Coronavirus Color Mirrors

With all the hype about Coronavirus, I thought I’d take a look at the Color Numerology of the actual name it has been given.

In translating the name to its numerological equivalent we adopt a simple method of separating the number of consonants from vowels. This enables us to easily obtain the totals of vowel numbers and consonant numbers separately. From the separate totals, we can gain an understanding of the names’ influences in terms of its Soul Urge (vowels) and its Outer Expression (consonants). Then by adding these two totals, we obtain the Ruling Number equivalent of the name, the Complete Name Number.

PinFrom the Soul Urge number, we learn some of the more subtle aspects of the name’s spiritual sensitivity, fortitude, and drive. These can be expressed in a number of ways: through feelings, emotions, desires, fancies and so on and these vary with each Soul Urge Number.

The Outer Expression Number is how something is perceived by the outside world.

⭐️Here are my discoveries:

The name has a Soul Urge number 7 which is the bottle Neptune in the Color Mirrors system. This is all about spiritual lessons and sacrifice.

On a deeper level, the driving force is the urge to teach and to help others here. Neptune is the spiritual teacher and carries the color turquoise which is very Aquarian and Atlantean energy.

Positive aspects of turquoise relate to trust, channeling, intuition, idealism, faith, flow and heartfelt communication.

Negative aspects of turquoise are control issues, emotional dislocation, inability to feel and being shocked rigid.

Turquoise relates to the thymus, throat, heart and lungs.

As we all know the lungs are the major organ that are impacted by this man-made virus.

The name also carries the vibration of number 25 which is the Trust bottle. This carries the potential for new planet living where we begin to see how the flow and your faith have always taken you to exactly where you are meant to be.

The name has an Outer Expression number 4 which is the bottle Uranus in the Color Mirrors system. This is the planet of the future and is all about change and disruption of the old order. We must expect the unexpected with Uranus. Remember the whole of 2020 carries the vibration of number 4 too as we add the 2 and 2 together.

It is time to clear everything that no longer serves us and let go of old beliefs, structures, people and places that are not in alignment with our truth.

Number 4 is an intensely physical number and relates to our foundations and bodies and the very fabric of solid matter.

It carries the color yellow in the conscious fraction of the bottle which denotes confusion, stress, nervousness, bewilderment and fear when expressed negatively.

However, it also brings in joy, lightness and laugher when expressed positively so we must try and rise above the media propaganda which is part of the Earth’s ruling Cabal and instead of being sucked into the waves of terror we must instead turn the other cheek and look for things that make us feel good.

The Outer Expression also carries the vibration of the number 31 which is The Hermit bottle in the Color Mirrors system.

This bottle is green over green which is all about badly needing your own space. The Hermit also seeks isolation for heart healing and integration of lessons learned. Green is the antidote to red related issues such as anger as it is its complementary color. This virus has certainly enraged a lot of people as they have been subjected to long periods of time in quarantine.

When expressed negatively green also is very disruptive, burnt out and chaotic. However, it also offers us balance and harmony when positively expressed.

Physical aspects of green are asthma, heart and lung disease and burnout/ overwhelm. Again we can see that Coronavirus affects our breathing. The emotion which impacts the lungs is grief and we know that humanity as a collective is feeling this deeply due to the ongoing planetary changes.

Finally, the total name number of the name Coronavirus reduces to an 11 which is a Master Number and is represented by Duality in the Color Mirrors system.


This bottle is deep magenta (almost black) over clear. The hidden message in this bottle is that it is the last look at issues of separation and it indicates a difficult vibration as we struggle to bring together the light and the dark.

The number 11 is a highly spiritual number and is related to our ascension into 5th-dimensional consciousness.

So if we view this global pandemic from a higher perspective we must note that everything is perfect and in Divine order. It is merely a part of our soul’s awakening journey and a continuation of the releasing of the deep grief and sadness we are storing within our subconscious and cellular memory.

Clear helps us to step into the light and be pure and innocent after a period of suffering and Magenta offers us Divine love and support and a letting go of the guilt, judgment which keeps us feeling separate from Source consciousness.

My recommended remedy for this unique time in our evolution is bottle 11 – Duality. It is the best antidote for the controlling influences of this planets ruling cabal whose agenda is to keep us living in fear and isolation from the truth that we are DIVINE!