The Sun has just entered Aries (happy birthday, Aries!), and it is a new zodiac year! As we start this cycle, for the next few weeks we are under the influence of this strong, fiery, warrior-esque sign.

Here are a few ideas on how you could tap into the current energies at play, and more fully harness this sign’s power…

1. Start Something New

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and an initiator. Therefore, this is a great time to begin something new. Is there something you’ve been thinking of starting? A business? Some kind of project? Taking classes to learn something new? For example, I started my business at this time 4 years ago by offering Tarot readings in a park in NYC with a poster.. and so much has developed since!

2. Wear Red

Aries is ruled by Mars, the red planet of drive. So, it is no surprise that red is the main color linked to this sign! Red is a color of fire, life force, passion and sexual drive. It is linked to the root chakra- the first energy center on our bodies that links us to the Earth and our physicality. It is a color that energizes, grounds and empowers us. Use this color at this time to tap into these energies. You could wear red, bring red flowers into your home or workspace… or color your nails, like I do!

3. Look At Your Birth Chart

Aries is a sign of the self and new beginnings. The House that Aries falls on on your astrological birth chart can indicate in what way you could focus these themes (the self and/or new beginnings) during the weeks ahead. It also can indicate what part of your life calls for renewal.

Here are some keywords for each House to give you some ideas- but please feel free to look more deeply into the themes of each House on your own, and feel into how they may be specifically relevant for you at this time…

(If you don’t know which house Aries is in, head here to get your natal chart.)

1st House- Unique sense of self, Identity, Beginnings, Appearance
2nd House- Finances, Values, House, Possessions
3rd House- Communication, Siblings
4th House- Motherhood, Home, Subconscious Patterns, Family
5th House- Creativity, Romance, Children, Play, Self-Expression
6th House- Work, Habits, Health, Routines, Service, Purification
7th House- Partnerships and Relationships, Marriage, Commitment, Legal Matters
8th House- Psychic Ability and Mystical Experiences, Facing Hidden Shadows, Power, Sex, Money, Secrets
9th House- Higher Learning, Travel, Religion, Philosophy
10th House- Career, Fatherhood, Social Status
11th House- Friends, Networking, Communities, Internet, Hopes and Wishes, Global Awareness
12th House- Unity Consciousness, Mysticism, The Arts, Releasing the Past, Intuitive Ability

4. Meditate with the Emperor Card

If you own a Tarot deck, I highly recommend meditating with the Major Arcana cards. Doing this offers deeper insights into their relevance, and can even offer us an infusion of their energies to empower and heal us.

The Emperor is the card that is held to be linked to Aries. He is a powerful leader, a self-created man, and a warrior. By meditating with this card, you can tap into his energy, and find the lessons he has to offer you.

Here is how to meditate with the cards, step by step…

  • Take the card in your hands and look into the image for as long as feels appropriate.
  • When you feel ready, close your eyes and allow any images or sensations to emerge.
  • Be sure to relax. This is key. Do not scrutinize or judge what you see or feel, or worry about lack of it “working”. Just be receptive.
  • When you feel ready, come out of the meditation by bringing your awareness back into your physical body, and slowly opening your eyes.

This exercise does not usually take long, and it is easy but powerful!

Thank you for reading, and have a great Aries season!


Image above by ZodiaqueAries.