Time to be brave

Moon mavens all around the world are getting ready to dance their magic into being: the New Moon rises on April 11th at 22º of Aries. And this potent Aries energy is calling you to be brave, start something new, begin anew, take charge, and create real, lasting change in your life.

The Aries New Moon Will Peak At The Following Time Around The Globe…

On April 11

  • 19:30 in Los Angeles
  • 22:30 in New York

On April 12

  • 02:30 in UT/GMT
  • 03:30 in London
  • 04:30 in Paris
  • 06:30 in Moscow
  • 08:30 in Delhi
  • 11:30 in Hong Kon
  • 12:30 in Tokyo
  • 14:30 in Sydney

Reclaim your personal power with the Aries New MoonPin

Aries the Pioneer

It’s the child of the Zodiac, Aries is the ignition spark that comes before everything else. Emboldened and courageous, it holds an energy that takes risks, goes first, and is unafraid to fail.

People with a lot of Aries energy in their natal charts often rise through their lives to become leaders. Not because of worldly experience and years of training, but because they believe they can do it. Aries wilfully stands at the front, wearing its confidence where everyone can see it.

The Moon in this sign feels alive. She flows with self-belief and the confidence it takes to stride out into territory that feels new, unfamiliar and juuust a little bit daunting.

Aries urges us to propel ourselves (and the world) forward without looking back…. This sign flies solo, and like the Fool in the Tarot, it takes the journey, becoming the hero if its own life.

Does that sentence resonate with you right now? Or does it make you uneasy?

Are YOU stepping into the unknown, rising into your power, and bravely following YOUR own path? Or are you living the life that you think is expected of you?

Once a year, the Aries New Moon comes as a wake-up call. It urges us each to ask the question, framed by our own lives and our own circumstances.

  • Are you acting like the hero of your own life?
  • Are you the main player here?

But if you’re still wondering WHAT you ‘should’ be leaping into, don’t worry. There’s a trail of breadcrumbs the Universe is leaving and it’s just about time to pick it up (more on that in a bit…)


Aries New Moon 2021 Forecast

The Aries New Moon is forming a square in the cosmos with Pluto, which means the energy of this lunation is likely to be intense and powerful. Pluto may bring about some obstacles that need to be addressed before you can move forward with your big plans and ambitions.

But that’s not all, we’re also dealing with Mars (the ruling planet of Aries) trine Jupiter. Which just so happens to quite harmonious with this New Moon energy. You’re likely to feel more competitive (which isn’t a bad thing!) and this is likely to bring you success in anything new that you try.

Mars trine Jupiter also brings forth positive energy, new opportunities, courage, self-confidence, and good intentions – so basically, this is going to be a really, really, really good New Moon – if you’re ready to take advantage of it, that is.

This New Moon comes as an invitation to bravely take those first steps into what will become a long-term vision.

  • What practical skills may you need, for the future you dare to envisage for yourself?
  • What groundwork do you need to lay, to become the pioneer, the leader, and the hero?

Nobody can do this for you – Aries is encouraging you, imploring you, to think for yourself. It is time.

Moon Mantra

Still floundering? Repeat this mantra whenever you’re feeling the anything less than your best self:

“I reclaim my power. I achieve my highest purpose by staying true to myself. I am strong. I am a leader”.


5 Ways to Rise into Radical Self-Confidence

Ok, we all know that the daring, certainty, assertiveness, and self-belief so characteristic of Zodiac sign Aries doesn’t happen overnight – New Moon or no New Moon! So here are 5 ways to help you rise. We challenge you to follow these tips for the whole of the next lunar cycle – you will be transformed!

1. Visualize the future you want

You gotta know what you’re aiming for, to make it happen! Visualization is an incredible tool. And here at the very start of the lunar cycle, it will help you set a clear destination. Hold it in your mind’s eye – see yourself having achieved that thing you desire, and by seeing it, you’ll believe it’s true.

It IS true.

2. Do One Thing that Scares You Every Day

Just a little thing. Maybe build it up, so that one day it’s a big thing. Except you won’t notice, because your confidence will be through the roof!

3. Demolish Negativity

With SO much negativity and fear in the media these last few weeks, it’s all too easy to unconsciously internalize all that, and take on a negative vibration. It could be so slight, so subtle that you don’t even notice.

Intentionally notice if it is there. And demolish it. Banish it. Get it out of your life – it does not belong here.

4. Be Prepared

So this sounds pretty obvious, but have you actually prepared yourself for what you want to do next in your life?

• Have you got the training booked?
• Have you scheduled the time it will take?
• Have you stopped doing the other things that will stand in your way?
• Have you purchased any supplies you need?

The list could go on (and this list is totally non-specific). But the point is, are you setting yourself up for the win?

5. Move Your Body

Aries is one of the most energy-filled signs. It’s like a coiled spring, so if you’re not moving your body, that energy has nowhere to go. It’s a really, really good idea to exercise when the Aries New Moon cycle has begun. It generates flow, it moves any blockages and increases metabolism, which is related to the element of fire – Aries’ element.

Stoke the fire in whatever way you can.

This New Moon comes as a sudden blast of power – a fiery cauldron of potential, BUT the work will go on for much longer after la Luna sets. So sow your seeds deep, and tend to them well. This is just the beginning.

Blessings to you