How are you doing?

As we reach the end of what feels like the longest lunar cycle in a decade, we’re reminded that 13 times a year, we’re each given the opportunity to begin again.

New Moons bring fresh starts

And whilst you may be feeling like most of your life decisions are right now firmly out of your hands, there’s a great deal you can do with this week’s lunar energy, to fuel your soul. In fact, regardless of your personal horoscope, this New Moon comes at the perfect time, in the perfect sign…


The New Moon WILL RISE AT 3º OF Taurus, ON April 22 OR April 23 AT THESE TIMES ACROSS THE GLOBE:

On April 22:

  • 19:25 Los Angeles
    22:25 in New York

On April 23:

  • 03:25 in London (BST)
    04:25 in Paris / Johannesburg
    05:25 in Moscow
    08:25 in Delhi
    10:25 in Hong Kong
    11:25 in Tokyo
    12:25 in Sydney
    14:25 in Auckland

Taurus New Moon: Come Back to Your Senses

Taurus is the first Earth sign in the Zodiac. Coming straight after the impetuous, spontaneous fire energy of Aries (remember how that New Moon felt, just one month ago?) Taurus slows us all down.

Symbolizing the Earth, the soil, the trees and all the beautiful beings who live on her surface, Taurus reminds us of our physicality too. Of our bodies, our senses, and our skin, and how we’re SO much more than our thinking minds.

Under the bounteous gaze of this sign, life feels luxurious. Flavors start to burst and zing at your lips, and the scents of the world will fill you up like oxygen.

Like the Libra Supermoon of two weeks ago, Taurus is also ruled by Venus. That means both lunations occurring in April 2020 have Venus as their ruling planet, and this planet finds the beauty in everything.

Following her lead may sound like a tall order right now, let’s not pretend. Locked in the boxes that are our own homes with little chance of escape, any kind of sensual pleasure derived from the world beyond our windows has never been harder to access. BUT maybe this is exactly why we need Taurus energy so much in our lives right now?

Can we learn to harness the slow, steady, committed, devotional energy, so steeped in presence and stillness that this Zodiac sign brings?

Is this the antidote to the restlessness and frustration that’s the inevitable by-product of life in lockdown?


Taurus New Moon 2020 Forecast

Nowhere near as dramatic as the Libra supermoon two weeks back, the astrology of this lunation is still firm and clear.

Awaken Your Intentions for a New Life!

Conjunct at 3º of Taurus, Sun, and Moon are also sitting close to Uranus, at 6º.

Uranus in Taurus is nothing new. The Awakener has been for over a year now and won’t depart the fixed Earth sign until 2026. Yet this Sun/Moon conjunction IS worth noting. Sometimes when planets collide, their energies blend, harmoniously. Yet Uranus’ energy is anything but harmonious.

Known as the “Awakener”, this planet brings revolution – to the heart and mind, and quite possibly, to the realms of life that are a whole lot more tangible too. Here in Taurus, Uranus has been stirring the pot, rousing disquiet and inciting a lot of earth-based concern since last year. Think climate change activism and monetary collapse, for starters.

Yet at the time of this deep, dark Taurus New Moon, that revolutionary spirit is getting personal.

With Sun and Moon – our twin luminaries – both sharing space with the planet of discord, it’s highly likely that we’re each feeling our own inner lives in some degree of turmoil. But remember this:

Uranus only ever acts in service of your higher good.

… IN fact, so does all of the astrology crossing the skies. Plus, as you know, New Moons bring new beginnings, and these become all the more active, when you consciously set your intentions to align.

SO instead of dwelling in discomfort, and letting this astrology fuel your disgruntlement, use it to set an intention for your new life. We all know things are going to change after this – so what change will you incite? What vision do you see? What future do you want?

You can set intentions for the cycle, and work on them gradually for the next couple of Moon phases until the Full Moon peaks. OR, set them for six months. Aim further, higher, and plan for their fruition when the Moon is Full in the same sign that she started. Looking forward, La luna will reach her Full Moon in Taurus on October 31st, Samhain, no less.

What world do you envision for then?


You are a Mirror

As if that wasn’t enough to contend with, this Taurus trio together forms a loose square to Saturn at 6º of Aquarius. Fresh out of Capricorn, We know Saturn is still the planet of limitation. So the squeeze you feel right now is real: And in the sign of Uranus’ rulership – air sign Aquarius – the connection between these planets is deep and uncomfortable.

Deep and uncomfortable… do these feelings sound familiar?

Stay with it. This astrology serves as reassurance of our life on Earth right now. What YOU are going through is mirrored in the skies, and you are a vessel for the forces of the planets. None of this is accidental.

Keep Connecting… and Share the LOVE! (Mercury trines Mars)

As this Moon’s ruler – Venus – reaches 14º of air sign Gemini, the planet of love, wealth and beauty is getting a connective boost.

Gemini shares, communicates and connects. Making this the ideal time to spread your love far and wide! And with video conferencing, facetime calls, email, and even old-fashioned letter writing having a renaissance, there’s no better astrology to network! Who says you need to be breathing the same air?

Trining Mars at 16º of Aquarius, you’ll likely feel an added burst of resolution and strength. So, don’t forget those folks that may not have technology at their fingertips. This future-focused Zodiac sign always encourages us to be inventive.


Moon Mantra

Mantras are a really great way to align and return to your center. If you find yourself off-balance over this New Moon, repeat the following affirmation:

My body is my home. I am safe to create and feel from this sacred place, and I co-create with the Universe in each and every moment.

5 Ways to Manifest a New Earth at this New Moon in Taurus

1. Set intentions for New Earth

As the sign with an energy that’s closest to the frequency of the Earth, this is time to set intentions for Her.

Sure, you may want to manifest specific things for your life, and the New Moon is an ideal time to do this too. But what does She want you to manifest?

Drop into your heart and feel your way into a new way of being.

What does the New Earth look like from this place of unity?

Set your intentions in line with this vision.

2. Re-think Freedom

With Uranus, the freedom fighter of the Zodiac such a main player here at this New Moon, freedom is the focus. And yet, it may feel like you don’t have much right now… which makes it an ideal time to zoom into it as a concept.

What IS freedom to you?

  • An abundance of money?
  • An abundance of time?
  • The ability to travel?
  • The ability to think, discuss and speak your mind?
  • Health?
  • Living with wildness and spontaneity?

Freedom is fluid… yet how much have we collectively sacrificed, resulting in the lives we’re leading now? The Awakener in Taurus, highlighted by the Sun and Moon, are shaking it up for us… and calling it into question.

3. Imagine

Usually, the collective horoscope at the Taurus New Moon tends to recommend getting outside, lavishing in nature, and soaking up sensations. Yet with so much of the world in lockdown, not only is it unrealistic (or illegal) it’s wicked to suggest it…

So, indulge your imagination instead.

Draw, dream, talk about your favorite places. Look at photographs and read magazines. Channel a little more Mercury and bring those places to life through your conversations, storytelling, and imagination, feeding your senses in this way.

Sure, it’s not like stepping outside for real! But it IS activating on deep levels.

4. Devote to the Earth

Set up an altar. Create a sacred space in your home, or a sacred time in your day and pray for the Earth. Devote a little of your time and energy to Her healing. Why not commit to doing this, every day until the Scorpio Full Moon comes around, on May 7th?

This Moon sign is exalted, meaning Her power is strong, supportive and beneficial to all… including our planet.

She is going through some incredible healing right now, with limited air travel and industry ramped right down. Add conscious intent to that mix and shower Her in some extra love.


5. Honor Your Body

You are an extension of the Earth. Your body is an extension of hers, so honor your physicality too. It’s more important than ever in these tough times.

  • Eat well
  • Get and give massages to the loves ones that are close
  • Take ritual baths
  • Anoint yourself with oils

Imagine as you do, that you are showering yourself with Taurean love, and this, in turn, is felt by the Earth herself.

Slowing down doesn’t come easy to us. We are fast-paced, modern humans, yet the message of this Moon is loud and clear. We have no choice anymore.

Keep listening in deep, star seeker.

The Earth is speaking.

New Moon blessings

Now it’s your turn to share! What do you want to manifest with the Taurus New Moon? Let us know in the comments below!