The Nine of Pentacles symbolizes wealth, prosperity, masterful discipline, appreciation of the finer things in life and very generally, success. The woman pictured has mastered the skills and benefits which characterize the Pentacles suit, including discipline, hard work, security, material reward and satisfaction. The Six of Pentacles shows us some one receiving or earning money, in and of itself. Pure material income is not what is implied by the resplendent Nine of Pentacles, however, though certainly you may experience reward, recognition, payment or luxury when this card appears. More importantly, it shows the confluence of material benefit with satisfying, meaningful work, and some one who has made good choices, applied herself diligently and has effectively made a difference in the world. Security here extends to certainty, and productivity includes active, excited creativity.

This is a card beloved by artists, for it may symbolize the effective channeling and handling of the inner unconscious energies into a completed work of high art. It is also an image of autonomy and self-reliance— and even sometimes a workaholic syndrome— both because in order to really accomplish something we often have to forego frivolous socializing, deep or involved relationships and leisure, at least for a time, and because one must truly be personally invested in his work in order for it to attain the level of refinery and elegance that is indicated by this card. One must be one with one’s work, and the woman pictured, whose flowery dress almost blends into the background of her pentacle-sprouting garden, embodies this. The image of the wild falcon who has transformed into a personal pet reinforces the idea of discipline or sacrifice— that is, altering one’s animal nature, including appetites, desires and energy levels, in order to preserve integrity in the work process, or in order to sublimate the wilder energies of the psyche into a project or work.

Astrological Association:

The Nine of Pentacles card is connected to Jupiter / Venus as a symbol of a big winning.

Card meanings upright:

The Nine of Pentacles card may represent luxury or financial security in your life. You may soon take a lavish holiday or feel surrounded by beauty and comfort in the oasis of your home that soothes your mind, body, and soul.

Card meanings reversed:

When the Nine of Pentacles card is reversed, it can indicate loneliness or unhappiness in your life. You home may not feel very secure or comfortable or you may be struggling to achieve consistency in your life or accomplish the things you need to do.


The Nine of Pentacles card may mean you’ll soon have a job opportunity come to you that you didn’t imagine was possible before. If you are already employed, you will likely experience a change for the better in your circumstances or salary which will make you very grateful.


The Nine of Pentacles card can mean great things in your love life. If you are in a committed relationship, you may experience your relationship with new levels of intimacy and joy. If you are looking for love, someone new with the potential to bring you deep, meaningful love may come into your life soon.


The Nine of Pentacles card may mean you need to reevaluate your finances and look for riches in your health, spirituality, and family. You financial life is likely to improve, and if you work hard you will be rewarded beyond your wildest dreams. Now is a good time to share your abundance as a key to continued prosperity.


The Nine of Pentacles card may mean you are feeling a great deal of happiness and peace in your spiritual life. You likely have good self-esteem, and may be in a good position to mentor others with your deep insight and happiness.


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