Capture Every Last Drop of Summer With This Sun Charm…

The Sun and its light brings joy, positivity, vibrant energy and life to all of the world. The Sun makes the flowers bloom, and brings color to the earth and to our lives. The energy of the sun is pure, potent bliss! It is the ultimate Universal symbol of joy, enthusiasm, and vibrant well being.

Where the Moon represents feminine, receptive energy, the Sun represents masculine, giving energy. It is the activating and creative energy of the Universe. The Sun gives light, energy and life to us all!

As Summertime comes to a close, we prepare to say goodbye to Summer’s long, bright days, and look ahead to the seasons of Autumn and Winter.  The vibrant, active energy of Summer will soon be over, and the cozy, more inner focused energy of the Fall is on the way.

Autumn and Winter certainly bring their own deliciously mystical energy. But when rainy days seem to last forever, it can have us craving a boost of energy that only the vibrant Sun can give! The good news is, as we prepare to say goodbye to Summer, we can actually capture the Sun’s magic, to take with us into the Fall and Winter time!

The best way to capture the magic of the Sun is by creating your own Sun Charm! You can use a Sun Charm on a rainy day, or any time you feel you need a boost of positive, bright energy.

Girl Thinking About Creating A Sun Charm

A Sun Charm can also be used for:

  •  Increasing enthusiasm
  • Adding energy to creative projects
  • Positivity in business ventures
  • Physical and emotional strength
  • Vibrant health and well-being
  • Igniting passion
  • Good luck
  • Increasing happiness, joy and laughter

To create your very own Sun Charm, follow these simple steps!

Sun Charm Spell

Ingredients you will need:

  • Clear quartz crystal. You can substitute quartz with a citrine, crystal, or any yellow crystal or stone.
  • Small piece of cloth
  • Small bag colored yellow, orange or red.

The Spell:

Part 1 – Capturing The Sun

1. At noon (when the sun is at its peak strength) on a bright, sunny day take your quartz crystal outside.

2. Sit or stand in direct sunlight, close your eyes and turn your face to the sun. Feel its strength, its powerful warmth.

3. Hold your crystal in both your hands and let it soak up the sun’s rays. Spend several minutes feeling the sun’s energy pulsing into your crystal. Feel the energy of enthusiasm, joy, bliss, vibrancy, life force and creativity pouring into your crystal. Feel your body and your hands pulse with this life force of the sun, and direct that energy into your beautiful crystal.

4. Leave the crystal in direct sunlight for one hour.

5. When it’s done, wrap it gently in cloth, and place it in the small bag.

6. Keep your Sun Charm in its bag somewhere sacred to you, such as your altar.

You now have an energy source to draw on whenever you need the raw power of the sun!

sun charm to capture summer's shine

Part 2 – Unleashing The Sun

Unleash the positive energy of the Sun with this simple Sun Charm ritual!

Ingredients you will need:

  • Your Sun Charm
  • An orange, yellow, or gold candle

Ritual Steps:

1. Find a quiet, comfortable space to do your ritual.

2. Place your candle in front of you and remove your sun charm from it’s bag. Place your sun charm in front of your candle.

3. Quiet your mind and relax your body. Breathe deeply.

4. Bring to mind the issue you would like your Sun Charm to bring its uplifting, joyous energy to.

5. Light your candle and say:

“I now invite the Sun so bright,
To part the clouds and bring the light.”

6. Take your Sun Charm in your hand, feel the Sun’s energy emanating from it.

7. Begin to feel the Sun’s energy moving from your hands, into your whole body, energizing you and filling you with joy from head to toe.

8. Close your eyes and imagine this potent energy parting the clouds of your life, and filling any issue at hand with positivity, vibrant energy, and healing joy.

9. Bask in the feeling of having this wonderful energy infuse with your body, mind, spirit, and life.

10. When you are ready, open your eyes and blow out your candle. Place your Sun Charm back in its protective cloth and bag, and return it to your altar.

11. Throughout the upcoming days, continue to feel the Sun magic working through you and in your life!

Brightest Sun Blessings and so much love to you!

Sirena Moon


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