Card 1

The climax of your week is a partnership. This partnership has been integral in your spiritual journey, because it is constantly reminding you of your physical self. This week, this relationship is testing you, asking if you are ready to take this new decade seriously when it comes to your individual journey. Your body will also be telling you a lot about how you are feeling. If you are sore and uncomfortable and can sense pain in the body, that does not feel natural, it is stemming from this relationship. Resources such as and Louise Hays will give you more insight into where you store pain in the body that is really an emotional pain. Heal yourself by getting to the root cause and letting go of your ego. An adjustment is needed in order to improve your physical and emotional health this week. 

Card 2

We have the freedom to choose our beliefs. Others are constantly telling us what to believe in, but we all have our own inner guidance that we need to follow.  This week is showing you the people that are forcing their beliefs on you. They do not mean to force their beliefs on you, but it is your responsibility to decide what your beliefs are and not just use the information that has been programmed into you. When you do that this week, by next week you will see howyour belief systmes shift in your favour.


Card 3

This week we are being reminded that we are actually powerless to a lot of things. We can only influence the Universe so much, that is why repeating numbers and Astrology are so important because they give us a sense of control. Apply your understanding that you have no control of others this week, embrace it, respect it and appreciate it. Our spirit knows exactly what we came here to do, and it is not about forcing others to do what we think they should do.  They need to step up to their own plate and follow their own journey. They get there eventually! This week recognize that you are completely powerless to others and focus on the power that you have within.