From August 23 – September 22 each year, the Sun swings into the sixth sign of the Zodiac; making it Virgo season. SO for anyone born between these dates, your horoscope is being activated… this is your month!


With your exquisite eye for detail and your laser-beam knack of seeing straight to the heart of any problem… oh Virgo how we adore you! Like your sister earth signs Taurus and Capricorn, you are a magician of manifestation. Your radically resourceful nature and your personality gifts of organization make YOU the go-to-person to get sh*t done!

Because the Sun is shining in favor of your Zodiac sign this month, Virgo, we thought it was time to spread a little love. SO here are 12 reasons none of us can survive without you and your epic Virgo traits in our lives!

1. Virgos Will Keep You Organized

Especially useful for the more flighty and hmmm… shall we say chaotic personalities of the Zodiac signs (we’re lookin’ at you Leo and Aquarius!), Virgo people will help keep you organized.

It’s in their blood. If something (or someone) needs a little order in their life, there is no other sign that’s better for the job.

2. They Make the BEST Party Planners!

And speaking of organized, anyone born under this astrological sign will throw you the party of your life! Because they’ll plan it to the very last matching detail. Party playlist and cocktail combinations are just the beginning. Perfectionist much?

PinPin3. They’re Happy Just Hanging!

Their super- grounded Earth energy traits (which they share with Taurus and Capricorn) means they’re not always on the lookout for the next big thing. This mutable sign is by no means inactive (they’re astrological activators!) But a hugely positive trait of the Virgo personality is their ability to be totally present with you.

virgos make great friendsPin

4. Virgos are Careful Listeners

Ruled by Mercury, this sun sign is one of those good communicators. Which means listening too. Expect them anyone with this horoscope to catch all the details, and then some.

5. They’re Service-Oriented

It’s an inherent Virgo trait to want to help other people out. Ask them to do anything in the world for you, and they won’t think twice.

6. They’re Loyal

It’s a firm characteristic of this sign, to stay loyal. Maybe it’s that earth energy again, that makes this horoscope SO insanely dedicated to doing the “right” thing and being the “best” person possible. Whatever it is, it’s a Virgo characteristic we can’t do without.

PinPin7. Virgos are Practical

This Astrology has that perfect combination of logical mind (thanks Mercury!) and hands-on, proactive self-expression. So it’s not all talk with the Virgo Horoscope, nor is it all heavy-handedness. You, Virgo, are the most practical combination there is. And we love you for it.

8 They Never Let Details Slip Through the Net!

Their highly analytical minds mean that Virgos are focused. Sometimes misinterpreted for the negative trait of over-analyzing, their personalities are, in fact, just crazy details-oriented. So whilst you may not care about reading through the fine print, your Virgo BF will. Their perfectionist traits mean that this sign of the Zodiac simply won’t let you sign up to anything unless they have scrutinized the deets. Thank Goddess!

virgos are well organisedPin

9. They’re Awesome at Crosswords…

…And any other puzzle you’re trying to get your head around. Make sure you’ve got a Virgo Man (or a Virgo woman) on your quiz team!

10. Their High Standards Mean They Expect the Best of You

And whilst this astrology can be exhausting to keep up with at times, what ends up happening is that you’re more likely to live up to those achingly high expectations! SO if you want to BE the best possible version of yourself, make sure you’re keeping your Virgo buddy close.

virgo friendsPin11. Virgo’s are the Zodiac’s Multi-taskers

So impressive. And just a little bit infectious (we’re hoping!) One minute it’s a health-conscious kick. Next, it’s a DIY project. Then it’s parenting time, and then they’re planning your holiday schedule… or all at the same time.

12. They’re SOOOO Adaptable!

As one of the four mutable signs (alongside sisters Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces) this is a sign of the Zodiac that knows how to be flexible. So whether you’re changing plans at the last minute, or dropping into a random party on your way home from work, Virgos are astrological chameleons!


Now tell us… were you born under the Virgo Horoscope? Or do you have any Virgos close by? Share in the comments what it is abut them YOU couldn’t live without!