That’s right, we’re going to be riding out the rest of 2020 in the same exact way that we started it… with a Cancer Full Moon. But that’s no reason to be afraid of it. In fact, this might actually be the best thing to happen to you all year… 

You can expect to see this full lunation at the following time across the globe:

On December 29:

19:28 in Los Angeles

21:28 in Chicago

22:28 in New York

On December 30:

03:28 in London

04:28 in Paris

08:58 in Delhi

14:28 in Sydney

Known by Native American’s as the Cold Moon, because of the frigid temperatures that occur this time of year…

Or in some traditions as the Long Night Moon, thanks to its rise occurring during the “longest” nights of the year…

Or as Pagan customs would call it, the Moon Before Yule, in honor of the Yuletide festival…

Whatever you call it, one thing is for sure… December’s Full Moon is going to be filled with change, freedom, intuition, excitement, and not to mention endings (YES, 2020 is finally ending!)


The very nature of a Full Moon is rooted in endings… reflecting on our lessons learned, our growth, evolution, and the closing of chapters. And this powerful energy of release is arguably the highest it can ever be, right now, when the Moon is stationed in Cancer…

Why? Because, the Moon is right at home in Cancer… literally. 

The Moon rules this crabby corner of the skies, so when it’s stationed here, lunar qualities are being amplified through the collective… And nope, you don’t need to have a Cancer feature strongly in your personal horoscope to feel this…

The Moon in Cancer (whether it’s fully illuminated or not) tends to make everyone’s emotions run high, and people are often a little more sensitive than usual.

Where my empaths at?!

And the fact that the last Full Moon of 2020 is in the exact same sign as the first Full Moon of 2020 was in?… well, let’s just say that Universe is giving us full permission to let that sh*t go.

But you know 2020 isn’t letting us off that easy… Nope, it’s basically bombarding us with a boat-load of; “Hey, 2020 sucked. So here’s EVERYTHING you need to turn this wagon around all at once!!” type of energy.

This Full Moon is also happening right after the Great Conjunction occurred… a powerful alignment of Jupiter and Saturn that only occurs once every 20 years. And when these two planets crossed (only 0.1 degrees apart!) it made this conjunction the closest observable since 1226!

But it gets even better because the Great Conjunction happened on the same day as the Winter Solstice!

You guys the energy this month is INSANE. And it’s all centered around change.

The Great Conjunction symbolized the changing of an era… it’s a time when the energy of the collective shifts and takes on a new way of thinking.

And the Winter Solstice adds a little extra zang to the equation too… it traditionally celebrates the powerful energy of the Moon and the rebirth of the Sun. Ancient Pagans believed the Winter Solistice to be a powerful time for regeneration, renewal, and self-reflection…

So after you de-code the message…

We’re living in an indescribably powerful moment in time, arguably the most transformative time of all 2020. Here’s how you can make the most of this ultra-sensitive, and super powerful, Full Moon.


Everything that the Full Moon’s bring is for the highest good of all. Trust this. Try to release your resistance to unexpected events and surrender to the flow.


The Full Moon can bring a lot of new information to light. Yet because so much change occurs at these pivot points, it’s unwise to act on it straight away. See what else is bubbling up to be revealed.


Seems obvious – change is what we want, right? But are you truly, deeply open to it? Even if it makes like uncomfortable in the short term, or means some of your comforts may have to go?


The shadows that rise under this Full Moon are collective. But they express through us personally. So it’s vital, during the Full Moon, to practice self-acceptance. Even when you don’t necessarily like the parts of you which may show up.


Nature heals. Getting close to Mother Earth and the natural world is THE best way to stabilize and soothe the nervous system. She is also the greatest teacher. SO if things are brought up to light under this Full Moon, and you are wondering about your next steps, go for a walk with an intention. Ask the Earth to guide you. She will!

Are you ready for the massive paradigm shifts that this Astrology promises to bring? Are you going to participate in the changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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