October 16/17, 2020 Libra New Moon Forecast

Peace up!

On October 16th/17th, the annual Libra New Moon will into the sky, at 23º of Libra. This Moon brings balance, harmony, and a big dose of Love. That’s Love with a capital L. And it occurs at the following times in your part of the world…

On October 16th:

  • 12:31 in Los Angeles
  • 15:31 in New York City
  • 20:31 in London
  • 21:31 in Paris/Johannesburg
  • 22:31 in Moscow

On October 17th:

  • 01.31 in Delhi
  • 03:31 in Hong Kong
  • 04:31 in Tokyo
  • 05:31 in Sydney

We’ve been through a whirlwind of cosmic switch-ups recently…

Saturn has just stationed direct, after a nearly five-month-long retrograde through Capricorn (stopped celebrating yet?!)

Mars is still throwing tantrums during his backwards dash across the skies.

And dwarf planet Pluto has stationed direct (also in Capricorn) after more than 5 tedious months in retrograde (can you hear those corks popping already….!?)

Yet in amongst the mayhem of the skies, a vortex of stillness rises.

One of this year’s most notable lunations, Friday’s New Moon in Libra brings with it a gentle power, a soft strength that it could be easy to overlook.

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. Symbolized in astrology by those balancing scales, it rules partnerships, relationships, justice, fairness, equality, and other points of view. Its domain is all things pertaining to “the other” and how we form relationships to them. More specifically, how we can keep our relationships with them sweet.

As the Zodiac’s peace-keeper, Libra avoids conflict and seeks compromise. Smoothing over any kind of disagreement is what this sign does best.

Know any Libra-born folks? Then you’ll recognize their natural diplomacy, their gifts of negotiation and also, dare we say it, their sometimes self-deprecating behavior (with soooo many other people to please, is it any wonder that Libra’s needs rarely come first?)

But you don’t to have personal planets in Libra in your Horoscope, to be affected by this New Moon.

So listen up! Because there’s a deep well of lunar power at your fingertips this weekend. Here are 3 ways this sweet Libra New Moon will set you up for future love & happiness…

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1. New Beginnings In Relationships

When the New Moon falls in the sign of Libra it spells new beginnings in relationships.

If you’re single, it’s a great time to start a new relationship. If you’re coupled up, it’s time to find the new new in your relationship.

And it’s not just romantic relationships that this lunation will affect. Oh no, business relationships, friendships and more will blossom at this time.

The work you put in now to nurture relationships and explore what they mean to you could not only set you up for lasting love, but future happiness and success too.

Make sure you don’t forget about your relationship with yourself…

We all know that Libra loves like no other Zodiac sign. It loves SO much, that under its spell, we can tend to go above and beyond our usual boundaries. This is because Libran energy can make it hard to discern between what you think, and what other people think. What you feel, and what other people feel. What you want, and what other people want! Blur those lines just a little too much, and this New Moon could make it downright tricky to even know who you are anymore!

The remedy? (and the BIG lesson here – thanks Grandmother Moon) is self-love.

Get to know yourself deeply.

Give yourself some attention.

Give yourself some time

Listen to your internal navigation system and let it lead you, instead of trying to orient yourself from the outside.

Sure, love those other people, even the ones with enormous (and vocal) opinions and emotions and desires! But use this New Moon to figure out those things for yourself too…

2. North Node Trine

The North Node forms a really nice trine with this New Moon. And this is exciting news…

The North Node is all about destiny! During this lunation, it’s time to set your own path and your course towards the destiny you see for yourself and your relationships.

Libra’s sweet, loving vibes will be taken to the next level by this favorable aspect and you’d do well to remember it when making relationship-type plans.

Think hard and set intentions now and the partnerships you form now may go the distance. You can really come up with what you want for your future within your relationship, so make the effort to really be intentional at this time.

3. Air Signs Spell Gentle Vibes

Finally, the gentle vibes of the air signs are in the air (pun intended!).

That’s right, with so much airy energy around, you’ll actually be able to gain clarity when it comes to the intent-setting you’ll be doing in step two!

We all know that in relationships, especially new ones, laying out a list of goals for where you want to take it can be a little, well, off-putting. But so can flakey indecisiveness.

This New Moon, you’ll be able to gain the perfect balance. You’ll be able to get clear on what you want and you’ll be able to communicate as much or as little of it as you see fit, without the hot-headness or impulsivity of the other signs weighing you down.

You’ll be breezy… but internally intentional! mwahaha!

A Word of Warning…

In spite of its loving energy. there are some issues with this New Moon.

Warrior Mars is still Retrograde and it is opposite this New Moon. This is not a great planetary connection because it is an angry and impatient alignment. It really brings the opposite energy of Libra’s sweet balanced energy.

Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn are forming a T-Square which is an extremely hard-hitting alignment. Rules, structure and authority are the vibes here.

That’s right, this beautiful New Moon energy is being challenged by these harsh alignments that are intent on throwing you off course. If you let it, this New Moon could be your opportunity to make new connections, embrace new beginnings and make plans for the future.

The gentle Libran vibes of this New Moons makes it one of the most magical of the year. Don’t allow the challenging planetary alignments make its power slip from your grasp! Click below to get your New Moon Manifestation Guide now so you can make sure this sweet Libra energy sets you up for future success.