FULL MOON Forecast – April 26, 2021

This Full Moon will likely be the most profound of all… because it’s not just any regular ‘ol Full Moon – it’s a super moon. A super mooon is when the moon is closet to Earth, making her tides, energy, and power even more profound than usual.  Super moons are basically like full moons on steriods – extra potent, extra powerful, and extra emotional. And because this super moon is falling in Scorpio – the fixed water sign of power, money, sex, and transformation, this could very likely be the spotlight of the year. Are you ready?


This month’s Super Moon Will Rise at 7º of Scorpio, on April 26th at the following times across the Globe:

On April 26th

  • 20:31 Los Angeles
  • 22:31 in Chicago
  • 23:31 in New York

On April 27th

  • 04:31 in London
  • 05:31 in Paris
  • 06:31 in Moscow
  • 11:31 in Hong Kong
  • 12:31 in Tokyo
  • 13:31 in Sydney
  • 15:31 in Auckland


Scorpio: Time for those Secrets to be Revealed…!

Even if you know hardly anything about astrology, chances are you know about Scorpio.

It’s renowned for its intensity: the probing vision, deep-digging ways and inability to do small talk. Have any Scorpios in your life, and you’ll appreciate how they always want to hear about your innermost desires and the seat of your childhood trauma, before you’ve even poured the tea!

Here, it’s the Moon in the sign of Scorpio. So that deep and penetrating energy is flavoring our collective emotional experience right now.

Whatever else is showing up in your personal horoscope, this is something we’re all going to feel. Plus, as a Super Moon – emotional intensity and drama could very easily occur. No exceptions.

With Pluto as this Zodiac sign’s planetary ruler, issues of power are also likely to flare under this Scorpio Moon. Your power, other people’s power, everybody’s power… And after an entire year of enforced limitation of personal freedoms, powerlessness is a real thing.

This  Moon phase also brings illumination, and opportunities to look closely at the truth. Here in Scorpio, that truth is likely to be buried deep. SO deep that you normally don’t even know its there. Yet this zodiac sign also offers the space and time to look into what you find. It’s fixed (just like sister signs Taurus, Leo and Aquarius) so it won’t look away. You’re being encouraged by this Moon phase and astrology, to stay here too – to gaze into your inner world, to follow that Full Moon spotlight, and hold the space for your own emergence.

Stay here long enough, and Scorpio offers transformation. 

It may not be comfortable, but what venom is? The sting in the Scorpion’s tail is rightly feared, yet this astrology offers it as a catalyst for change.

These times are transformational. Yet the pathway this Full Moon offers you is through the dark territory of discomfort, shadow, and secrets. This is transformational astrology, for transformational times. Do not let it pass you by.

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Scorpio Full Supermoon April 2021 Forecast

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Pluto Retrograde

Pluto will be stationing retrograde the day after the Super Moon, meaning we are already experiencing the pre-retrograde shadow, and subsequent energy shifts. The planetary ruler of Scorpio, the small but mighty mythical God of the underworld will slowly slide his way back through Capricorn from now until October 6th. Which means 5 long months of this drilling down.

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Astrologers will tell you that retrogrades mean changing tack, reviewing progress, and pulling back on action. They turn the collective gaze inwards, and Pluto likes nothing better. So unlike the frenetic mishaps and crossed wires of a Mercury retrograde, this Planet does his work unraveling us from the inside out. But before you cringe, wondering if you can take any more, realize that this is Pluto’s way of offering rebirth.

This month’s Super Moon is a springboard for the kind of soul searching you’ve been meaning to do since the days of lockdown began. This astrology is telling you to stop looking the other way. Your emotions are signposts, and what you hold within, in that deep place you barely dare to look, is what will form the bridge to the new earth we are all dreaming into being.

Moon Trine Jupiter

The Moon trine Jupiter transit will help ease some of the intense emotions that Scorpio will be bringing forth. This transit will help boost your mood, making your feel quite talkative, social, and really –  like anything is possible. And indeed – anything IS possible.

This Super Moon holds a powerful manifestation energy. So take this opportunity to speak boldly, and loudly, to the unvierse on exactly what it is that you want.

There is magic and mystery in the air with this Scorpio Full Moon, brining forth the potential for your sixth sense awareness to rise to the top. So… let go of your tight, death-hold grip on this life, and dive into the possibilities of another life, more wonderous than this…

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Moon Mantra

Mantras are a powerful way to center and align with the energy of YOUR choosing! At the Full Moon phase when energy is already high, and especially with this current Moon sign intensifying our emotions, Mantras are indispensable!

Try repeating this mantra twice a day, or more frequently during the day, if you can:

“Even in my darkest times, I accept and love myself completely. I am strong, I am powerful and I am transforming with every breath I take”.

5 Unavoidable Methods for Change at the Scorpio Full Moon

1. Dive Deep

If there is any time to go within, and face up to your inner landscape, it’s now. The Earth is undergoing a huge collective purge. We are being forced to slow down and step away from the lives we knew. Use this time to dive deep into yourself. Use the light of this Full Moon phase to illuminate the darkest corners of your inner world. That’s where the treasure lies.

Transform With Scorpio Full MoonPin

2. Burn Away Your Old Self

One of Scorpio’s totems is the phoenix. The firebird of transformation that burns to ashes, before being reborn again. This destruction of the old is a powerful metaphor for what this Moon offers you now: You’re being invited to burn away the old you. To leave her or him here, and be reborn with the New Moon in a fortnight’s time.

3. Re-write Your Inner Stories

How many stories do you keep telling yourself that aren’t true?

With Mercury conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon, your self-talk is getting a reboot! SO release those scripts, and delete that inner dialogue.

Full Moons always bring the opportunity to release. As the Moon moves through the waning half of her lunar cycle, ask her to take away these stories and words. Replace them with love, kindness, and generosity.

4. Hydrate

The Moon entering any water sign activates this element, making this an optimum time to hydrate, and incorporate water into both your daily life, and your sacred work.

5. Hold a Gratitude Ritual

The vibration of gratitude is on a par with love. Each Full Moon that we see during these strange times offers another opportunity for HUGE magnetism. Whatever you focus on, and channel your feelings into, will be amplified right now.

Give gratitude through ritual intent and action. Simply lighting a candle and writing a list, then reading it out, of all the things you’re grateful for can make an immense change to the collective frequency.

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It’s in your hands!

So many Supermoon blessings to you.


Now it’s your turn to share with us! What are you giving gratitude for at this Full Moon? Drop a comment below!

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