Welcome to another episode of the Numerologist Podcast.

Now I’m really excited to introduce today’s guest to you as it’s the first time we’ve had a witch on the show! She’s the head witch, in fact, of the Wise Ones coven, an online coven that explores different magickal themes each month to help its members deepen their craft and walk a spiritual path with likeminded souls.

This guest is also a talented tarot reader, yogi and a maker of all things magickal, including the Wise Ones Spiritual and Magickal Planner.

Please join me in welcoming Jessi Huntenburg…

Here’s what we discuss:

  • How Jessi cast her first spell
  • How you can start your magickal journey
  • How to use magick during tough times

To discover more about Jessi and her services, visit her website here and Youtube channel here.

So, tell us in the comments below, are you ready to cast your first spell? Type “YES” below for a magickal boost!



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