January 10/11, 2020 Lunar ECLIPSE & Cancer Full MOON FORECAST

If you were hoping for a smooth start to the New year, well, you may need to re-think that!

The first lunation of the year.. and the decade..! is not your average Full Moon. A partial lunar eclipse at 20º of the Moon’s very own sign: Cancer, this one could open the floodgates. Plus a HUGE opposition coming from not only the Sun, but a cluster of powerful planets promises to make sure this Full Moon is one for the history books. No.. that is not an exaggeration, star seekers. This Astrology is for real.

The Moon will be full at 20º of Cancer on January 10th, at the following times across the globe…

On January 10

  • 01:20 in Los Angeles
  • 14:20 in New York City
  • 19:20 in London
  • 20:20 in Paris/Johannesburg
  • 22:20 in Moscow

On January 11

  • 00:20 in Delhi
  • 03:20 in Hong Kong
  • 04:20 in Tokyo
  • 06:20 in Sydney

Cancer is the Sign of Home

Cancer is the sign where the Moon belongs. She rules this watery corner of the skies, so when returning here, lunar qualities are being activated through the collective.

You don’t need to have Cancer feature strongly in your personal horoscope to feel this. The Moon in Cancer, whether Full or not, tends to make emotions run high, and sensitivity to subtle energies intensify.

Empaths of the world – you know what I mean.

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In Astrology, Cancer is the Zodiac’s “Mother” sign. Caring, nurturing and overflowing with protective compassion, this sign is like a kind of enormous cosmic hug. Under this Zodiac sign, love comes first, and emotional power rules

Yet, what can tend to happen when the Full Moon rises here, is that the places in our lives where these things are lacking, get illuminated. So if you’re triggered, if your emotions spill over, if you feel pressured or threatened by your circumstances… these things all hit hard.

Partial Lunar Eclipse in Cancer: Collective Shadows are on View

But this isn’t any ordinary Full Moon. During a lunar eclipse, Earth moves between Sun and Moon, and the obstructed sunlight casts a shadow onto the surface of the Moon. This is where the red color comes from, and why She’s also known as the “Blood Moon”.

What we are seeing during a lunar eclipse is, literally, our collective shadow. So if you start to feel this rise within you… well, it’s to be expected. Cancer is boundless, and above all else, this Astrology feels is all.

Beware: The Heavy Cluster of Planets in Capricorn

Over on the opposite edge of the skies, the Sun at 20º of Capricorn is exactly conjunct Mercury, also at 20º of Cap. But that’s not all. Saturn and Pluto are coming into their exact conjunction at 22º of Capricorn on the 12th. So this fearsome cluster of planets more than counterbalances the lonesome Moon in Cancer.

Together, these planets are heavy. HUGE! And momentous – the Saturn-Pluto conjunction only happens once every 34 years, and in our collective horoscope, it’s been asking up to drill down into some serious soul seeking for months now.

It’s a burdensome, masculine energy, and it’s profoundly flavoring this lunar eclipse, and the direction it’s taking us…

A North Node Eclipse Reveals Our Highest Human Potential

Last month (last year.. last decade!) we closed out with a New Moon and solar eclipse in Capricorn, at the South Node. Squared by Chiron, this provided an enormous opportunity for collective, karmic healing.

Yet this month’s lunar eclipse occurs at the North Node.

And eclipses of this kind indicate our highest potential. They point towards the future, giving us a glimmer of what’s possible for humanity. And in Cancer, that possibility puts feelings and emotions in the most prominent position.

When you see the skies split like this, between North and South Nodes, it’s easy to realize that the heavy, heavy hand of Capricorn, and the main-staying planets sitting there at the South Node are grappling, clutching for power.

They’re sitting in the past.

The real power, our real collective potential lies sits where the Moon does. In Cancer.

This eclipse is showing us where to head for. What to aim for. What to trust, strengthen and put our energy into. It’s clear: Into the realms of feeling, intuition, trust, and compassion.

For too long, we’ve been trusting the structures, systems and patriarchal design that surrounds us. The Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, at the South Node show us SO clearly, that this is the past. It’s where healing and transition away, now needs to happen.

Yet for this to really take effect, we must each do the work inside. At home. In our families and our communities. Cancer shows us this – it’s the home-maker, and the mother energy: She is the emotional trust and the unconditional love. So don’t expect the paradigm shifts that we all know are coming, to move in from the top down.

Cancer shows us that they must come from the inside out.

Start by working with the eclipse energies, and not against them. Here are 5 ways to align, and become the eye of the storm, and not get buffeted over by these cosmic winds of change!

1. Release Your Resistance

Everything that eclipses bring is in the highest good of all. Trust this.

Try to release your resistance to unexpected events and surrender to the flow.

2. Don’t React

Lunar eclipses are also Full Moons – when a lot of new information can come to light. Yet because so much change occurs at these pivot points, it’s unwise to act on it straight away. See what else is bubbling up to be revealed.

3. Be Open to Change

Seems obvious – change is what we want, right? But are you truly, deeply open to it? Even if it makes like uncomfortable in the short term, or means some of your comforts may have to go? Yet the changes that eclipses bring (especially North Node eclipses such as this) are in our collective good. So open up.

4. Practice Self-Acceptance

The shadows that rise under this lunar eclipse are collective. But they express through us personally. So it’s vital, during eclipse season, to practice self-acceptance. Even when you don’t necessarily like the parts of you which may show up.

Yet being with yourself, in all your ugly expressions, is exactly what it takes to heal and move on. Which is what eclipses are all about.

5. Get Outside

Nature heals. Getting close to Mother Earth and the natural world is THE best way to stabilize and soothe the nervous system. She is also the greatest teacher. SO if things are brought up to light under this Full Moon, and you are wondering about your next steps, go for a walk with an intention. Ask the Earth to guide you. She will!

Are you ready for the massive paradigm shifts that this Astrology promises to bring? Are you going to participate in the changes?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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