We are living in uncertain times, but come April, love, hope, and abundance arrives.

The struggle, fear, and uncertainty we are battling right now as a collective is unprecedented. The team here at Numerologist.com is thinking about you and your family as you navigate the sudden changes and take measures to keep safe.

If there is a silver lining to these recent events, it is that now, more than ever before, we are one.

No matter what corner of the globe you call home, we’re all in this together and the collective energy we are creating is insanely powerful.

What you focus on expands. Multiply that by 8 billion and we can change the collective course of humanity.

That is why we must ALL focus on love over fear. On community over chaos. On light over darkness…

Because this too shall pass and when it does, we’ll be stronger and more compassionate than ever.

Remember, it’s always darkest, right before dawn. The Cosmic wheel continues to turn and as it does, it brings hope for a new beginning.

On March 24th, the Aries New Moon hits the skies…

New Moons represent rebirth and renewal, the dark sky a clean slate on which to paint your deepest desires…

Now is the time to plant seeds of hope and love, to allow a beautiful future to bloom when the light returns.

This is a truly unique moment in the year. Not only because it’s the start of a brand new lunar cycle, but because this lunation is ruled by the very first sign of the Zodiac…

Delivering a timely chance at a fresh start in 2020.

Fiery Aries is all about passion and forward motion.

It’s inspiring, invigorating and chock-full of creative firepower. With both the Sun and Moon united in the forerunner of the Zodiac, there’s an explosive well of manifesting might that we, as one, can draw on over the next few days to ignite massive healing and awakening…

And clear a powerful pathway into April.

April is Angel Month – The Most Abundant Month of 2020

To help as many people as possible navigate the uncertainty ahead, we’ll be dedicating the entire month of April to Angels, your incredible winged warriors of light….

Because we have never needed them more than we do right now.

For the next 30 days, we’ll be guiding you on how to call upon your Angels to access high-frequency energies, gracefully rise up above the hype and fear… And surround yourself with light, love, and abundance.

While your Angels are always there, perched in the wings waiting to swoop down and light your way through the darkness, their messages are subtle and non-verbal and easy to miss…

They are muffled by the noise and stress of our everyday lives or completely obstructed by the cosmic chaos that often clogs our Angelic airways.

Not this time though…

As if in divine timing, despite a whopping eleven retrogrades occurring throughout 2020, there are NO planetary retrogrades right now. The skies are clear with all planets stationed direct until April 24th, which means…

Angel Month is open and clear for unrestricted divine downloads!

But it gets even better…

April is an “8” Universal Month

If you needed any more convincing about why April is a month to look forward to, here it is…

April is an 8 Universal Month, the number of infinite abundance (April, 2020 = 4, 2020 = 4+2+2 = 8).

In numerology, 8 is the number of infinite abundance. It’s the digit that SO many folks wish they had in their charts because it holds the vibration of clarity, power, and prosperity…

And it AMPLIFIES everything it touches.

So if you’ve been missing your Angels’ subtle cues and nudges before now, come April that’s all about to change.

Decode The Hidden Messages Your Angels Are Leaving You…

Thanks to these perfectly-timed gifts from the Universe, you’ll be able to receive their messages and guidance easier than ever before. That’s why we created this quick video to help you spot the hidden signs your Angels are leaving for you every single day. 

Watch the short video below to meet the Universe’s 4 most powerful Archangels…

Then listen and watch closely for their signs, because your capacity to get what you most desire for the year will be accelerated beyond belief.


Make sure you stay till the end for a clue about our surprise announcement coming on March 26th. If you’re not yet on our mailing list, sign up here to be notified!

With light and love,
The Numerologist Team

P.S. What Angel signs have you noticed lately? Share your stories below!

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Numerology nerds passionate about personal growth and spirituality! We’re a small team of numerologists, teachers, writers, and tech wizards who have come together to bring you the most accurate, powerful, and profound wisdom available in the world.

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