Card 1

6 Cards ending in The Star

You have enough support in your family in order to let go of a relationship with a young water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces). You have worked hard enough to support yourself by initiating this change and embracing the positive transitions that are coming your way. You have been holding on way too tight to this relationship, and now is the time to let go a little bit because you have put so much energy and time into this partnership.  You have the support, especially empowering support, in order to embrace a massive change that is on the horizon if you allow this young water sign to let go. Reflect on it and do not make any decisions until after Mercury Retrograde.

Card 2

6 of Pentacles

What do you have that others do not? What is your talent, your hobby, your niche? The world is aching for your individual contribution right now.  You are a blessing in the world and something that you love to do wants to ripple out to the people you care about and even those you have never met before. Have fun and spread your love through the things that you love to do!

Card 3

6 of Wands

Look around and see who is actually there supporting you. You have felt more responsible for others but cannot seem to find anyone that you can go to and feel that same level of trust. It is an internal trust issue, therefore reflect on the first time that you felt like you could not trust others. Go back to that memory or time in your life and change the script. This could have been a parent figure or authority, and clear it because it is creating a lot of blocks and conflicts in your life right now. We need to trust others in order to co-exist, so stop blocking yourself by not trusting others.