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Jupiter brings joy, positivity, expansion and, many say, good luck to all that it touches.

It spends about a year traversing each sign of the zodiac, combining and infusing its bounteous energy with the unique flavor of each sign, enriching that particular part of our lives with plenty. Jupiter is a good omen. It points towards progress and advancement, higher learning and planes of achievement. Under its influence we grow, expand our horizons and become more than we thought we could.

But for three or four months each year, Jupiter appears to shift direction as it enters a time of retrograde, offering us quite a very different kind of energy.

Similar to when Mercury’s in retrograde, many of your daily patterns and functions will be affected by Jupiter’s retro time, and it’s likely that things may not go quite as planned! But it’s not quite the same as Mercury’s retrograde, and will demand different things of us. So you’ll need a different set of tools to navigate the challenges and opportunities that will be coming your way.

Here are 5 things you need to know about the next three months of Jupiter in Retrograde.

Expansion is On Hold

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so when it comes into play for you, it has the power to amplify whatever you’re focussing on. This also means that when it goes into retrograde, its large and expansive quality gets muted. What happens instead is not quite a contraction of energy, but the far-reaching, ambitious drive of this planet becomes turned in on itself, and growth can appear to stop.

All of a sudden, it may feel as though life is standing still, and the projects you were involved in, and what was progressing just fine just days ago, have all ground to a halt! This is because the planetary support and forward-motion that you were receiving has been suspended, and without Jupiter’s momentum, it can feel very much like you’re on your own.

Inner Growth Takes Center Stage

But here’s the thing – you are still being supported by Jupiter during a retrograde, you’re just not being supported to grow outwardly. Instead, you’re being asked to go within, to re-group, re-strategies and re-calibrate your inner compass.

If you’re used to travelling at a hundred miles an hour, you must learn to change your pace over the next couple of months. Slow down your tempo, re-assess the expectations you have of yourself and try not to get impatient.

Your Worries May Rise to the Surface

We’ve all felt the impact of Jupiter moving through Scorpio for the past 6 months. Everything this giant planet touches has become bigger, and in the deep water sign of the scorpion, issues of money, power, sex and the corruption that rises when egos spin out of control, have been steadily rising. It’s been clear for all to see in the public realms of film, TV and the media, and I’ll bet you’ve been feeling it behind closed doors too.

With Jupiter in retrograde, these same issues are going to rise for another round of examination in the public realm and personally too. It’s a huge opportunity for us all to face our fears and deal with the very real shadows we each hold within. The temporary pause that Jupiter in retrograde offers will create the space for us to do this, free from the distraction and desire to grow.


It’s time to go deeper.

This doesn’t mean wallowing in self pity or allowing any worries and concerns which rise to become larger than life. This is about finding strategies to integrate and heal and move on.

What do you Believe?

Jupiter is the planet that rules our belief systems.

Its guiding force aligns our need to have faith in a higher power, with the structures that ground this into the Earth-plane. Jupiter governs our religions, ideologies and customs, as well as the raw faith that underlies these traditions. So when this planet goes into retrograde, it’s an incredible opportunity to dig deep into what you believe (whether religious, or not) and determine whether

a) these beliefs still hold true for you, and
b) whether you are currently acting in integrity with these beliefs.

The “go, go, go” attitude that Jupiter so often brings makes this kind of deep reflecting difficult – there’s often very little time for it. So use the hiatus that this powerful retrograde window brings, to re-calibrate your inner and your outer worlds.

What Makes YOU Happy?

Jupiter is a giver.

It’s generous and infuses life with happiness, but what happens when it’s benevolent influence changes direction, and the path to sunshine and delight becomes less obvious?

When Jupiter goes retrograde, it can feel as though the rosy glow has dipped but what is in fact happening, is that a new search is opening up. This search is self-led, and guided by your very own passions and enjoyment.

Necessary Medicine

You may not get what you want handed to you on a plate during Jupiter’s retrograde, but you will get what you need. So seek your happiness in the in-between moments, make the small everyday choices that make you smile and lift your heart and take responsibility for your own enjoyment!

Take some real time to figure out what makes YOU happy, and work to align yourself with it, so when Jupiter goes direct on July 10th you will be poised to grab it with both hands!

Have you been feeling Jupiter’s retrograde shadow looming?

What are you planning for this introspective time?

Share with us below, we’d love to hear your thoughts!


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