March 13, 2021 Pisces NEW MOON FORECAST

Hey dreamer!

The Pisces New Moon arrives on March 13th, bringing with it a whole lot of mystical vibes and creativity. This is a gentle lunation: intuitive, whimsical, and otherworldly.

But before you dip back under that duvet and doze off to dream-land, just hold up one minute! The cosmos have something refreshing in store for you this New Moon… and trust me, you’re not gonna want to day-dream this energy away! With this New Moon’s alignment with Neptune and Venus, there’s much more to this New Moon than meets the eye…

The New Moon occurs on March 13th, 2021, at 27º of Pisces at the following times…

On March 13

  • 02:21 in Los Angeles
  • 05:21 in New York
  • 10:21 GMT
  • 11:21 in Paris
  • 13:21 in Moscow
  • 15:21 in Delhi
  • 18:21 in Hong Kong 
  • 19:21 in Tokyo
  • 21:21 in Sydney

Pisces Vibes…

This makes a pleasant change, don’t you think?!

After last month’s Aquarius New Moon, which Mercury totally ruined for us (thanks a lot!), it’s nice to have a New Moon come along that does what it’s actually supposed to do. You know – manifest wondrous things, initiate beautiful beginnings, and open your heart to endless universal love (jackpot)!

So, what change can you really expect to see with this New Moon in Pisces?

Well, as the last of the water signs (and the last of the signs, altogether) Pisces brings mutability. This means its energy is flowing, adaptable, shifting.

Water changes shape. It floods the deepest depths it can reach, yet is able to evaporate into virtual nothingness. This shape-shifting energy comes in stark contrast to the bold and dynamic Aquarian energy. After months of red tape and coloring inside the lines, Pisces shows us how to blur them.

It’s an energy that feels good at the New Moon phase. This is a dark and fertile time, the emergent beginning of the lunar cycle, and not really the time to be rushing around, expending energy, or taking center stage and performing for the crowd.

It’s quiet. Imprecise and unsure…. Though these aren’t bad things to be. Patriarchy would lead us to believe that defined goals and a clear route to success are what’s needed. Yet the energy of the New Moon is ripe with potential. Set any one of them in stone too soon, and you may get in your own way of greater things.

So this Piscean energy of dreamlike, nebulous, boundlessness sits just about right in this phase. It may feel uncomfortable – how often are you actually allowed to remain in this state of unknowing? Yet stay here a while.

BUT First…

We’re about to share with you 3 ways to drink in all that New Moon goodness but before you even think about receiving any of the dreamy new beginnings… you need to let go of anything that’s no longer serving you.

Easier said than done though right?!

Well, if you need a little helping hand, our step-by-step Ritual of Release Guide shows you exactly how to create sacred space in your life and channel endless positive energy. Just in time for the Pisces New Moon.

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Ok, back to the 3 ways this New Moon will help you manifest your dreams…

1. Dare to Dream

Did I mention there are 2 planets in Pisces right now?

Sun and Moon sit conjunct at 23º. Then there’s Neptune, Pisces’ ruler making his slow, steady route across the sign, currently at 20º, joined by Venus at 19º of the sign of the fishes.

This veil of Piscean energy serves to awaken the creative, imaginative, blue-sky parts of the heart and mind. And with Neptune in close proximity, you can expect all Piscenian characteristics to be amplified to the max. Empathy, creativity, intuition, and yes – dreams – will all be more intense than usual.

Dreams get bigger, deeper, more vivid, and wild.

But this isn’t time to put the dampers on, reining yourself back in and figuring out the “hows”. Pisces doesn’t care, and nor should it. This energy is boundless and indulgent.

Dare to dream.

Write down your wishes. Picture paradise. This New Moon influx of idealism is a gift, so dive into it.

2. Deep Dive Into Romance

If you’ve ever desired a love like the romance films always portray- you know, those sappy, unrealistic, and heart-tugging movies – there’s never been a better opportunity for it than right now.

With Venus at 19º of the fishes, you can expect to be feeling a new level of delicate emotions and heartfelt feelings. This is the time you can really be open and vulnerable with the people you love – whether that’s your lover, friends, family, or YOURSELF.

Buy flowers, write poems, share positive things, give out compliments like they’re candy, and allow yourself to feel giddy and child-like. This shameless display of affection is exactly what the doctor ordered, so don’t be shy!

And YES – you can (and should) show yourself love in all these ways too.

3. Be A Master Manifestor

This New Moon is set up for powerful action. That’s not to say you need to take it, just yet (remember, Pisces is the ponderer…)

But the potential is there. The thoughts are being mustered. The future is being dreamt into being… SO allow it! Encourage it! Open up YOUR mind, and heart to what life could become.

The time is ripe for manifestation and visualization. So when you’re not busy day-dreaming and romanticizing yourself and others – get busy manifesting!

Here’s some of our favorite ways to manifest:

  1. Own your power. That’s right, you are the universe and the universe is you. Therefore you have the power, energy, light, and infinite wisdom inside of you. You came here to be the master of your own story. The first step is acknowledging that. Believing it. And owning it.
  2. Get crystal clear on what you want. And I’m talking super specific here. None of this “I want to be rich” stuff, okay? Exactly HOW much money does “rich” mean for you? If you’re generic then you’ll never when your wishes have manifested.
  3. State your intentions to the universe. Everyone has a different way of doing this. Some prefer to write them down, others prefer to vocalize them aloud, some people even do both. It doesn’t matter how you do, it matters how you feel when you’re doing it… if you catch my drift here? You need to state your intentions with absolute confidence and grit. Not a shred of doubt or disbelief is allowed – got it?!
  4. EMBODY IT. Now’s the fun part where you get to energetically embody the persona of your manifestation. How will you feel, act, talk, and walk once you manifest this desire? Start feeling, acting, talking, and walking like that right now!

This New Moon in Pisces calls on us to be the visionaries of the future. But to make room for your big visions, make sure you’ve made space in your soul to recieve.

(Remember, if you need a little help, get our Ritual of Release Guide here).

What are you manifesting?

New Moon blessings

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