2019 had so much potential after the intensity of 2018…

The Universal 3 energy that has been rippling through the collective since January 1st promised to deliver confidence, self-expression and easeful creativity. Yet, unfortunately, the reality for many has been quite the opposite!

We’ve heard from folks all over the world that this year has been fraught with nothing but challenges, distractions and overwhelm. So, if your plans for 2019 got kicked to the curb early on, as putting out fires and conducting endless damage control took up most of your time…

Well, you’re not alone! And, no, you haven’t been abandoned by the Universe! All of this has been in preparation for something much bigger to come. And it starts very, very soon…

Welcome To The Void

Every year, October 31 marks the ancient festival of Samhain (popularly known as Halloween) when the veils between the physical and spirit worlds become thinner, bringing us closer to our truth and deepest desires. This marks the gateway of The Void – a dark period of intensified energy between October 31-December 31st that is considered to be a potent window of transformation. It’s a time for introspection, and the dissolution and release of old ways, to make way for the rebirth and renewal that comes with the New Year.

Essential Astrology of the Void 2019

Oct 31: Mercury Stations Retrograde in Scorpio

On the very same day that the Void opens, Mercury enters its final retrograde of the year through deep, mystical Scorpio. When Mercury transits retrograde through a water sign, it’s a powerful opportunity to deepen into your emotional, super-sensory and spiritual worlds. Don’t be surprised if suppressed feelings of hate, fear, envy, or obsession arise. Realize that these feelings are showing up because you are ready to clear and release them. In fact, Mercury’s retrograde through this deep and murky sign is the first step towards the transformation you are embarking on.

11/11: Portal of Psychic Power and Abundance

On November 11th, the 11/11 code unlocks a long-awaited portal to boost and rapidly up-level your connection to higher states of consciousness. In Numerology, 11 is a Master Number, which is a unique number of creativity, sensitivity, and intuition. If you look at the shape of the Number 11, it represents two pillars, a cosmic gateway, which opens a direct portal between inspiration (1 energy) and intuition (11 energy).

Double this again (11/11) and we’re talking divine connectivity! The energy flowing through these numbers, on this once-in-a-year day, comes directly from the Source and holds the purest frequency of creativity and manifestation possible.

Not only is November 11th a double 11 day, but 11/11 reduces to the number 4 (1+1+1+1 = 4). As the number of matter, money and physical manifestation, the 4 comes as a timely reminder that you are co-creating with the Universe. You have the ability to manifest whatever your heart desires, so do not waste it. Plus, as 2020 is a 4 Universal Year, this year’s 11/11 portal sets the tone for what the brand new decade will bring.

Nov 12: Full Moon in Taurus

The following day brings one of the most bounteous Full Moons of the year! Echoing the grounded and gratifying energy of the number 4, Taurus is a sign of tremendous abundance.

Full Moons have an incredible magnetic pull on an ordinary day. Yet here in the sign of Taurus, the Moon is said to be exalted. Extending and amplifying the manifestational energy of the 11/11 portal, this once-in-a-year lunation promises to rev-up your potential for prosperity, whilst at the same time honing your powers of intuition and insight.


1. Lovingly Release the Old You

The Void opens a vortex of energy, powerfully drawing away anything that does not serve your highest good.

So, starting on October 31, people, places, objects, projects, plans, ideas, or dreams may all start to want to EXIT your life. Notice what wants to go. Give all of these things thanks, and let them go.

Come 2020, the new decade, you will not be able to step up into the new version of you if you are still living your old life! So use this valuable time to release the old, and make space for the new.

2. Heal Your Negative Self-Talk

As mentioned, Mercury’s retrograde through Scorpio offers a powerful opportunity to dig deep into the realms of your monkey mind and heal that negative self-talk.

Coupled with the last remaining threads of the expressive and communication-focused energy of this 3 Universal Year, it’s time to put that critical internal dialogue to bed. For good. Then when 2020 comes around you will be primed and ready for the transformation ahead.

3. Let Your Intuition Lead

The powerful influx of double Master Number 11 energies on November 11 will lend a huge boost to your intuitive and psychic capabilities. So it’s very important not to let this pass you by.

Keep flexing those intuitive muscles. Test your hunches. Follow the signs. They will lead you to your purpose, and to the prosperity that is undoubtedly waiting for you when you get there! And speaking of signs…

4. Open Your Eyes to 11/11 (& Other Repeating Number Codes)

This year, more than any other, we have received an exponential number of reports of sightings of repeating number codes. 11/11 has become widely recognized as a sign of awakening, and as the vibrational frequency of the planet rises, so do these sightings!

But, whether it’s 11/11, 222, 911 or any other frequently appearing number, take note of what you were thinking, feeling or dreaming of when it arose. These details are of extra-special significance to you – they are the clues on your path – left just for you – and will reveal the next steps you need to take on your path towards prosperity.

5. Know Your Achievement Number

A little-known gem buried deep in your numerology chart is your Achievement Number. Not only does it reveal much more intimate and personal qualities about you that are undetectable by your Life Path Number, but when combined with the Universal Year Number, your Achievement Number unlocks your personal path to prosperity! 

Whether you crave to improve your quality of life, attract more prosperity, nurture your relationships, build your career, or accelerate your spiritual growth in 2020, understanding your Achievement Number is the key to effortlessly harmonizing with the abundant Universe.

So, as you move through the 11/11 portal, use the tools described above to welcome these powerfully transformative energies into your life so you’re ready when the Universal energies shift and we enter an entirely new decade on January 1st, 2020.

Waiting until it’s already begun could be too late, and doing it without numerological guidance could hinder your success…


If you don’t know what your Achievement Number is, don’t worry! Not many people do. That’s why we’ve prepared something extremely special for you, a personalized gift to equip you for a truly prosperous year ahead.

There’s no doubt that the coming days pack more manifesting punch than most thanks to this extremely rare Astro-numero configuration. We know it could be a challenging time for you, so we want to do everything in our power to help you navigate this potent period and receive the abundance and prosperity you deserve.

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The Numerologist Team

P.S. Has the number 11/11 been showing up in your life? These are signs that you’re transformation is only just beginning! Share below where you’ve been seeing this magical number appear!

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