Unlock the magic powers inside you…

“Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.”
Roald Dahl

As a witch I have found it a fascinating pass time to sit back and witness the growing acceptance, and indeed the wave of interest which has splashed the world of magic in the past few years. When I began on this path I had no notion that this world of mystery and wonder would someday call to it so many other souls. So many in fact that magic and related mystery subjects such as astrology, numerology and tarot are now practically mainstream!

As any other little girl, magic captured my imagination from a very early age. I was definitely one of those Disney obsessed nineties kids, with my little eyes glued to the TV screen as fairy godmothers granted wishes, princes battled wild mythological beasts and princesses conversed with animals.

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My first ‘real’ experience of magic happened when I was 11 years old on the football oval at school, one ordinary autumn lunchtime. My best friend, Kylie had recently become enthralled with magic and she relished passing on the little she knew to me. On this particular day she led me and another friend of ours through a  ritual.

I don’t remember the purpose of the ritual or anything she said, all I could recall on the day and since that time is the result.

I stood with the others by a small cluster of trees at the edge of a large grassy bank. My eyes were shut as per instruction and Kylie’s voice was raised, beseeching magic powers and spirits no doubt beyond her understanding. I repeated the correct words and in that moment truly opened myself to Other, and to magic.

What happened next is not some haunting tale, nor is it irrevocable proof that there is much more to this world that what we see with our two eyes. No. It is not sparks, horror, or an electrifying story. But it is a moment that changed me forever, and one I will never forget.

At just that moment, when my openness, desire to experience and surrender aligned, a power thrummed through my being. It began at my feet, slowly swept up my tingling back, through me and away, out of the top of my head. As my breathing slowed the wind picked up, suddenly screaming by my ears and whipping my hair.

I don’t know how long I remained in that moment. When I opened my eyes my body felt light, I felt graced by something and my mouth couldn’t help but crack wide into a grin. Magic! it was; both an awakening of my own innate magic powers and a response from the natural world around me.

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Magic calls indiscriminately to the hearts of all children. Sadly, there are far less of us full-grown folk willing to pause long enough to wonder at the bells we hear tinkling on the edges of our awareness. But those who do are richly rewarded.

To entertain the possibility of something more is to invite magic into our lives. Those who dance with mystery unlock a depth of knowledge and wisdom – about themselves, the world and Other – that cannot be revealed any other way.

My life shifted forever on that 11 year old day; the day I knocked on magic’s door. Though it was many years later that I actually stepped through the door to truly begin exploring, but those tales are for another day.

If you feel drawn to explore, if some strange arcane system demands your curiosity, if your heart longs for magic, my dear friend – trust that rousing. Follow the call with your unsure, unpracticed steps. With time your feet will find their own rhythm, you will learn to discern your direction and wonderful secrets will be yours for the knowing! Soon, you will embrace your own magic powers.

And perhaps, magic heart, our paths will cross again soon.

Owlvine xx