Workplace Gossip Got You Down?

By Veronica Schultz 

Gossiping is a very powerful act. Becoming conscious of this makes us better equipped to identify and use it wisely and with kindness.

Scientists have argued that gossip is an important tool for social cohesion and information transmission, allowing us to function more effectively in an ever-larger society. Moreover, it’s an important tool for effective learning: it can give us a sense of who would make a good ally—or who we should avoid—even in the absence of direct contact.”

  Maria Konnikova 6-23-19.

There are times when gossip is talking about someone else to share compassion, or celebrate them. If you’ve just learned someone is in the hospital your “gossip” can be of service to them, letting others know they need help.

We can gossip about others in a way that the shared information is kind and beneficial. A person that is good with people and is adept at gossiping, will have an affinity for others. They probably have a large pool of friends and acquaintances, both personal and professional. They are a support to others.

So, why would we want to stop others gossiping or stop gossiping ourselves? We only want to stop that which is harmful. Often when we speak poorly of another we are trying to boost ourselves by belittling the other person. Unfortunately, that makes us look bad not them.


Spreading a malicious rumor doesn’t just hurt the subject of the gossip, but it makes the person gossiping look bad in a rude and immature way.

– Sharon Schweitzer, CEO and founder of Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide.

I come from a family of gossips and it brought us together when we spoke ill of another. Of course, this behavior isn’t limited to families. Gossiping also brings employees, larger groups and communities together.

Gossiping is a problem when it doesn’t connect people, then it isn’t real conversation.  It is a distraction from focusing our time and attention on ourselves. Perhaps by focusing on another’s misfortune and human foibles we avoid looking at our own. We don’t take the time we need to look within and see what we need and want. Thereby creating the illusion that all is right, because at least we’re better than so-and-so.

Negative gossip hurts us as well as the person we’re discussing. Stopping this form of gossip enables us to be less stressed and not add toxicity to our environment.

If you discover that someone is gossiping about you consider the person a mirror. Look and see where you are gossiping in your own life and stop it for a while.

One solution to halt gossip is a freezer spell. It “freezes” the gossiper and will stop negativity, allowing peace and the possibility of genuine connection.

This spell can be used for a variety of scenarios in which negative actions need to be stopped, e.g. pesky neighbor, meddling relative, stressed out  boss, or aggressive person.

The Freezer Spell

Write the full name of the person who is causing strife on a piece of paper. If it’s a situation that involves a lot of people then name them and the situation in detail.


1. Fold the paper & place in a plastic bag.


2. Fill the plastic bag with water and some lavender sprigs.


3. Allow the bag of water to freeze.


4. Leave the spell in your freezer for one moon cycle (one month).


5. After a month dig a small hole in your yard. Open the bag (peel it off of the ice) and place the ice in the hole. Cover with dirt.


6. The ice will melt. By now the spell will have done its job and will now nourish the earth.

In the words of Simple Mystic Miracles, “What are you waiting for? Magical practice makes life FUN, empowering, and emotional… and you’ll feel all of it in the scope of one simple little spell!

To break free from your bad luck loop, try this spell!

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