“He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There is nothing sweeter than the peace of home. Like a soul sanctuary that restores us when we return to it. When the energy of our home eases and uplifts us, it really does help to empower us to live our “best life” and generate prosperity and magick in every moment, whether we are at home or out in the world.

One of the best ways to raise the vibration of your home and infuse it with powerfully positive energy is to craft your very own Home Blessing Charm.

Making your own Home Blessings Charm is really simple, let me show you how…


What you will need:

  • 5-10 sprigs of Rosemary (mint or dill)
  • 5-10 sprigs of Lavender (rose or eucalyptus)
  • 3 bristles from your household broom
  • Green, white, pink, or multicolored ribbon
  • A small crystal (or stone)
  • A white, green, or lavender candle

How To Make Your Home Blessings Charm

1. Gather your ingredients and place them in front of your altar space if you have one, or on your crafting surface.

2. Light your candle.

3. Take a few minutes to focus on your breathing. Calm your mind and body. Begin to feel peace grow inside of you and expand all around you. Feel peace and tranquility stretch beyond your space and flow throughout your home.

4. Lay your colorful ribbon across the table in front of you. Use green ribbon for prosperity, white for peace, or pink for love. Feel free to use different colors, and use as few, or as many ribbon colors as you like.

5. Lay your sprigs of Rosemary on top of the ribbon. Rosemary increases the vibration of prosperity in your home.
As you lay your herbs on the ribbon, imbue your own energy and intention into the herbs. Do this by picturing your home as a place of joy, contentment, and abundance. What does that look like? Imagine your home as a magnet for prosperity.

6. Next, lay springs of Lavender on top of the Rosemary. Lavender raises the energy of love and peace into your space.

Make your own home blessing charmPin

7. Grab three straws from your household broom. Place one straw on top of your Lavender and say, “My house is blessed with bountiful peace.” Place the next straw on top of that one and say, “My house is blessed with endless love”.

8. Place the third straw onto that one and say, “My house is blessed with unlimited wealth and prosperity!”

9. Add your small crystal on top of the assembled herbs. The crystal will further amplify the energies of peace, love and prosperity throughout your home. Use Selenite for peace, Citrine for prosperity, or Clear Quartz to amplify all of the energies of your charm.

10. Bind all of the ingredients together with your ribbon. Twist and tie the ribbon around your herbs, straw and crystal until everything is securely held within the ribbon.

11. Place your finished charm in front of you and say,

“With my heart I give you light,

With my breathe I give you might.

May my house Forever Be,

Blessed with Peace, Love and Prosperity!

So Mote it Be!”

By imbuing your charm with intention to welcome more love, peace and prosperity into your home, the door is opened wide for greater fortune and luck to flow into your space!

Your Home Blessing Charm is now complete! You can keep your charm on your altar, or some other space that is sacred to you. Alternatively, hang it somewhere near your front door.

Each time you pass the charm (or as often as you remember) you may like to repeat the chant above or makeup one of your own. This will ensure the energy of love, peace and prosperity flowing into your home is ever increasing!

All of my love, and the brightest home blessings to you!

Sirena Moon