Dare to dream! This is the moment to start.

2020 is the perfect year to make your dreams come true. If you aren’t sure what your dreams are yet, spend some time discovering what they are. Journaling is a great way to figure out what you want. Taking walks in nature to allow your mind to roam and ponder is even better. And if you’re “that way inclined” ask the fairy folk and tree-dwellers for assistance. They’ll help!

Our dreams and desires are direct messages from our soul. Our dreams are actually our soul speaking to us, showing us which direction to go next, and our purpose in life is to make them real!

In numerology, 2020 is the number four, which includes the energy of strength in foundations, strong and healthy systems, and healthy structure. These dynamics power and fuel our dreams into coming true. Each one of us has dreams within us that can benefit others.

Perhaps your dream is to create an app that brings some kind of healing to others. Maybe it’s something as simple as owning a new blue shirt, or having a fully-funded retirement account. Or it could be you wish for a complete sense of self-love, or even a pony!

Our dreams want us to play with them and make them real. Dreams and creative ideas work as roadmaps for us. Working with the energy of the New Year to manifest these things, is a great way to align with our own personal path and truly live a life of joy and happiness!


Resolutions vs Intentions

In the past I’ve made New Year’s resolutions, now I prefer to set New Year’s intentions. This is because a resolution is more forceful yet overall less powerful. Intentions allow space for unseen forces and magickal energy to come in and work on our behalf.

With a resolution, I might say, “I will lose ten pounds.” This is because I think it will result in me being healthier and happier. Or, I could resolve to be healthy and happy, but that’s controlling energy without flow.

With the intention of health and happiness, we are more likely to feel the desire to want to start working out or learning a new skill. Instead of the resolution to make more money, we can set an intention to have everything we need and want.

Remember we can trust what we want. Our desires come from our souls.

When we set the intention to know ourselves better, our dreams begin to make more sense and we are able to let go of what no longer serves us, focusing our time and attention on what we really want. This clarity helps our mind and the unseen forces organize time to help us.

We set intentions to co-create our lives with the unseen forces. We set intentions to take up space and declare how we want to live and what we want to receive. We set them so that what may seem vague and unknown within can be seen and heard. It creates momentum and attracts what it needs to become realized.

4 Magickal Steps To Support Your New Year’s Intentions…

1. Whisper your intention into every drink before drinking it.

2. Speak your intention every time you get into your car, or on a bus, or train…

3. Give yourself 30 days to let your intention simply settle and grow within you and stretch out into the universe. About 30 days after first speaking your intention, notice and follow any signs you are being given. This is the next step.

4. Write in your journal (or Book of Shadows) about the process and what is coming up for you at least once every three days.

Blessed be your dreams!

Veronica Schultz