Card 1: 9 of Pentacles

Angel Oracle Card: Patience

You are on fire this week! You are manifesting exactly what you want this week, so pay attention to your thoughts and feelings because it is finally your time. It may be uncomfortable at first, because it has been a slow and steady race. However, the new energy you are feeling is something you have earned and what you deserve. Give yourself kudos and keep going! You have finished one part of your journey, and you are onto the next aspect of your race called life. You have leveled up!

Your patience is now being rewarded, and it is continued to be tested. Keep the patience going, even though it has been a ‘9 energy’ race (meaning you have been at it for 9 months, 9 years or since you were 9 years old), you are finally coming to the end of the race and it is time to embrace it.

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Card 2: Ace of Wands

Angel Oracle Card: Allow Love and Self Care

A new beginning is on the horizon that comes out of nowhere. It is incredible and requires growth.

This new beginning will require a practice of self-care and love. Give yourself the kudos that you deserve in order to experience this wonderful new beginning. It will require the love from yourself through self-care in order to embrace this new beginning in a positive way. Do not let others distract you from this positive new beginning because you have absolutely earned it, regardless of what others are saying.

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Card 3: 2 of Pentacles

Angel Oracle Card: Acceptance

You will feel imbalanced this week. This is creating problems and anxiety because you cannot seem to find happiness in all areas of your life. You will feel toppled in one direction over the other. The only way to handle it is to embrace and accept it for what it is. You can’t always be balanced, you need to shift your energy around and make movements in order to constantly find your center. It is a moving cycle, so accept that sometimes it is a little off sided and other times it is balanced. Embrace both and enjoy the ride.

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