex is the least likely cause. Unless, of course, you are in the habit of hexing others. That is an invitation for bad juju to come back at you. So let’s assume you’re not doing that!

Whether your streak of “ick” is the result of a hex or not, the good news is that once you’re experiencing something, it’s yours! You have total control of your destiny and energy. That’s not to say that setting yourself on a positive path forward is instant or easy. It takes great courage to turn from familiar discomfort to unfamiliar ease. And it takes great insight to be aware of the energy patterns in your life in the first place.

The key to seeing and breaking hexes is that word right there — pattern. Personal or collective beliefs create patterns in the energetic universe (science fact: everything is energy. No kidding!) These patterns create “grooves,” which are kind of like energetic habits.

The more often something happens one way (for instance, you accidentally lose a bunch of money) the more likely it is that it will happen that way again. No matter how random the occurrence was to begin with.

It takes an act of will, projected out into the greater world to cut a new groove that you consciously choose. And guess what? The definition of a spell is: an act of will projected out into the greater world.

The following two spells are simple and all you need to be hex free!

The first spell will protect you. It stops you picking up everything; from other people’s heavy emotions, to some seriously toxic intentions.

The second spell will set you free from hex-like patterns, no matter how long you’ve been in your life. This one can be used to free yourself from any negative space you might find yourself in, hex or no hex.

Spell 1: Hex Deflect Chakra Flick

Chakras are energy centers that run up and down the center of the body. This simple exercise uses the solar plexus chakra to turn away bad vibes of any kind.

1.Become aware of any negative energy in your auric (or energetic) field and your body.

2. When you’re ready bring your attention to your solar plexus chakra, right under where your ribs meet.

3. Visualize it as a powerful spiral of golden yellow energy flowing in a clockwise direction, like a wheel.

4. Now “flick” the wheel in the other direction. The outward whirl will send any negative energy shooting right back out of you. This will leave you unharmed and even empowered!

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Spell #2: Set Me Free! Heart Chakra Spell

A string of bad apples is a sure sign that you are out of alignment with the spiritual source of your power. Whether that pattern started with a hex from another person or not, it’s your job to regain connection with the pure love that is the ultimate source of power for any spiritual person. All you’ll need for this spell is a rose quartz crystal.

1.Lie down and place the rose quartz over your heart.

2. Bring your attention into your heart space and notice without judging what it feels and looks like.

3. Ask the rose quartz to send healing into your heart. For several minutes feel the sensations coming from the crystal, flowing into you. Do this each day for nine days.

4. On the ninth day, put your hands over your heart. Use your fingers to find a tender point right in the center. This is an acupressure point. Press on it and imagine your heart opening like a rose.

5. Say aloud, “My fear is gone. My source is love. My life is healed. Blessed be.”


Raven Hinojosa