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Need quick cash to pay a bill or cover some other unexpected cost? We’ve got you covered!

“Trinka Five, Trinka Five
Ancient Spirits come alive.
Money flow, money grow,
Spirits of the Trinka Five.”

There are many variations of the Trinka Five spell. Some versions are handed down from generation to generation. But the chant itself remains the same.

Most people agree that the ‘Trinka Five’ spell originated with Romani Gypsy folk. But all agree that with a little magical know-how, it really does work.

Try it for yourself!

You Will Need

  • Jar with lid
  • Rice
  • 3 Pennies or Coins
  • Olive Oil
  • Paper & Pen
  • Bowl or Dish
  • Water

Spell Preparation

1. Gather your items. Close your eyes, and relax your body. Take a deep, slow breath… hold… and slowly release. Do this several times until you feel calm and centered.

2. On the paper write your full name and the dollar amount you are manifesting. Press a dab of olive oil on the paper (to enhance the energy of prosperity and abundance). Fold the paper 3 times towards you, imaging the dollar amount coming into your hands.

3. Place the paper in the bottom of the jar. Hold the 3 coins in your hands and blow on them. As you do say, “Money flow, money grow.” Place the coins in the jar.

4. Rice is a powerful magical ingredient. It is used for increasing wealth and prosperity. Fill the jar about halfway full with rice. Secure the lid.

5. Continue with the Trinka Five ritual steps.


 7 Day Trinka Five Ritual

Work this spell for 7 consecutive days. 7 is a powerful magical number and considered very lucky.

1. Gently shake your money jar 7 times.

2. Then hold it in your hands and recite the Trinka Five chant…

“Trinka Five, Trinka Five,
Ancient spirits come alive.
Money flow, money grow,
Spirits of the Trinka Five.”

As you do picture the dollar amount you need in your hands.

3. Place your money jar in the bowl and pour just a little bit of water into the bowl. It is said spirits are always thirsty. Water will attract the Trinka spirits and give them fresh sustenance to work for you.

4. Spend another minute or two focusing on the picture, sound and sensation of the money you are attracting coming to you. Really know that it’s on the way.

Trinka Five spells usually work quickly. But remember the Universe doesn’t always run on our timing. So be patient. When you cast this spell know the magic is working for you. When fear and doubts come up, do this to keep aligned with manifestation energy…

  • Take a deep breath
  • Remind yourself that the spirits are at work
  • Release the worry
  • Know your magic will manifest.

PSA: Remember to always follow your intuition when casting spells. If you feel drawn to use an ingredient that isn’t mentioned here, then please do so. If you want to omit any ingredients, again follow your inner guidance. YOU are the magic!

Wishing you abundance and prosperity!

Owlvine xx