The week in astrology begins with a wobbly square between Mars and Neptune, continuing a deceptive element from last week – so, even if those tippy-toes are feeling achy from being on your guard, let them hurt for a lil’ longer, and avoid taking action until at least mid-week, darling. As soon as that Mars-Neptune square lifts, things go back to normal, and with the mist clearing from your eyes, you’re back to seeing reality again. You’re welcome. The rest of the week is a sweet cruise through romantic waters as the Moon, Venus and Neptune unite in gentle Pisces, making it a perfect time for dancing, singing, making art (finger painting is art, you know), or taking blissful swims in the ocean – or even just a long, delicious salt-soaked bath. Gentle, gentle does it as you float in a haze of rosy romance, whether it’s with yourself or your honey, and escape feels ever so sweet – just as long as it’s healthy. You’re allowed one glass. Just one. Okay, two.

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Your ruler, Mars, grinds to a standstill as he squares Neptune in your spiritual, travel and study zones, Aries. Avoid major decisions until the early part of the week is over.




This week is a dreamy one for love and romance, Taurus. Plan a rendezvous with someone you care about and escape the real world for just a beat.




Gemini, early in the week, you may get the wrong signals from a beloved or a boss. Ponder your actions before you make a decision you could regret.




The Moon, Venus and Neptune are in the sector that speaks to personal and spiritual growth, Cancer. Take some time to escape into something that feeds your sensitive soul.




Leo, don’t take any major action in your love life with a square between Mars and Neptune in your romance zone. Wait for the mists to clear – don’t jump to conclusions.




Sweet love, rules as the Moon, Venus, and Neptune align in your committed relationships zone, Virgo – time to snuggle up with your sweetheart and escape for a bit.




You might get a rude awakening, Libra, as Mars squares Neptune, indicating a communication issue gone awry. Make sure that any contracts signed are clear to everyone involved.




What seems, at first rosy-sweet may be disappointing, Scorpio, but it may be a bit of miscommunication, so don’t allow your trust issues to ruin a good thing.




Try to uncover the truth before being too impatient, Sagittarius. – you know badly thought-out actions can lead to unwanted hassle. Non-action is the best course of action right now.




Capricorn, and count the ways you and your life have changed. Do the opposite of acting: Book yourself time off if you can. It’ll do you a world of good.




Keep your ears and eyes wide open, Aquarius, and don’t promise any of your hard-earned dollars to anyone. Put your idealism aside and focus on hard, cold facts.




This week sees you wearing that bleeding heart all over your sleeves, Pisces. Focus on setting boundaries between which emotions are yours, and which are others. Trust your gut.