Remote viewing is the ability to sense accurate details and information regarding a location, event or person without using your physical senses. It is similar to clairvoyance but is not to be confused with astral projection as your soul does not leave your body.

This practice dates back to times of Ancient Greece but has changed over recent decades. The modern uses of this technique go back to around the 1930s when there were experiments being done on clairvoyance, out of body experiences, and telepathy.

Remote viewers can time travel both retro-cognitively and pre-cognitively into various periods along the earth’s timeline. However, it is much easier to travel to the past than it is to the future because the future is constantly mutating. This is because you are constantly making choices in the present moment and each decision carries a potential new parallel reality, whereas the past has already happened.

Imagine you are viewing a photograph of a location that was taken ten years ago. By remote viewing the destination in the photo you are effectively looking at the past. Anybody can actually learn, regardless of their natural psychic receptivity skill level.

The ability to view information about a person, place, or event is a skill that can be learned through disciplined practice. This ability can be cultivated via CRV (controlled remote viewing) and is more valuable when focussed on ‘provable targets’. However, it can also be utilized on esoteric targets. It is best used as a supplement to other forms of information gathering. The US Military used it as a supplement to intelligence and did not rely exclusively on the information gathered.

So let’s take a look at 10 theories…

1. Non-Linear Time

So is all remote viewing pre-cognitive? If we adopt the theory that time is non-linear, then the hypothesis that remote viewing is pre-cognitive is more likely to be true because viewing the past can also be viewing the future.


2. Time Slips

There have been many documented cases of people experiencing the past in their present day. Almost as if they have temporarily slipped through a worm-hole and are observing a scene from that period in time years before or a parallel reality. We only use a small percentage of our minds and because they are limitless, time travel is more of a probability than a possibility.

3. Future Downloads

Have you ever had a memory of a future event and it has come true? These can be extremely real and may include you remembering accurate details of being in certain places, doing certain things with certain people. At memory works both ways, you can remember the past and you can also remember the future.

4. Pre-Cognitive Dreams

Pre-cognition comes through the channel of the subconscious mind so you may also experience a past or future event through your theta brainwave state during dream time. You may also remote view a target via lucid dreams and hold clear memories of them upon awakening.


5. Subconscious Attractors

If you were to be given a photograph in an envelope of a location and you were to remote view that image, you may find you hold memories of a specific event that occurred there as it may hold more of an emotional response or visual stimulus. This will be different for each individual depending on what normally attracts them.

6. Time Loops

The outcomes of remote viewing can be improved if, at the moment of feedback, you get very excited about an event. This increases your ability to view the future and send that information back through time which creates a time loop. So this means that we can affect our own past. They can be used to predict short-term outcomes on binary choices.


7. Blindly Viewing

Being unaware of your target is the best way to avoid fantasizing during a remote viewing session. It can even more effective when groups of remote viewers blindly observe the same target and gather information. In many cases, they retrieve the same downloads which help to build a more well-rounded picture of the person, event or location they are viewing.

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8. Telepathic Overlays

In group sessions, it has been documented that the strongest attractor in the group can influence the experience of other participants so that they all conclude the same outcomes. This ceases to become a problem when the group is not present in the same room, at the same time, or are aware that other participants were involved.

9. Predicting Time

Because time is non-linear it is extremely challenging to predict exactly when a viewed event with actually take place. Data also gets influenced by the beliefs of the person reporting on a project so this will also taint the accuracy of suggestion timelines. Pendulums or muscle testing can be used to help narrow down when events will occur but once again, this information is only ever as good as the skills of the person conducting the test.

10. Global Disclosure

To deepen our awareness of consciousness it is necessary to create a centralized database to gather information from global remote viewing sessions. We still have a lot of work that needs to take place in the study of time travel with remote viewing which will take a lot of investment in both energy, time and money.


Do you want to practice this skill?

Firstly, make sure you feel relaxed before you begin. Be open to receiving as much information as possible on your target because you never know what pieces of information are relevant until you complete the viewing.

Simply, ask someone to put an image or a photograph into an envelope, making sure you have no idea what it is. Then, see what you can observe. Just breathe and focus and see what intuitive flashes you receive and don’t second guess yourself. Write these down in a journal.

You can also ask that person to leave your immediate environment and move into another room. Once they are in their new location, have them perform a specific act or a daily activity and see if you are able to sense what they are doing.

Have you ever experienced time slips, time loops or future downloads?

Please leave a few comments below to let me know what happened…