Card 1

King of Swords, 2 of Swords

It is time to get clear about your relationship with the masculine Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. Communication is key when it comes to your relationship with them. They have been trying to communicate and express to you what they want in the relationship.  It is important that they hear you verbally expressing your love and admiration for them. They may not communicate it back to you, but they are registering and accepting it. If they are not speaking their love to you, it does not mean that they don’t feel it, too. Just be honest and communicate your truth, it is the only control you have right now. 

Card 2

3 of Swords

This is a hard week that pulls you back to a past heartbreak. This heartbreak could have come from a friend, parent, or lover. There was a loss and heartbreak and this week you are being pulled back to that energy to heal it. If when you remember it, you feel any type of pain or resistance, it means we have not fully healed from it. If you cannot show thanks and appreciation for the experience than you are not healed and over the pain experienced in this situation. You need the dirt in order to bloom to your full and beautiful self. Move on in a powerful and empowering way this week.

Card 3

Empress, Ace of Wands

You are giving birth to something new this week! 

A project, job, baby, book, etc. 

Give birth to a new beginning this week! 

Initiate something new! Create something that is coming from a place of nurturing, acceptance, unconditional love and joy. This is a great week to focus on what you want to begin and what new beginning you want to bring into your life. Use the energy of the universe this week to just begin! Get that first word out onto paper, make that first video on YouTube, put that paint to your canvas! Do what you need to do, but just start!