September 28, 2019 Libra New Supermoon Forecast

Peace up!

On September 28/29, the third and final New Supermoon of the season will rise into the sky, at 5º of Libra. This Moon brings balance, harmony, and a big dose of Love. That’s Love with a capital L. And it occurs at the following times in your part of the world…

On September 28th:

  • 11:26 in Los Angeles
  • 12:26 in New York City
  • 19:26 in London
  • 20:26 in Paris/Johannesburg
  • 21:26 in Moscow
  • 23:26 in Delhi

On September 29th:

  • 02:26 in Hong Kong
  • 03:26 in Tokyo
  • 04:26 in Sydney

We’ve been through a whirlwind of cosmic switch-ups recently…

Saturn has just stationed direct, after a nearly five-month-long retrograde through Capricorn (stopped celebrating yet?!)

The Equinox thinned the veils on the 23rd, marking a pivotal moment of balance across the globe, and a portal of supernatural intensity.

And in just a few days time, dwarf planet Pluto kicks back into gear, stationing direct (also in Capricorn) after more than 5 tedious months in retrograde (can you hear those corks popping already….!?)

Yet in amongst the mayhem of the skies, a vortex of stillness rises.

One of this year’s most notable lunations, Saturday’s new Supermoon in Libra brings with it a gentle power, a soft strength that it could be easy to overlook.

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. Symbolized in astrology by those balancing scales, it rules partnerships, relationships, justice, fairness, equality, and other points of view. Its domain is all things pertaining to “the other” and how we form relationships to them. More specifically, how we can keep our relationships with them sweet.

As the Zodiac’s peace-keeper, Libra avoids conflict and seeks compromise. Smoothing over any kind of disagreement is what this sign does best.

Know any Libra-born folks? Then you’ll recognize their natural diplomacy, their gifts of negotiation and also, dare we say it, their sometimes self-deprecating behavior (with soooo many other people to please, is it any wonder that Libra’s needs rarely come first?)

But you don’t to have personal planets in Libra in your Horoscope, to be affected by this new Moon. For one, the enormous pull of any Supermoon can be felt globally. Swinging extra close to Earth on her orbit, the Moon’s heightened magnetic power will draw on our emotions, our creativity and our physical bodies too. (No, it’s not just the Full Moon that tugs on your senses. This weekend’s dark Supermoon will also draw you in….)

Add in a double dose of cardinal Libran energy (in astrology, New Moons always mean Sun and Moon are conjunct) this will be felt rippling over the entire Earth.

So listen up! Because there’s a deep well of lunar power at your fingertips this weekend.

Are you ready to put it to good use? Here are three reasons you can’t afford not to!

1. It’s a Supermoon!!! (Plus, it’s the last one of the year)

Don’t be fooled. Just because you won’t be able to see the Moon, it doesn’t mean the power she’s exerting isn’t huge.

New Supermoons are a lot like New Moons, but their influence is markedly stronger. Yes, still very much the beginning of a brand new cycle, but picture crouching down on the starting blocks of an Olympic sprint, rather than hearing the “ready, steady, GO!” of a kids race through the park. That’s the scale of difference we’re talking here!

Expect this new Supermoon to be a radically amplified version of what you’re used to. The focused intentions you normally set at the New Moon, will become laser beams this weekend. Can you feel the magic already?


2. Libra Calls for Love… and above all, SELF LOVE

Ok, let’s get real here.

We all know that Libra loves like no other Zodiac sign. It loves SO much, that under its spell, we can tend to go above and beyond our usual boundaries. This is because Libran energy can make it hard to discern between what you think, and what other people think. What you feel, and what other people feel. What you want, and what other people want! Blur those lines just a little too much, and this New Supermoon could make it downright tricky to even know who you are anymore!

The remedy? (and the BIG lesson here – thanks Grandmother Moon) is self-love.

Get to know yourself deeply.

Give yourself some attention.

Give yourself some time

Listen to your internal navigation system and let it lead you, instead of trying to orient yourself from the outside.

Sure, love those other people, even the ones with enormous (and vocal) opinions and emotions and desires! But use this new Supermoon to figure out those things for yourself too…


3. The Mistress of Money Also Sails Through Libra!

Plus, Venus conjunct Mercury

Libra is hosting a total of four planets at the time of this New Supermoon, including its ruler -Venus. For those in the know, the planet of romance’s 3-week stint chez Libra (yep, it won’t last for long) means that not only love, but money will be on the cards. Usually overshadowed by our obsession with all things love-related (esp during Libra season), it’s easy to forget that Venus is also the mistress of money.

Here at home, hitting 17º, Venus’ influence becomes amplified. She won’t be back here for at least another year, so the time is ripe, right now, to channel the bounty she is absolutely overflowing with! Plus, loosely conjunct Mercury at 23º, the words you whisper, and the incantations you deliver via your New Moon intentions will also have this sweet Venusuan flavor.

So start this new lunar cycle with style. Set new intentions that you’ll really carry through.

It’s a beautiful, beautiful time. Don’t waste it.

Are you ready to consciously create with the Cosmos?

The gentle Libran vibes of this New Supermoon makes it one of the most magical of the year. Don’t let its power slip from your grasp! Click below to get your New Moon Manifestation Guide now.

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