If you have ever been exposed to a near-death experience, have felt threatened by someone, encountered a serious accident or injury or been the victim of a sexual assault then your mind, body and emotions will register this as shock and trauma. It is almost impossible not to be significantly impacted by these events but not everyone will respond in the same way.

Whilst some people recover very quickly with the loving support of family and friends, others can feel the effects for a lifetime if the initial help is not available.

Traumatic events cover a broad range of experiences and can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Shock and trauma can feel overwhelming and it can be extremely difficult to come to terms with what has happened.

The experience is likely to be very different from anything they have gone through before. It can be hard to make sense of what happened, and sometimes it makes people doubt things that they’ve always believed.

Even if you feel as if you have dealt with this trauma mentally and emotionally, your body may still be storing it in the cellular memory. This is where the Color Mirrors Trauma Team will come to the rescue.

In color therapy, orange is the antidote for issues of shock, trauma and abuse and feeling out of control. These 6 powerful remedies each with an orange fraction will help you to finally let go of these disturbing events so you can set yourself free.

T1. Orange over Orange – Shock Absorber

An extremely intense remedy that absorbs transmutes and releases all shock, trauma and abuse from the cellular memory. A cellular memory that triggers fear always goes back to a wrong interpretation of the original event.

Whether you define your past experiences as “traumatic” today makes no difference to your subconscious or spiritual heart. What’s important is to heal the cellular memory and the fear signal it is transmit­ting. This bottle helps you identify and remove the lie created from the past painful memory and replace it with the truth.


T2. Silver over Orange – Soul Transfer

This combination of colors indicates that you may have experienced a powerful shock or trauma in your life that resulted in you leaving your body. This may have been a near-death experience or an OOBE. Perhaps your old soul left and a new one was brought in to take over the next part of your journey.

T3. Orange over Royal Blue – Hopi

Here is your Native American Indian Guide. If you have been under attack from invisible forces then this is the remedy for you. Perhaps you are psychic, highly intuitive or hypersensitive and have become aware of the attachment of negative entities. Hopi offers deep protection against these traumatic psychic attacks which some sometimes lead to physical harm.

T4. Orange over Olive – The Crutch

This bottle helps those with excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner or family member, typically one who requires support on account of an illness or addiction.

Highly supportive in releasing the trauma and abuse of living with alcoholic parents or any highly co-dependent relationship. Helps to heal severe father issues and reduces impulses of escapism. It is also beneficial for liver trauma.

T5. Solid Gold over Orange – Fire Phoenix

Supports the deep clearing and transmutation of child sexual abuse traumas or where you feel you may have been violated. This bottle holds the key to ‘the power of choice’ and re-ignites your power of being in control and extinguishes the belief that you are a victim of your own circumstances. It will help you to rise out from the ashes of the past so you can shine your light into the world even brighter than before.

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T6. Lilac over Orange – Angelic Bliss

This bottle helps you to release the grief shock and trauma of losing someone close to you and allow the angelic realm to fully support you through the entire process.

It will align you with the angelic realm and being able to identify with the unique identities of each of the archangels and being moved by their loving guidance.

Please leave a few comments below to let me know which of these 6 powerful color combinations you feel most drawn to and why...