I don’t know about you, but for me, manifestation always seemed an elusive power bestowed only upon a chosen, highly spiritual minority. I was told “everyone can manifest” and sure, if I leaned back and squinted I could understand that a lot of the situations in my life where abstractly of my own making.

After learning bits and pieces about manifestation from various sources, I really came to understand that each of us is a powerful co-creator of our own life. We do manifest (pretty well all) of the external circumstances we experience.

Now, this information is hard to swallow as a depressive, anxious, worry-wort.

And if life is headed in a not-so-great direction, how do you turn it around?

It took a lot of years before I found the answer to that. And when I did it absolutely transformed my life. This information is crucial to living a life of success (whatever that looks like for you), and I hope you’re ready to really catch this.

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3 Step Manifestation

1. What Do You Want?

The first step of manifestation is to figure out what you want. Get a really clear picture in your mind of what it is. Spend time dreaming about it and building it up. Be able to hear, smell and taste it. Get really excited about it! Make the feeling BIG.

If it’s a new car you want…

How will you feel being in your new car? Is the ride smooth, do you feel safe, do you feel like a rockstar?

How will you drive in your new car? Do you have the windows rolled down, wind in your hair and speakers pumping?

TIP: It’s great to engage all of your senses (if applicable!) in this dreaming phase. But primarily focus on what your manifestation is going to FEEL like. This is a way to short-cut the process because it expands our opportunities and opens up a lot more pathways for what we want to come to us.

Spend time sitting in that feeling.

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2. When Fear And Doubt Come Knocking…

Now at some point, (maybe the following day, perhaps the same day, quite possibly 5 minutes later) your brain box is going to kick in and you’re going to start feeling worried that this thing is not going to manifest. You may get thoughts like…

“How is this even going to work? I can’t see how this is possible for me. It’s been [‘x’ amount of time] it’s probably not going to happen for me.”

When doubt, fear or worry rise up (and they absolutely will!) this is the universal forces testing to see if this is something you actually do really want.  When you feel scared or doubtful you’re actually being asked, “but are you sure you really want this?

THIS is the moment right here, the KEY to manifesting what you want.

Whenever those thoughts, feelings or sensations come up…

◊ Take a deep breath

◊ Realize this is just the universe prodding to see if you’re sure you want it

◊ Refocus, and go back to Step 1. Step back into seeing, hearing, smelling and most of all feeling what you want. Remember make the feeling BIG. This re-centers you into your power and show the universe, “hell yes I want it!

Keep doing this, as many times as you need to until…

3. Manifestation!

Woohoo! Congratulations, and now we party!!


There’s no set timeline for how quickly our desires will manifest. It really depends on what it is we want and the pathways our desire needs to take to get to us. BUT when we keep bringing ourselves out of fear and back into the BIG feeling of what we want – it absolutely will manifest, guaranteed.

Once you get the hang of this (which simply takes practice, meaning doing the thing) you’ll feel like you have a superpower! And in a way, you do.

Give it a go. Pick one thing to focus your manifestation prowess on. Choose one thing that feels possible-ish and make it happen!

Full credit goes to one of my wonderful teachers Everest Asher for teaching me this concept, without her I might still be flailing around in the dark. Satnam.

Owlvine xx