Card 1

4 of Swords

Your world is spinning right now. In order to get grounded, and figure out what is going on–get rest. If you are noticing that your thumb or hands are in pain or there’s more focus on your hands this week, this is the time to get reflective and take rest. Your world is spinning around you, so get grounded in order to feel more secure and balanced. There are many tools to feel grounded; such as envisioning a protective bubble around you or using grounding healing stones such as petrified wood, tourmaline, or black onyx. If you can go swimming or walk barefoot, do it! Make this week’s main priority to get grounded before you start to spiral out of control.

Card 2

4 of Pentacles – Face Down

Your power hoarding is becoming obvious this week. You have control over something, whether financial, emotional or spiritual, and you are holding onto it for dear life. When you hold onto things too tightly you stop the flow of abundance. Expand what you have and the Universe will allow you to grow even more in a positive way.

Card 3

2 of Pentacles

This week you are being asked to try and find your harmony between two situations. You had such a rocky past in which you did not feel stable. Look to your childhood to see if there is any stability there or if it was a constant state of chaos in which you had to always change and adapt in order to find stability. Stability is so important but it comes from within.  Your unstable childhood is creating a block of abundance for you that will become very apparent this week. Find the harmony between the stability you had in childhood and the stability you are trying to create for yourself in your adulthood.