It’s all about Mercury this week, as the messenger planet moves into Taurus, urging careful planning rather than spontaneous action. A helpful Mercury-Saturn square gives practical grounding to ideas, and the Mercury-Uranus conjunction later in the week could spark some true flashes of genius.

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Examine what makes you feel safe and secure, whether that’s having enough cash in the bank, checking your smoke alarms or changing your locks. Physical and emotional security matter this week, so listen to your instincts.




Spend time promoting yourself and your ideas, as you are communicating well and can persuade others to back you. At work or in your personal life, be firm about what you want and show others how it benefits them too.




Dreams, visions and psychic insights are abundant for you, Gemini, and there are a lot of messages there for you to decode. You’ll instinctively know what you must do with most of them, but pay attention to symbolism as well.



Reach out to the collective consciousness and see what you can do to make the world a better place. Campaigning for a cause close to your heart is one idea; alternatively, think about your social media influence and spread the news that matters to you.




Think carefully about your next career steps. You have choices to make in the near future, so research your options thoroughly and get all the facts. You tend to make decisions by instinct, but there’s a lot to be said for being fully informed.




Justice and fairness are key issues for you, and you’ll want to speak up if you see, hear, or experience something that isn’t quite right. This takes courage, but your voice is vital. Don’t hesitate to come forward with something important.




You’ll leave no stone unturned this week in your search for the truth – but once you’ve found it, will you wish you didn’t know after all? Be very careful with what you try to uncover, because once you know, you’ll know forever.




Communication with your sweetheart is greatly improved by this week’s energies. This is a good time to practice telepathy or to try some fun joint meditations. You’re connected at a much deeper level than you realize – get some insight into that.




Plan, plan, plan, schedule, organize and then plan. You have excellent focus this week, so you should be able to get results and make progress with difficult tasks. Look to the future and chart for a roadmap toward success.




Creatively, this is a terrific week. Think laterally and don’t discount your wildest of ideas. Even though you may be ahead of your time, there’s a lot of value in what you imagine. Talk to an expert about making your thoughts reality.




Your bond with the past is very strong now and you’ll enjoy visiting historical sites. Look into your own past too, but be prepared to face reality rather than some imagined, utopian view. Things may not have happened quite how you remember.



Your communication skills are exceptional this week and you know just what to say, to whom, as well as when and how to say it. In many ways, you’re all things to all people at the moment, but don’t lose sight of your own identity.



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