Are you ready?! The final New Moon of the entire decade is almost upon us.. and it’s no ordinary New Moon. Well, what did you expect…!?

Sun and Moon are coming together, crossing the South Node (more on that later). This can only mean one thing – an eclipse is on the cards. She will be new at 4º of Capricorn, at the following times across the globe…

On December 25th

  • 21:13 in Los Angeles

On December 26th

  • 00:13 in New York City
  •  05:13 in London
  •  06:13 in Paris/Johannesburg
  • 08:13 in Moscow
  •  11:13 in Delhi
  • 13:12 in Hong Kong
  • 14:13 in Tokyo
  • 16:13 in Sydney

A Solar Eclipse… Should You Be Worried?!

Whether or not you’ve been aware of it, we’ve been moving through eclipse season for some months now. The effects of an eclipse ripple out long before, and long after it’s exact. And yes, the ancients did often fear these 6-monthly blackouts when the light of the Sun (or Moon) would momentarily be bathed in shadow.

But it wasn’t only the visual spectacle that instilled apprehension for our ancestors.

Astrologers have long understood that with eclipses come BIG changes. Usually unexpected. Always life-changing. (Which is one of the reasons that the rulers of long ago kept astrologers as really close confidants and allies).

Yet whilst we can’t ever know everything that an eclipse will bring – that’s their wild-card nature – knowing the dates and astrological sign of an eclipse, plus its accompanying astrology, can give us something of a heads-up to what could be carried in their wake.

MORE Capricorn Energy?!

Yes, you’re probably already drowning in references to Capricorn energy. What with it being Capricorn season, Jupiter’s recent move into Capricorn (which you really should know about) and the ever-present Saturn/Pluto line-up in the same serious sign, it’s been all about the Sea-goat for months now.

Well, sorry star-seekers, it’s not about to change.

Why You NEED to Understand Capricorn Energy

You may or may not have Capricorn in your personal chart. But it’s important to understand its energy thoroughly, because believe it or not, it’s our launchpad into our next decade! And it will be carrying us through for many, many months after. So if you want to work WITH the energies of the Universe in 2020, you need to align accordingly.

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac. Its heady realms include boundaries, limitations, and discipline. Its energy is all about hard work, structure and practical application. It’s resourceful, stoic, persistent and devoted. Capricorn plays by the rules, and however long it takes, Capricorn wins the long game.

But with Pluto and Saturn coming together early next year (their conjunction will be exact on January 12th) this Zodiac sign’s underbelly is rising up. The darkest, most corrupt parts of our societies have been revealing themselves for many, many months now and this looks set to intensify.

Capricorn is getting a really good clear out.

It’s being scrubbed clean.

And this Solar eclipse is the soap!

Here’s what else is being added to the basin….


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1. Solar Eclipses are SUPER Special!

Yes, by now we know this is no normal New Moon, but what does it actually mean?!

New Moons are new beginnings. They mark the start of the lunar cycle, and we move through 13 of these every year (who said 13 was unlucky!?)

Solar eclipses are like this, but larger.


More powerful.

The new beginning we’re all being invited to make this time around incorporates solar energy too – meaning that the intentions you set, and promises you make have the power and momentum of both luminary bodies behind them. Sun and Moon.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

But as we also know – Eclipses are wild cards. They bring the unexpected… so how can you set intentions, when in the very same moment, they could be de-railed by erratic eclipse energy?!

The trick is to set intentions that will bring in guidance and grace. Here’s what that looks like:

  • I set an intention to connect clearly to my Spirit Guides.
  • I set an intention to listen to my intuition.
  • This cycle, I will work to become of greater service to humanity
  • This cycle, I will become the highest version of myself

2. Time to Manifest – 6 planets in Earth signs!

Such a heavy planetary focus in Capricorn at this time doesn’t have to mean it’s all hard work and no play. Occurring in an earth sign (and surrounded by other planets in earth signs) the energy of this eclipse means that by holding a vibration in your mental and emotional bodies, it will very easily ground down into material reality.

  • This may mean opportunities show up, to do things you’ve always wanted to.
  • It may mean you start to actually realize well-resourced, and capable you are, of getting on with a project you’ve been putting off.
  • It may mean a practical friend comes to stay and helps you out with something.
  • Or it may mean that the effort you’ve been putting into your business finally pays off (literally!) and you see your bank balance increase…

Earth signs pull our focus onto the tangible. So work in these realms will be supported! Time to get your hands dirty!

3. Opportunity for HEALING

South NODE Eclipse (and a Chiron Square)

Eclipses occur at either the North or the South Node. Marking the points where the Moon crosses the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, these two points in space sit exactly opposite each other in space, and are in a continual retrograde dance back through the signs.

A North Node eclipse points towards our collective future. Our potential. Our highest promise as a race.

But that’s not what’s occurring here.

Here, the eclipse sits at the South Node, which symbolizes our collective past. Our lessons, our trauma, and what needs to be left behind.

The shortcut: It means healing

This south-node energy is emphasized by a Sun/Moon square to Chiron at 1º of Aries. Squares can cause tension, in the form of triggers that force us to either grow and expand or contract and repeat a pattern that’s set. So in fact, they create opportunities, even though they may not feel like it at the time. As the wounded healer, Chiron helps to pinpoint the pain we each hold and here, the opportunity created by this tiny asteroid’s presence is very real.

It’s one last opportunity to heal something personal, before the decade comes to a close.

Will you step up?

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4. A BIG Boost of Awakening Energy in the Form of an Energetic Earth Trine

Conjunct to both Sun and Moon, Jupiter, the great expansive good-luck-guy sits at 5º of Capricorn. It’s a tight conjunction, a beautiful blending of all three planetary energies.

Meanwhile, over in fellow earth sign Taurus, Uranus, the Awakener hovers over 2º, forming a highly beneficial, not to mention powerful earth trine.

Whenever Uranus gets involved in a chart, you can expect an awakening energy. Sometimes disruptive, this rebellious planet is known for its shake-em-up influence.

Yet here, calmed and grounded by a whole choir of other planets in earth, Uranus promises to awaken, enliven and animate… without the heartache!

This means positive change is real. It can happen under this eclipse. And even if, on the surface, it appears that the change ushered in by this eclipse is too disruptive for your liking (bear in mind that its effects can last months into the future) you can trust that it’s all in the highest good of all.

5. Beware Restlessness

… Meanwhile, on the other edge of the skies, Uranus is forming a square to Venus at 7º of Aquarius. Both planets sit in the other’s sign of rulerships (Venus rules Taurus, whilst Uranus rules Aquarius) creating an oddly miss-matched but still magnetic partnership. Combined, their energies could translate into restlessness, particularly when it comes to romantic relationships.

Beware. Solar eclipses tend to tip upside down the things we think are secure in our lives, so do not compound this by rustling up a drama where there isn’t any! Use this time to allow what needs to fall away to go, with ease and grace, and to appreciate what’s here to stay.

In two weeks’ time, the North Node Lunar eclipse in Cancer will hit and then you’ll be SO glad you still have your home comforts intact!

Eclipse blessings, friends!

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