Lots of retrograde activity this week, with Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all turning retrograde and urging us to re-think our priorities and our strategies for getting what we want. Mercury moves into curious Gemini, increasing communication, and Mars shifts into Pisces, ushering in a spiritual warrior vibe. So with Venus turning retrograde in Gemini this is the planet that turns retrograde the least amount of time which is just under every 2 years for about 6 weeks. This is a very karmically charged romantic period. Lovers or friends from the past may reappear or you may find yourself dealing with relationship issues that have not been addressed. With Venus in Gemini this is all about what has previously been spoken or said. This is not a time to get married or engaged.

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It’s all about compassion this week, so put others ahead of your own selfish interests. Be sure you are actually helping, however, as you have a tendency to think every damsel is in distress and needs rescuing. Maybe check first?




Mars motivates your humanitarian streak, so why not get involved in your local community – or even in national politics? Whatever you choose to do, keep your moral standards intact. How you achieve change matters.




With Mars now in your career zone, it’s all systems go for your ambitions. This is a fantastic time for showcasing what you can do and how well you do it – and with Mercury in your sign, you have the charm to match the skill.




Expect a restless streak to arrive out of nowhere, courtesy of Mars. You like your home comforts but maybe it’s time to take a chance or two and push beyond your comfort zone. Travel if you can. If you can’t, ring in the changes some other way.




You’re on a mission now, and it shows. Intensely motivated and highly driven by Mars, you won’t stop until you get what you want. The only trouble is, you are also kinda paranoid right now. Be sure you’re making sensible choices.




With Mars now in your love zone it’s time to spice up your romantic life. Passion intensifies, but there’s a fine line between passion and anger – watch out for some totally unnecessary arguments with your sweetheart.




Start a new health and fitness regime, driven and inspired by Mars. Martial arts or running are good choices but be careful about overdoing it. Too much of a good thing is going to lead to muscle pain.




Mars urges you to indulge your fantasies – this could be a good thing or a bad thing! You’re certainly taking a walk on the wild side, but if you overdo this you could easily land in trouble. Stay on the right side of the line!




Domestic issues dominate this week but it’s a good opportunity to renovate or redecorate at home, or to move. It’s all change on the family front, but these changes are positive and beneficial, ushering in a new era.




Come out of your shell and get to know some new people. The more folks you start conversations with, the more chances you’ll have of finding your new tribe. You can be quite insular at times, so Mars encourages you to reach out.




You know what you think, and your opinions are firm. Infuriatingly, others don’t seem to agree. Beware of pushing your own agenda too dogmatically or aggressively. Allow others to think what they like. Agree to disagree.



With Mars in your sign, you should feel an upsurge of energy, motivation and enthusiasm. Harness all that passion and potential and turn it toward an area of your life you want to improve. You have all you need to get started.


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